What was YOUR best Christmas Present ever?

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Did you ever get a Christmas present that you still remember to this day? Please share your experience here with our community; folks would just love to read about it...
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Posted on 25 Dec 2011, 12:00 - Category: Editorial
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Posted on 29 Dec 2011, 3:39 by RenE Hofer
Greetings from Switzerland

Hi Peter, I'm sitting in front of may computer, reading the web side of holland.

It's very interessting to see what's happend and going on in your little town. Please contact me therfore you read my words.

I'm still in switzerland, works every day in Zug and maks sport like, biking, tennis or walking for a long time. Sometimes I play with my grande children Aaron and Inoa

I wish you all the best in 2012 and that all your wishes come trough

Rene from switzerland in Rheinfelden

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