Kate Landers for Select Board

Kate Landers has my full support. There is really no other choice. Kate-Landers-for-Select-Board Vote Kate Landers!
Please don't forget to vote!
Peter Frei

Posted on 09 Jun 2023, 20:37 - Category: Town Politics
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Posted on 13 Jun 2023, 22:46 by Peter Frei
Brian Johnson, for whom is he working?
It was a nice day and I decided to ride my bicycle to the Community Center to vote.
Riding a bicycle you really get to experience the condition of the roads in Holland….
At the intersection at the four corners, a heavy big truck approached Brimfield Road. On the door of the truck it had the writting J & G Construction. J & G Construction stands for Johnson & Gendreau Construction. The truck stoped and let me pass the intersection.
To my surprise, Brian Johnson was driving the heavy truck.
I think it is really generous of Brian Johnson to use his equipment to perform work for the town.
I wonder whether Brian Johnson succeeds placing another Johnson disciple into the town hall. It was him who nominated Timothy West to the seat up for grabs of the position for member on the Board of Selectman.

Posted on 13 Jun 2023, 22:50 by Peter Frei
Congratulations Kate Landers
I just learned that Kate Landers won by 122 against 93 votes.

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