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To newreaderOld Reader
Town Cemetery Snowed InJim....LaMountain....
Is it worth it?Peter Frei
CopyrightHolland Blogger
Message for selectman PetersenPeter Frei
Cruising Around..Peter Frei
Drug abuseNot Gunna Say
?Peter Frei
Snow cleanupWatches the Masses
You know the rules..Peter Frei
Checks and Balancesnewreader
Dont Forgetall are intertwined
DITTOThis is sickening
Town pays Insurance cost & Pensions for private local business employeesBlind Oversight
People need to know..Peter Frei
Sniff itUr buddy
suck itkyle
cdl drug test cdl driver
Lets get along smoker also
Poke out my eye.Jim....L...
smoke a bonesmoker
If you don't like the blogBeat it
Sorry ChristinaIt's about corruption
seriously???Christina Haney
Great StoryBlogReadingResident
Nfb is a jokeNybe
lets have lunch..Peter Frei
Town of HollandNFB
Gleason ComplaintJames L...
funny..Peter Frei
lets take some tests so the cry'n will end..Once again
not trueno proof
Brian Johnson..Peter Frei
Im not upset at allno proof
Why are you so upsetPeter Frei
Odoil RULES??...Is that supposed to be like
Brian Johnson RulesKing Earl
no lies from me..Peter Frei
who needs a subpoena if the proof is in the proof needed
Defamation of CharacterSweden
its all liesno proof
The proof is in the drug test.The proof..
no one imparticularEnough already
Kyle RutkowskiPeter Frei
I said decent hard working peopleEnough already
BJ a decent man??Peter Frei
Just setting the record straight..Peter Frei
Are you serious?Enough already
Lies Lies LiesDuh
That's what I thoughtcurious1
not a clueYes they do get random drug test
not spinning anythingcurious1
Curious spin doctorNice try
drug tests?curious1
Drug test themDuh
Road RageDrug addicts running Holland?
To: curious1Curious2
Are you sureJust Wondering
A legitimate question..Peter Frei
thought this was about an unlicensed heavy equipment operatorcurious1
more to complete the storyHill climbing fan who wishes he would stay away
I'd like to knowCurad
Did I hear..Drugs and Kyle in the same sentence?
DRUG TEST FOR HIGWAY GANGStoned and working for Holland.
Little Girl with cojonesKyle the pill popper
top it offwatch dog
That might effect his ability to operate (heavy equiptment..) Geez I Hope not!
Equal Oppurtunity EmployerDrug test for town employees
I agreeJimL....
10% positive90% negative
You don't get it..Peter Frei
This is stupidAn old friend
" Uncle Brian" has been lyinEthics Complaint
Operating Negligently So As To EndangerCurad
i love my daddy<3Christina Haney
Google image searchPeter Frei
Thank you PeterBig savings
Interesting Report!Skipper
Hey Chris MacCooCooYou also lie for Johnson
Lie for me and..knows (unfortunately) the Haney's
BullS hitShooting
LiabilityR u kidding me
Feel Let downReady for a change
Enjoing my Christmas PresentRetiree
Loader almost hit me.Put me in the snow bank
What A ShameDisappointed
Hoping Goerge will want the job.Man willing
Team Evil!Team Evil
KARMAIsn't it amazing!
sadout of work
THUGS WITH GUNS !!!!!Not surprised at all
Me too!Not saying
Bri Bri Lie LieJohn Q Public
TEAM EVILLooks at details
rip-offfurios girl
Too late for HollandLegacy of a madman.
Mrs Johnson looking for a replacement?Who is paying
Mrs Johnson looking for a replacement?Who is paying
Thrilled to HearTOH
What goes around comes around!JDW
Earl Johnson's GoneJDW
iPhone chargesMark LaMountain
Tantasquestemahkw kepi
2 barclay rd.david
Holland Police sliding back into Feudalism?Peter Frei
Legal ShootingJ....P....L....
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