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As every 6th of the month everybody is invited to go of topic here. Do you have any questions or suggestions? Comment about anything that is amusing you or about anything that is bothering you, but do it in a civilized manner! I will delete obvious lies and offensive comments. To read previous comments under this category, click on “Speak Out Holland” on the left of this blog under the heading “Categories.”

Peter Frei

Posted on 7 Jan 2012: , 08:48 - Category: Speak Out Holland
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THE FISCAL YEAR 2012 TAX RATE IS $15.18 PER THOUSAND DOLLARS IN VALUATION. Fiscal Year 2012 tax bills will be reprinted and mailed to all taxpayers. The bills are calculated correctly, but there is a typo in the Tax Rate reported on the bills.

Posted on 5 Jan 2012, 11:12 - Category: Announcements
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What was YOUR best Christmas Present ever?

Christmas-gift-boxes Christmas-gift-boxes
Did you ever get a Christmas present that you still remember to this day? Please share your experience here with our community; folks would just love to read about it...
Read more»

Posted on 25 Dec 2011, 12:00 - Category: Editorial
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Holland Grinch Day.

Today, Holland’s residents observe “Holland Grinch Day” to remember an event that took place 31 years ago.
Peter Frei

Posted on 22 Dec 2011, 24:25 - Category: The Town Common
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Special Town Meeting

There will be a special town meeting January 9, 2012, at 7.00 P.M.

Posted on 21 Dec 2011, 8:54 - Category: Announcements
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Town hall closing over Holidays

The town hall will be closed from Thursday December 22 until January 3rd 2012 (Tuesday).

Posted on 20 Dec 2011, 20:01 - Category: Announcements
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Mr. Frei-
Please post this urgent message:

There has recently been a series of break ins in Sturbridge and Brimfield. In Brimfield chain saws were taken from a residence on 5 Bridges Road during the day. Also in Brimfield 5 chainsaws were taken from a locked shed on the Freeman Farm. Only the good ones were taken... And this theft likely occurred at night. Other area homes have also had items stolen. The thieves seem to target snow blowers generators and chain saws, however I heard of at least one person who had expensive jewelry stolen. Please if anyone has seen anything contact the police! Keep your eyes open and report any suspicious cars in your neighborhood. Secure your belongings.... Although they travel with bolt cutters.... So it is important to be diligent and keep your eyes open. This economy is tough enough. No one wants to have to replace large ticket items. Let's catch these thieves!

Posted on 19 Dec 2011, 21:54 - Category: Announcements
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Eastern Hampton County Narcotics Task Force uses a Serial Child Rapist & Killer as Confidential Informant C.I. #62;
2003 Raid of Captain Joint's residence in Holland Mass. Exposed.

On March 27, 2003 the property on 90 Maybrook Road was raided by the Holland Police, then headed up by Chief Kevin P. Gleason.
He was working with a Special Agent Scott E. Haley and the Eastern Hampton County Narcotics Task Force out of Palmer Mass.
Scott E. Haley signed off on an affidavit that stated I, David Bunn, sold marijuana from my home on three occasions to a Confident Informant (C.I.) #62.
The C.I.#62 is now a person of interest in the murder of Molly Bish, read more»

Posted on 2 Dec 2011, 19:47 - Category: The Town Common
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Holland Pizza isn't Holland Pizza anymore! I heard Mike the Greek is now leasing the business. We went there tonight for dinner. It was FANTASTIC!!! The pizza was thin crust, and REALLY GOOD! one of my kids ordered a cheeseburger and was given a choice of mashed with gravy or french fries, the clam chowder was superb and came out steaming. It is restaurant style so they come to your table to wait on you. It looks different inside with all the tablecloths and vases on the tables. We even treated ourselves to homemade cheesecake for dessert! I highly recommend checking out the new pizza in town, it's excellent! (my kids even got a charge out of watching them toss the dough to make our pizza!) -DMK

Posted on 17 Nov 2011, 19:07 - Category: Things To Do
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Earl Johnson dead.

Former selectman, member of the Board of Assessors, former member of the Planning Board, passed away last night.

Posted on 12 Nov 2011, 10:44 - Category: The Town Common
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Brush Cleanup.

The Town has contracted for a company to pick up storm related debris. Storm related debris may be put on the side of the road until SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 13 at 4:00 pm. The schedule of pickup for any particular street is not available. Please complete your cleanup this weekend, or you will be responsible for taking the debris to the brush dump.
There are job openings for monitors with the cleanup company. You may call the Days' Inn in Chicopee at 413-739-7311 and ask for O'Brien's HR office.

Posted on 11 Nov 2011, 07:51 - Category: Announcements
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