Do You Recognize the House Which is Plowed-out Here?

Heavy-Front-Loader-plowing-in-front-of-Earl-Johnson’s-house-on-Hisgen-Road.YES, you are right, the house is Earl's house on 10 Hisgen Road.
Unless the Johnson’s bought their own 21,000lb front loader, this looks like town equipment the Johnson’s use to do chores around the house...
Brian Johnson, our elected Highway Surveyor, will tell you that he filled the tank on his dime and that his father’s driveway is basically “town property.”
I wonder if he gets paid overtime because it is Saturday...
The picture was taken before noon today and per MMS transmitted to the HollandBlog by an anonymous I-Reporter.
Thanks! Keep sending them! (Click on image to enlarge!)
Peter Frei

Posted on 29 Jan 2011, 15:55 - Category: The Town Common
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Posted on 29 Jan 2011, 16:57 by Peter Frei
Brian, what ever..
Brian Johnson just called me and informed me, that it is a fu**** grader, NOT a fu**** loader in the picture. He proceeded to call me the "dumbest person" he ever knew, and he also called me a joke.."
Brian, thanks for correcting me; now we know that it was a grader not a loader that was used to plow your daddy's driveway.
Brian, I'm sure the taxpayer appreciate that you plow your daddy's drive way with town equipment using fuel paid for by the taxpayer?

Posted on 29 Jan 2011, 17:10 by someone with a life
are you kidding me? .. GET A LIFE

Posted on 29 Jan 2011, 17:13 by Brian Johnson
Just saying
Hey Holland !!!! We are entitled to whatever we take from the town. We have worked for the skim in this town for alot of years and you really can't expect us to get by on the salaries this town pays. The free land helped but we are entitled to much more than that after all our family IS Holland! So mind your own business.

Posted on 29 Jan 2011, 17:19 by Jim LaMountain
Send it to the cemetery
Hey send that grader to the cemetery will you.

Posted on 29 Jan 2011, 17:31 by Peter Frei
Thinking about the conversation we had on the phone a few minutes ago, I find it odd that you, Brian corrected me about the fact that it is a grader not a loader but no word about me accusing you of kicking in my door...
Don't you find it odd?? If it was not you, wouldn't you be outraged, outraged about being accused unjustified???
Not outraged, not ONE word about my door... hmmm??

Posted on 29 Jan 2011, 17:33 by We want it to end.
When will it end...great question. When will the stealing town assets by families with special entitlement mentalities end. This family has it's hand in the town cookie jar so deep you can only see their toes sticking out. This is a form of theft. The taxpayers are paying to do a private job for the Johnsons. In any other town this is cause for dismissal. In Holland it is business as usual. Thank you Holland Blog for exposing this blatant corruption by the Earl and Brian Johnson families.

Posted on 29 Jan 2011, 17:44 by ?
Peter get a life!
Have you not noticed the towns equipment out all day today widening the roads for the upcoming storm? Don't you have anything else to do but have friend follow the town employees around and taking pictures. I just drove by the Johnson House and if Earl's driveway was plowed by the town loader or grader, it would be much wider. Do everyone a favor and leave Holland. You are nothing but a waste of life.

Posted on 29 Jan 2011, 17:47 by A tax payer
Hey Brian!
Hey Brian Johnson,
I've lived in town for several years and have one of the worst driveways around. Since you feel entitled to use town equipment on your families property, how about you swing by my driveway and plow it for free too! I mean come on! You say to mind our business, and I say that something like this IS our business. Just because you work for the town doesn't mean you have the right to use the towns machinery for personal use. That's the equivalent of a nurse using a patients medication for themselves, or a bank teller using the banks money to pay personal bills.


Posted on 29 Jan 2011, 17:59 by ?=
The person who signs there comments with a ? is none other than James wetflower. The same James wetflower that let's strange men sleep with his wife. Also known as swinging Jim......eeeewwewwwwwwww

Posted on 29 Jan 2011, 18:52 by L.b.D
Cant see it
Peter are you sure about this because i also drove by 10 Hisgen rd and that driveway is very narrow nor do i see any grader tire tracks but i can see them going by 10 Hisgen rd and the rd is pushed way back.

Posted on 29 Jan 2011, 19:01 by Caught you with your pants down
Full press damage control.
Look at the picture and the snow behind the loader is not "pushed back". I live on one of Hollands main roads and the snow did not get pushed back yet. How many people live on Earls road 10??? Then after you get caught you go into full damage control mode?? You pushed back the wings and aprons to Earls house....and got caught. That is not Mr Frei's fault. Don't kill the messenger. Punish those who misappropriate Town Property.


Posted on 29 Jan 2011, 19:14 by snowman
Snow is pushed back
Look again at the picture talk about caught lying the snow in the picture is pushed back look in the front of the grader not pushed back yet.

Posted on 29 Jan 2011, 19:21 by Jim K.
The plow is even on the ground.

Posted on 29 Jan 2011, 20:15 by Champion Grader?
Is that our Grader?
Can you see the picture more clear then I can? It appears to me that the piece of equipment gas a white mass registration plate on it not a blue one that would signify "Official" or "Municipal"..did anyone see Brian Johnson operating it? Just curious..I'm
Not taking sides..

Posted on 29 Jan 2011, 20:17 by Spellcheck
**has** not gas!!!

Posted on 29 Jan 2011, 20:49 by Duh
So what your saying is that Earl hired a grader out of his own pocket to go around and widen the town roads and plow his driveway? Go sniff some more glue retard. The town pays for it and the overtime is well....dirtbag

Posted on 29 Jan 2011, 20:53 by Peter Frei
Our grader?
I don't know if the town owns a grader. I was not there, I did get the picture MSS to me.
The angle of the vehicle is not indicating that it was just driving through widening the road. If you click on the picture to enlarge the picture, you can clearly see the opening the grader was working on in the larger picture.
I have seen the grader in the evening of January 11 in front of my property here on May Brook Road. The grader is either town equipment, or hired to plow for the town.
I have never seen a grader plow a private driveway, plowing with a machine of this scale would strike me as uneconomical. This leads me to believe that it is an inappropriate mission performed by this grader. Brian Johnson denied not that the machine was town property; he merely corrected me that it is not a front loader. Ii alsot seemed to be important to him to tell me that I'm not very smart (dumbest person he ever met).

Posted on 29 Jan 2011, 20:59 by i wonder...
well who was it?
Peter, who was driving the grader? A town employee? Was it actually seen on private property plowing or just in front of a house on a public way?

Posted on 29 Jan 2011, 21:05 by Scramble boys
Highway posts
All the posts about who owns the grader or what it was doing at earls house are posted by highway guys and town workers who got caught and are rying to misdirect the honest hardworking citizens of Holland who pay to cater to the Johnson Family.

Posted on 29 Jan 2011, 21:08 by i wonder...
not me...
I am not a town employee, I was just asking a legitimate question.

Posted on 29 Jan 2011, 21:30 by Ain't sayin
Not the first time
This is not the first time that Earl used town workers for his private job. When Earl was building the un permitted inlaw apartment in the basement of his house I saw all the highway workers and town trucks during working hours at Earls working on his House moving kitchen cabinets.

Posted on 29 Jan 2011, 22:09 by Peter Frei
Apropos in-law appartments..
Hi "Ain't sayin," I didn't know that Earl Johnson does have an in-law apartment as well.
I requested copies of Property Record Cards (PRC) from JoAnne Higgins, among them the one for the Wettlaufer residence; guess what?
The Wettluafer's PRC lists under MIXED USE, Code 1012, “SF w/in law,” which means, “Single Family with in-law apartment.”
Wettlaufer built it for his mother in-law, Susan M. Fraser, who died October 20, 2005. She was 94 years old.
The Holland Zoning Bylaw never allowed the construction of in-law apartments since its inception. Wettlaufer built it without a legal permit. There was talk to change the bylaws, which would have made a lot of sense in these days, where people lose their homes on a daily basis and need to move in with relatives. However, while Wettlaufer, and allegedly Earl Johnson, built one without the proper permits and have one, the rest can only dream of having the same rights.
I just checked Earl Johnson's PRC, if he has an in-law apartment, he does not pay taxes on it. There is no in-law apartment listed on his PRC. No surprise there..
By the way, Wettlaufer's dwelling is 9,576 square foot, only 3,508 square foot are allegedly finished. I would bet my right arm...

Posted on 29 Jan 2011, 22:54 by Neutral like Switzerland
How do you fix it?
I have known all along that Wetlauffer and the Johnson clan are all corrupt. I can't believe there is anyone left living Holland that is unable to see it (unless or course your last name IS WETLAUFFER, JOHNSON, or you workk for the Highway Department!) I have a question.... HOW DO YOU FIX IT???? What agency or what person do you need to complain to?? Are behaviors like misusing town property and town resources to plow your own driveway ETHICS VIOLATIONS? It seems like an ethics violation to me. But WHO FIXES IT? People who vote are apparently afraid to fix it.... So who oversees the goings on of the town of Holland? The Select Board? (good luck there....with Wetlauffer as the puppet master) Maybe Holland needs a Town Manager, or an oversight oversights can be corrected (in other to prevent town resources from being mis used). And how do you fix the tax assessments? If Wetlauffer has over 9000 square feet why isn't he being taxed on it? Who checks on the people that are supposed to be checking???? This is COMPLETE government malfeasance and someone needs to step in and correct these problems! I ask again, WHO should we complain to? The Attorney General? Holland needs HELP!

Posted on 29 Jan 2011, 23:04 by Neutral like Switzerland
And Another Thing....
And another thing.... (This is directed to "Peter Get A Life")

Anyone who thinks Peter Frei should get out of Holland CLEARLY has something to lose every time a truth comes out! All Mr. Frei and his blog do is EXPOSE CORRUPTION! How can you be against that??? YOU CAN'T !!!! ....Unless you are corrupt, part of the problem or have something to lose!

Posted on 29 Jan 2011, 23:47 by Peter Frei
Remember that even so you can post here with an alias in total anonymity, the anonymity is limited.
If anybody leaving an inappropriate comment or slanderous comment thinks that he/she will not be able to be held responsible, think again. Your computer, mobile device etc leaves a footprint (IP address) each time you leave a comment on the server.
Even so these IP addresses are just numbers and I do not get the information whom these numbers are assigned to, the record can be subpoenaed from the host of the Holland Blog and can be used against anybody posting lies or slanderous comments.
I have a feeling that Brian Johnson did not post the comment signed with his name. However, I'm not sure. The person who did, if it is not Brian Johnson, may get in trouble for doing it. I'm not responsible for what other people do on this blog, I stand behind every comment and post I publish.

Posted on 29 Jan 2011, 24:09 by storm
Where roads widen?
When are the roads going to be widen. My road is only one car width wide! The road is over 1/2 mile long and a dead end! People are forced to back down it when two vehicles meet going in opposite direction. What is going to happen when this next storm hits? If that indeed was Brian Johnson using town property for his own personal use it is grounds for dismissal.

Posted on 30 Jan 2011, 11:05 by When will it change?
Waste of money
Here we spend 170,000 on a new plow truck and 200,000 dollars on a loader not to mention all the other equipment and then we contract a friend of the Johnsons to bring their grader in at close to 200 an hour to widen our roads. Where is the fiscal responsibility here. What can justify such mis-management. Just when I think I have seen it all I am shocked again by our Officials squandering if taxpayer monies.

Posted on 2 Feb 2011, 7:04 by Not from this town
How do you fix it?
You need to start getting this in the Worcestor news! Make public officials aware of whats going on

Posted on 2 Feb 2011, 8:16 by No1cares
The press is an instrument of our corrupt govt. The only way to fix it is in the voters booth or to do like they do in Egypt or Arizona.

Posted on 2 Feb 2011, 8:17 by No1cares
The press is an instrument of our corrupt govt. The only way to fix it is in the voters booth or to do like they do in Egypt or Arizona.

Posted on 2 Feb 2011, 9:02 by David Winter
Contract Grader?
That grader was in many places in town on Sunday, not just Hisgen Road. I saw it going up and down Mashapaug pushing snow back. I did notice it did not have the municipal plates on it and I'm wondering if the town contracted with someone to push the snow back because we don't have the heavy duty equipment required. A plow truck is good for basic snow removal during a storm. But it can only push so much and we have tons of snow now piled along the roads. It calls for something larger than a standard truck to push it all back. Also I noted the town followed the grader with a town vehicle to clear the driveway entrance after the grader finished the push back, which was nice. I did have to touch it up but at least I didn't have to move a wall of snow.

Posted on 2 Feb 2011, 9:27 by More spin
The town owns heavy equipment big enough to do the job including backhoes and a loader both capable of doing the job the grader was doing. You can be sure their are kickbacks going back to the powers that be who contract private equipment

Posted on 4 Feb 2011, 10:18 by ItsUpToUs
Free Elections
Egypt is back on live TV after the army moved in to protect the demonstrators. Much Bloodshed yesterday as pro Govt. Supporters moved in to drive out the media.

Say what you will but It is so nice to be able to take action in the voters booth. No matter who wins the voters ultimatly have the power. To have corruption as we do here, (not just in Holland but im many cities and towns,) the voters must allow it. Mis informed voters have been responsible for what we have now. I can only hope the voters of Holland can sift through the rhetoric on this blog and examine the facts.....We will see at the next Election when JW and company come up for re election.

Posted on 8 Feb 2011, 13:27 by a neighbor
Concerned Citizen
This is all true i live in the area and have seen not only the town grader but also the town plow truck the blue one and red one. Also at about 3:15pm u can also witness the town truck in earl johnson driveway and brian along with 2 other town employees jump out grab shovels. shovel off earl johnson deck and the bring in bags of wood pellets. hmmmm wondering if these employees are being paid by johnson or the town. i'm think its the town footing the bill. I know several elderly people in town that would mind having their driveways plowed for free or even their walk ways and decks shoveled. It tends to piss you off that you are shoveling your own driveway and see the town plow drive by and plow out earl johnson. i think maybe the town needs to ban together and not vote for brian johnson for highway department. Please i think as tax payers we have paid enough for the johnson's. enough is enough already i think he should resign.

Posted on 8 Feb 2011, 20:40 by Duh
They deserve all the free plowing and free town land they can steal. This is their town and you just live in it. Welcome to johnsonville! Long live king Earl!!! (who is on his deathbed)

Posted on 8 Feb 2011, 21:08 by

Posted on 9 Feb 2011, 12:54 by Jim LaMountain
Get Well Soon
Get well soon Mr Johnson. I hope you feel better. People should be glad that Brian and the boys take care of Mr Johnson. We are allhuman and I am sure his health issues are not part of our dispute.

Posted on 10 Feb 2011, 20:09 by Billy Bob
You guys are lucky to have Peter and this blog. I found it by accident and have read almost ALL of the website. My fondest memories were staying on Hamilton Resevoir in Holland. I used to ride my bicycle from Springfield to Holland at 12-16 yrs old for weeks in the summer.

You oughta see the ATHOL comedy show called selectboard meetings! We have the same corruption with our senior center, building inspector, highway dept, and town hall.

I say...make friends with the Johnsons and educate them. Fighting just goes on and on. He obviously has a mental problem and can't see he is hurting the town! Give him some friends and maybe he'll change!

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