Notes to the Panning Board Meeting of January 24, 2024, and my New Role on the Planning Board.

I said it before, I’m not a member of the Planning Board to look for new friends or out of the need to “belong”; I serve on the Board to ensure that applicants who are entitled to a benefit will get it, and applicants with applications outside the law will not get their way, regardless whether they are popular in Town or not. If I make friends doing this, I would like that, but I will not compromise my integrity just to please others or to “belong.”
My role or function on the Board will be from now on more that of an advocate for the applicant if his/her application is in conformance with MGL and the Town’s bylaws, or that of an adversary if an application is outside the laws.

Going forward, I will also focus on providing information to the public as minutes of the Board are only sparingly provided, and if provided, they are none descriptive.
William Robertson failed to produce minutes for his entire time he served as the secretary; there are no minutes for the entire year of 2022 and 2023. The only minutes posted for the year 2023, I wrote; the minutes to the meetings of May 23, 2022, and June 7, 2023. I did so because William Robertson was absent.
I just checked the website and there is still nothing posted with his signature for the entire year of 2022 and 2023; a clear violation of the Open Meeting Law.
I will also post the videos of every meeting so interested parties are able to see what is going on. The Board voted twice to request the password of the town’s website to clean up the Planning Board’s part of the website, and to be able to post agendas, minutes, videos, and provide other information without te help of Stacey.
Stacy Stout, the town administrator, refused to give the Board the password. I’m also done with that effort.

Back to making friends ... lately the climate got frosty and two of the other members of the Board are very angry and hostile towards me. What happened?
CannaMoumtain”s Special Permit application for Site Plan approval only, was to much for these two members to bear, William Robertson and Robert Perron. While Robertson is ignorant about the procedure involved and the laws, Perron feels that I “shoved the decision down his throat,” and worse; read more »

Posted on 28 Jan 2024, 22:11 - Category: Town Politics
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