Kristin LaPlante: “I’M SO EXITED..”

Town clerk Kristin LaPlante’s efforts paid out. She tirelessly submitted repeatedly grant applications for different programs to save the town some money. Last year she received a grant for the recently installed security light in front of the Holland Elementary School.
Today she got the good news; the Patrick-Murray Administration Announced that Holland will receive $500,000.00 in Grant money. “I’m really glad that I was able to save the taxpayers so much money,” said Kristin LaPlante. The funds will be used to improve Sturbridge Road at the intersection of East Brimfield Road and Sand Hill Road.
Holland and Ashby are the two only towns in Massachusetts who got a $500,000.00 grant.
To read the Press Release issued by the Executive Office of Housing & Economic Development, click here! (588KB)
Peter Frei

Posted on 12 Jan 2011, 1:57 - Category: The Town Common
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Posted on 13 Jan 2011, 10:04 by Gerry Germaine
One of Holland's Most Prized Treasures
Congratulations to Kristin. This is just another example of her dedication to her job and the Town Of Holland. Shes one of the hardest working individuals in the town. The lights in her office are often on after hours with her putting in unpaid time and effort, but they aren't as bright as the smile and cheerful hello you receive when you go into the town hall. She always makes you feel like your the most important task she has to work on. She's one of Holland's most prize treasures. We are so lucky to have her. Congratulations Kristin not only for your success in obtaining this "special grant" that will create a number of jobs in our little community but for being the wonderful person you are.It's not un-noticed and it's greatly appreciated.

Posted on 13 Jan 2011, 18:02 by Not fooled
Fox in the henhouse.
Gerry... Are you kidding or what. Kristin is part of the team that allows corruption to flourish in our Town. She let's the Talbots and the Johnsons loot town treasures while she oversees their books. As far as creatin jobs with a special grant to work on our roads....You must be sniffing something..! Those workers will be union workers and certainly not from Holland. They will spend half a million dollars on a task that would cost an ethical non union company less than two hundred thousand to perform. .....Earth to Gerry.....WAKE UP!!!!!!

Posted on 13 Jan 2011, 24:18 by Gerry Germaine
Not Fooled? If I forgot where i was, your comment was a rude awakening that I'm back home in Holland. Negative people like you have always been here lurking in the shadows and waiting for their opportunity of 2 seconds of fame by trying to piggy back on someone else's success even if it means being negative about that other person to gain the spotlight. This is a typical negative comment by one of many so called contributors of the Blog from someone who doesn't have the courage to sign their name. To assign all the wrongs of the Town Hall to Kristin is grossly unfair. You make it sound like shes responsible for everything that goes wong and thats plain ridiculous.This is a job.
You make it sound like she has total control of this grant. If you want to make a statement about the grant then do that, but to blame Kristin for the complexities of how our stare and town government is structured just isn't fair.If anyone is sniffing anything here bud it's you. I think you've done a couple too many lines of "negativity". You sound like you have a lot of anger that you need to manage...there are classes and courses for that..perhaps you are already attending one? I don't know who you are but one thing I do know about you is that your a transplant and not a "Townee" as some of us call ourselves. The reason I know that is that there are very few of us that remain or have come back who were inhabitants or offspring from a population that back in the 50's was comprised of about 500 people. All of THOSE people I know tend to be positive and hopeful about our town and the people in it. Although I may live in an idealized state of being proud of our town, YOU will always be the one to get in YOUR OWN way with your negative attitude. I can't imagine someone who could make such a negative comment about someone else merely because they work somewhere.
I' happy to be home in Holland, except of course when I have to read this type of crap. In any event Congratulations to Kristin again and thank you.
If your successful in those classes bud let us know because we WOULD love to see you come back and be able to sign your name.
THERE'S NO PLACE LIKE HOME but......maybe that's the problem . This clearly isn't yours.

Posted on 14 Jan 2011, 6:51 by Knows better
Gene Pool
I hear the last time there was a crime in Holland they were unable to do DNA testing. It was because you all have the same DNA.

Posted on 14 Jan 2011, 6:54 by Geneologist
Johnson Family Tree
I was researching the Johnson Family Tree. Turns out it looks like a telephone pole.

Posted on 14 Jan 2011, 7:10 by Gerry Germaine
Thank you for hopefully your last response on the subject

Posted on 15 Jan 2011, 7:43 by Laughing at you.
Not Fooled Again
Hey Gerry. Your post is way off base. What kinda stuff did you smoke before you wrote it. Where do you live??? the twilight zone I suppose. I only posted the truth. Anyhow let's look at what the non transplanted 500 residents you spoke of did in the 1950's for Holland. Where is our police station? Why do we have substandard public schools. Why are all the neighborhoods in this town substandard with roads that barely pass for horse and buggy specifications. Where is our town charter that would have eliminated the corruption that continues unchecked. Yea you 500 from the 50's left behind a legacy we can all be ashamed of Gerry. The grandchildren are paying for your sins.

Posted on 26 Jan 2011, 9:15 by Blind Oversight
Town pays Insurance cost & Pensions for private local business employees
J and G Construction is a Private Contracting Corporation doing business at the same address as Brian Johnson's House. The Directors and Most employee's of the private business also work for the Highway Dept. Brian Johnson, Kyle, and Scott G are all directors of the company. Health insurance benefits and pensions for the directors of this private business are paid for by the taxpayers of the Town of Holland.
J and G trucks are often seen at the highway department and if honor and ethics are a yardstick then one can only imagine what else the taxpayer is putting on J and G inventory.

Kristin Laplante is the bookkeeper for the Highway Dept and Selectmen's office as well as the town clerk. She is a good friend of the Johnsons and is the Towns only oversight against pilferage and looting of town property by J and G. employees running rampant through our town barn.

J and G client list is made up almost exclusively with companies and homeowners who need to go before Johnson for permits. They hire J and G and the permitting goes smooth as silk.

Just saying that the Johnson Land Grab and section 8 welfare fraud are only the tip of the iceberg to what the corrupt Johnson Family is doing to the hard working and honest taxpayers in the town of Holland.

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