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I have had much on my mind lately about the American soldiers who continue to perish in Afghanistan and Iraq. I imagine that most people don't realize that already in 2011 between January 1 and January 20th twenty-five soldiers made that ultimate sacrifice. I believe that whether or not we philosophically support the wars, we can agree that the casualties should not be hidden.
I have produced a simple video that I hope you will consider using on your web site. I have taken an old classic American historic song about the sadness of the loss of our youth and with just a few pictures of a cemetery and soldiers' caskets I have included the names of those who have perished thus far in 2011.
You will find this non-political, and I did not include my name or my website in the video. Please look at it and consider if you would embed it on your site. I am hoping that if others find it worthy, they will consider passing a link on to others. Thanks, Peter.

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Is our elected Highway Surveyor Brian Johnson losing it?

I had never any accidents with my car and in all my travels the car never needed any body work.
Now, at the speedometer reading of more than 140,000 miles, the car has a dent, read more»

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Impressive 43¾” Catch at the 2011 Union Fishing Derby.


Just off the wire from a Holland Blog I-reporter; the proud owner shows his impressive 43-3/4 inch catch..

The Northern Pike is estimated to weigh in at 23lbs. For more and final details and list of winners
click here»

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Brian Johnson Hires Neighbor who doesn‘t have a License, to operate the town‘s heavy Front Loader.

Heavy-Front-Loader-dangerously-Roaming-the-narrow-ways-through-our-town It is a scary proposition that someone would drive a piece of machinery weighing 21,585 lb with speeds up to 25 mph through the narrow snow covered streets and around the Elementary School of Holland without training and proper license, read more»

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The Mystery of Property Tax Assessment.

Picture-of-the-Mystery-House-near-San-Jose-before-the-Earthquake Have you visited the Mystery House in San Jose, CA? I bet this house is a nightmare to any assessor!

On an other note, I gathered more information for the readers to bring some light into another Mystery,
read more»

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ATT I-phone Customer Rip-Off

By coincident I discovered that charged me $9.99 for a subscription I never even heard of.
I called ATT and after a lengthy conversation with one of their customer reps I found out that third party vendors have “tricky” ways to get you to subscribe to their services. After more questioning of the rep, I found out that it is up to the customer to check his bill.
This website had charged me already for the third month.
ATT’s request for a refund went through right away. I found out that an instant refund is equal to admittance by the third party vendor that the charges are and were unjustified.
You may ask why ATT let this happen. ATT gets a commission from third party vendors. ATT only intervenes when there are too many complaints. How about that? The charges would be listed on your bill under “Mobil Purchases & Downloads: Communication Charges, Monthly Subscriptions.”
I checked into the service; you subscribe by choosing your cell phone carrier on their website, you enter your phone number and you then get a four digit number per MMS which you return. You then get 5 alerts per month. The “alerts” are “general news and news for sports, health, celebrity gossip and more...” and you get charged $9.99!!
Does that sound like any sane person would subscribe to such a service?? Be aware and check your cell phone bill! Please leave a comment if you are a victim too.
Peter Frei

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If you venture out today, take pictures with your cell phone and email them to me to or SSM them to 413 245 4660 and I will post them here. Make a note whether you want your name with the picture or not. Thanks! Peter Frei
What-I-have-to-shovel-through-to-get-out-(10:24hours) Snow-drift-on-my-house-(11:11-hours) These-9-piggies-got-snowed-in-(2011-01-13-08:04-hours) My-railing-(18:39-hours) Hisgen-Road-only-road-without-power-lines-(15:35-hours) Home-sweet-home-(15:34-hours) No-comment-(15:40-hours) No-comment-(2011-01-13-07:29-hours) No-comment-(2011-01-13-07:33-hours) No-comment-(2011-01-13-07:36-hours)

Click on any picture to enlarge!

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Kristin LaPlante: “I’M SO EXITED..”

Town clerk Kristin LaPlante’s efforts paid out. She tirelessly submitted repeatedly grant applications for different programs to save the town some money. Last year she received a grant for the recently installed security light in front of the Holland Elementary School.
Today she got the good news; the Patrick-Murray Administration Announced that Holland will receive $500,000.00 in Grant money. “I’m really glad that I was able to save the taxpayers so much money,” said Kristin LaPlante. The funds will be used to improve Sturbridge Road at the intersection of East Brimfield Road and Sand Hill Road.
Holland and Ashby are the two only towns in Massachusetts who got a $500,000.00 grant.
To read the Press Release issued by the Executive Office of Housing & Economic Development, click here! (588KB)
Peter Frei

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Just one of Earl Johnson‘s corrupt actions will cost the community $21,870 every year, indefinitely!

The quotation “The power to tax is the power to destroy,” comes from the words of DANIEL WEBSTER and those of JOHN MARSHALL, Justice of the Supreme Court.
In the landmark case, McCulloch v. Maryland, Justice Marshall opined: “An unlimited power to tax involves, necessarily, a power to destroy.”
This is what Earl Johnson is trying to do; the Board of Assessors under Earl Johnson increased my taxes from $6,828.99 (FY2009) to $11,532.34 (FY2010)! What would you do in my situation? Unfortunately, I‘m not the only one who looses, read more»

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Speak out Holland! (no.22)

As every 6th of the month everybody is invited to go of topic here. Do you have any questions or suggestions? Comment about anything that is amusing you or about anything that is bothering you, but do it in a civilized manner! I will delete obvious lies and offensive comments. To read previous comments under this category, click on “Speak Out Holland” on the left of this blog under the heading “Categories.”
Peter Frei

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Wales Town Hall; 2 Main Street New Address?

Town of Wales plans to move their Town Hall to Main Street location; lack of parking, no access for the disabled and many more short comings of the current location is forcing the change, read more»

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