Not so fast, says Andrew Harhay; the final vote count shows a TIE!

Tonight, June 14th, at 18:30 hours, the Board of Selectmen conducted an emergency meeting. The reason, we failed to elect a new member for the Board of Selectmen.
Attending the emergency meeting was Larry Mandel, chairman of the Board of Selectmen (“BOS”), Andrew Harhay, incumbent member of the BOS, Bettina Schmidt, who was announced as the winner of the election for the seat on the BOS last night by two votes, and Sharon Ashleigh, the town clerk.
During the emergency meeting, Sharon Ashleigh explained how it came to be that there is now a tie where there was a winner last might. Sharon explained that five individuals voted on a provisional ballot. Provisional ballots are created by individuals who's name does not appear on the cross-off list (list of all the registered voters) but which insist that they are registered voters. Such provisional ballots are not run thorough the voting machine as their claim to be registered voter first needs to be verified by the town clerk. Hence, these votes were not included in the count published last night.
Sharon, “Paula wanted to set up tables and I needed to get out of there (the Community Center) last night,” and, “at eight o´clock I had other things on my mind and forgot about the provisional votes..”
Early today, Sharon checked the five individuals voting status and determined that one was not a registered voter, two had registered too late, and the last two were registered voters but had moved within the town. This the reason why the two names were missing on the list of registered voters. She apologized for this oversight to the two candidates.
The question was then what to do about the tie. There are not many options: Either candidate has 10 days to request a recount. Depending on the outcome, the recount will establish a winner, or, the town will organize a special election.
Peter Frei.

Posted on 14 Jun 2016, 19:51 - Category: Town Politics
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Posted on 15 Jun 2016, 10:28 by Victor Charles LaPointe
Can you say CORRUPT
Well nothing really changes, the good ole boys want Bettina Schmidt in that office. Sharon Asliegh the pawn in this situation ,trying to do what she's told, oops ,! I screwed up. Sorry guys. What do I do now ? Lie like we do.. All the people will believe us hey why would we lie..Ask JW, BJ, DK.including our exectutuve Secretary. Who was pushed into that spot by JW and MK, and pushed the secretary that was already in place out. She claims she's a attorney, gives the town advise, but never passed the bar exam! All of these players should be put behind bars and the key thrown away.
So I'm wondering what the spin is going to be on this. And the followers of the dark side will accept the answers. WAKE UP HOLLAND! YOU PASSED THE INDEMINITY ARTICLE, the next step you'll be hearing that the former selectman will be during the town.

Posted on 1 Jul 2016, 23:41 by Don't he me going Vitor
Don't get me going Victor
Don't get me going Victor

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