William Robertson, chairman of the Planning Board, “I have checked all the versions of the Bylaws that I have and I could not find any of the language there ... ”

The language Robertson refers to is the definition of “Special Conservancy.” This utterance by Robertson proves that he never consulted the version of the Zoning Bylaws the Board goes by; the version which is posted on the town’s website, the “BIBLE” for everything we do. According to Robertson, he was at the Planning Board office since 2 or 3 PM before the meeting and could not find anything!
The meeting was slated to begin at 6 PM; by that time he was already at the town hall for three hours. What Robertson and the other three members present were unable to find was the definition of “Special Conservancy.” Eventually they called Andrew Harhay (at 30:50) who owned one of the properties zoned “Special Conservancy.” read more »

Posted on 06 Mar 2024, 23:17 - Category: Town Politics
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