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Double Dipping?Peter Frei
Do The Mathclm
Camp Firewood For SaleMike LaMountain
The Anti-Snob zoning law..Peter Frei
Interested in knowing moreA former ZBA member who knows the law(s)
A mistake we won't be able to correct!not so brave in Holland
20 units on 2 acres???Mike LaMountain
comments enabled during day time only..Peter Frei
Up and running again..Peter Frei
?New name
Dr. Anthony..Peter Frei
?????????Jim L
ChillChill Out Peter
Enough is enough..Peter Frei
To Oh MY..Jim L.
Oh My God!frustrated
Cable TV HistoryBeavis
Reality CheckIn a Nutshell
CORE ISSUERemembering
Double StandardWettlaufer Logic is a Joke
ConfusionJim L
I dont get itMike LaMountain
More info..Peter Frei
Well DoneWatch & Learn
Links to U.S. Code work again..Peter Frei
Another suicide around the same time..Joseph Stack
How much can you afford?Mike LaMountain
Where is justiceRAZ
After being a guest..Peter Frei
Hey Peterson,, SH*T or get off the PotScarecrow
Sad but true.Crow Hunter
We see it.locals
Just CuriousBaffled
Thank You Lord!!Myra T
Mike should watch the Olympics Lake Guy
who will replace Earl?Nils Bejerot
To lifelong residentWatching Crow
Thank You Earllife long resident
Peace out PeetyGood Riddence
A team to rememberSkipper
LinkCopy and paste the link into your browser window
Why not resign assessor alsoMike LaMountain
Brian Johnson involved tooMrs Dee
Light on the TruthTruth & Justice
Selectmen MeetingsSad But True
Pig FoodMike LaMountain
Sad SituationRebecca R. Smith
History LessonBlodgette Farm...
You would like that wouldn't youMike LaMountain
NAH ....!!!LaMountain
Cracked Up!!Nope
drunk local guy
My ThoughtsLong Gone
To Mike in BrimfieldAre you narrow minded
You only get your pointMike from Brimfield.
Meet Jacquelin Saburido..Peter Frei
fire policeyepp
Please show some consideration.Mike from Brimfield
Do you have a TV?Peter Frei
Poor JudgmentMike from Brimfield
Pet NamesDuke
To Earl Johnson AKA Papa PeetyKarrie Anne Geoffrey
Papa PeetyMike LaMountain
TO MR. DAVID WORTH!!!!Turn it Upside Down
Blessing or Curse?Peter Frei
Shame on You MOREJim in Holland
SHAME ON YOUMike in Brimfield
Charter Communications Cable Viewer
Holland Upside Down E-MailsWorking for a better Holland
link to Upside-Down show..Peter Frei
the tv showrov
Way To Go Peter!Brigham
AhaaahahahaMike LaMountain
David Worth Show Damage Control Public Access Viewer
Final OutcomeMike LaMountain
Who caresWhat does this have to do with holland
Who caresWhat's that got to do with holland
Blood in StonesRuth
Crazy HorsePaha Sapa
Paha SapaLink
To DronesOutsider doing battle on the inside.
Not From Holland and GLAD!!Outsider
in responsedon't worry
ForgivenessJim LaMountain
evil wettlauferdon't worry about who I am
Wettflower SharesJust what I've heard
Jim WettlauferPeople watching
Updated Version..Peter Frei
Wasting your moneyMike LaMountain
Free at lastMike LaMountain
So Many People?????
LinkCopy and Paste
A day in the life of our selectmenJim L.
$300 per hourMike LaMountain
Some Stats..Peter Frei
Dennis, no more parking on my property!Peter Frei
Fire truck Just drive'n by.
Another Huge PuddleMike LaMountain
HUGE PUDDLEWater on the steets
Someone who can winMike LaMountain
tales of ice-fishing..Peter Frei
what dog?who cares
In Agreement with Bob EdwardsChris
Whats up ChuckJim LaMountain
Freis friendsNOT NO MORE
Thank YouGrateful to Know
IdiotsBob Edwards
Whose Kiddin WhoSomeone who knows Chuckie Butler VERY WELL
If you don't want your name on the blogMike LaMountain
Enough Already!!!Kevin & Amy
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