The Planning Board is holding a hearing for bylaw changes on Tuesday February 28th at 7pm. A notice was mailed to everyone in Holland. Sending out a postcard of the meeting is all the town officials are required by law to do. If you want to know what the proposed bylaw changes are, you have to go to the town hall and ask for them. It is about 20 pages....OF VERY SCARY CHANGES THEY WANT TO MAKE!!! Many of the proposed changes GO AGAINST MASSACHUSETTS GENERAL LAW!!!! For example, the Planning Board wants to extend the time they have to make a decision about permits.... in short, they have created a way to delay making a decision by keeping their time clock from ticking down simply be keeping the meeting on a topic open (tabling it until next month... then the month after that....and the month after that too....) MGL says 60 days, and the clock starts ticking when YOU (the taxpayer) files your request! DON'T LET THEM CHANGE THIS!! There is a change they want to make about the requirement to list abutters.... In some cases they want to WAVE the requirement to list all the abutters! WHAT? And keep secrets? Or keep thing HUSH HUSH for your friends??? Come on.... the law needs to apply to EVERYONE, not everyone EXCEPT YOUR FRIENDS! Another proposed change is to make MANY of the currently ELECTED positions into APPOINTED POSITIONS!!! YOU MUST BE KIDDING ME!!??? If people don't show up for this meeting the town government that you have, which is SUPPOSED to be a DEMOCRACY is going to become a DICTATORSHIP overnight!! It doesn't even make sense to change elected positions into appointed positions, all that does is give the Select Board ABSOLUTE POWER. What if the Select Board is CORRUPT? We as voters SHOULD NOT, under any circumstances< give up our power to choose as many officials as we can!!! In addition there is also a bylaw change that wants to make it even easier for the same people to serve on multiple boards. BAD IDEA!!! Nepotism is rampant enough here in Holland. This idea is a DISASTER! Let me say that again... A DISASTER!!!! You would be eliminating the little bit of of a oversight that exists!! If the tax collector is on the assessors board too..... think about how easy it would be to send yourself a tax bill for a mere $100.... and then you pay (to yourself, because you are tax collector too) your mere $100. Really..... there are a myriad of horrors that the Planning Board is trying to PULL on this community.... WE NEED TO COME TOGETHER AS A COMMUNITY! PLEASE COME TO THE MEETING ON TUESDAY FEBRUARY 28th at 7pm IN THE TOWN HALL AND VOTE!!! ASK QUESTIONS AND VOTE!!!!! DON'T LET THIS TOWN TAKE EQUITY AWAY AND BULLDOZE YOUR RIGHTS!!
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Posted on 26 Feb 2012, 16:41 - Category: Town Politics
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Posted on 27 Feb 2012, 24:08 by insert name here
u mad?

Posted on 12 Mar 2012, 14:36 by ichy-b-richy
uo to no good
you mean that if im a select man like earl i can sell myself some town owned land like earl and give it to my kids and give them a building permit and have brian johnson build a road on tax payers money at no cost to me ,and pay a $100 dollars a year in taxes,does this mean i have to change my name to johnson,because im trying to find land to grow medical weed,sounds good to me

Posted on 10 May 2012, 19:35 by KnowsYour a NastyC*nt
Kristen Johnson
Kristen you fat ugly dried up cow. You feel proud that u terrorize 6 year old children at T Ball.? Nobody bothers your inbred demon spawn offspring who should have been aborted. Great job upholding the putrid hatred that permeates your family tree which looks like a telephone pole.

Posted on 25 May 2012, 13:24 by sane citizen of holland
thats some pretty big words from some anonymous coward hiding behind their computer moniter

Posted on 26 May 2012, 12:58 by ...('_')...
Brainwashed Lemmings
I am a veteren... And ashamed of it.
To all you " Patriots " Honoring our vets. How do you honor members serving an army whose traditions and honor are based on the heartless massacre of countless women and children at wounded knee and throughout america. This nation is founded on lies and genocide perpetrated by our military here in america. Today's corrupt government and putrid citizens are a direct result of the countries past atrocities commited against those who rightfully occupied this land for the past 30 thousand plus years. You wave a flag and celebrate soldiers who serve a putrid nation built without any honor on top of the dust of the corpses of those whose land we now occupy. I can't wait for Karma to visit this nation.

Posted on 31 May 2012, 17:54 by Eight Dollars an hour Pig.?
Swine Hunt
JOB POSTING: Special Police Officer

Salary: $8.00 per hour

Deadline for applications: June 18, 2012

Working Capacity: Weekend and holiday availability is required and the successful applicant(s) may be considered to fill future year round part time reserve officer vacancies. The successful applicant(s) will be eligible for special duty assignments as well as police details which will be paid at the approved department detail rate.

Qualifications: Applicants must be at least 21 years of age, a United States Citizen, possess a valid driver's license and be eligible to possess a firearms license as well as CPR/First responder certification. Applicants must have a minimum of 5 years experience as a certified police officer combined with a full time or reserve police academy or meet the minimum requirements to be certified as a police officer in Massachusetts under M.G.L. Chapter 41 Section 96B as well as the provisions outlined within M.G.L. 550 CMR 3.00 by the time of appointment. Applicants must have no criminal record and will be subjected to a thorough background check.

Summary: Special Police Officers are sworn officers whose police authority is limited in scope in relation to hours of the day, geographic area, assignment, and/or length of time. Special Police Officers may be granted police powers as limited by the appointing authority or Chief of Police and may have the authority to enforce town by laws.

Responsibilities: Providing support services to the police departments operations and services divisions as well as the Lake Patrol Unit. Providing support services during special operations and events.

Operational Control: The Special Police Officer is responsible to the Unit Supervisor or Shift Commander.

Please submit cover letter, resume and 3 letters of reference to:
Lieutenant Jeffrey K. Forcier
Holland Police Department
27 Sturbridge Road
Holland, MA 01521


Posted on 5 Apr 2013, 1:15 by doe
8.00 a hr!

Posted on 5 Apr 2013, 1:15 by doe
8.00 a hr!

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