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One has nothing to do with the other..Peter Frei
Link to Wettlaufer's PRC is now working, sorry about that..Peter Frei
Think About it....Common Sense
Wetlaufer is above the lawHomeless Vet
Some do..Peter Frei
Who cares?Anonymous
Watch the UPSIDE DOWN SHOW Friday nightLeslie
Looking for a house to rentSingle Mom
Time will tellFather Time
Thanks for the tip...Reader
Holland school principleconcerned citizen
Another clueless wonderKeep on spinin
for the kidsconcerned citizen
Ripping whoMore BS from post above
How about...Reader
TWO OUT OF 3 MUST DIEProphet of Doom
Just like HaneyHollands Voters take action!!!!
Another Jacobi LieReads the public record.
Ethics ignored againWettlaufer thinks Holland voters are stupid.
Here we go Again!ML
Amy S Bishopinfo
As predicted..Peter Frei
The best Wettlaufer can do?Curad
I wish....Neutral Like Switzerland
Hi Richy..Peter Frei
Amber Boucher a teacher?Letters
same ole same oleWhere is my letter
Kristen L Johnsoninfo
Welcome Home Papa PeetyJim.."Duke"..LaMountain
2005Mike LaMountain
Nothing but fiction..Peter Frei
More unsubstantiated AllegationsHydrology Lesson
Who is lieing Mr.LChaffee Rd. water
Adjudicate Jocobi's Libel and slanderLand Records are public
Jacobi is delusionalLaMountain
Chandler roadjacobi
Valanzola needs to be GONE!Home owner AND Taxpayer
Different StandardsPeasant Taxpayer
Holland Sports Marina on the Market..Peter Frei
Thank You KelleyCitizen Soldier
Town LoaderFix My Yard
Incompetent Septic RepairLicensed Septic Installer
NOTIFIED DEP OF COVER-UPWatches em scramble
Mary?Why does this happen
Shut down PJsCompetent Drainlayer
Incompetence Thanks Jacobi
PJs Septic System in Lake?Such a waste of resources.
best wishesbuffermop
RecallOutside looking in
senior angstold to soon
AuditWanting to Know
Time to Resign ContinuedShaking My Head
Time to ResignShaking My Head
Won't Get the JobJim LaMountain...,.
Free landWhere's my free land
ReporterGet it right.
Something wrong with u youCreeped out
Sewer now we are stuck with her.Sad Resident
Former SinBusiness as usual for Johnsons
?former employee
Johnson M.O.Teflon Don Peeety J. And Evil Issue
Update on Brian Johnson's Gang..Peter Frei
Breast Cancer AwarenessAffects everyone somehow.
Wanna KnowBubba
Way to Go!!!Myra
Citizens for Holland EthicsAngel R.
Executive Secretary in Holland? Peter Frei
Woof wOOf.....Wettlaufers Variety Show.
re-writing history?Peter Frei
Never 4 get..Busted
For SallyCorrection
I could just delete it..Peter Frei
Brian JohnsonPeter Frei
Wasn't there somebody else in the house?"Peter Frei
OMG-2Not Sally
50k +I don't think so
OMGS Blais
IBM's 100 Anniversary..Peter Frei
Tough GuyDoes not live with mommy
Home protectionProtection
Some stats..Peter Frei
ughformer employee
Will do nothingDuh
?former employee
Enough is Enough!Seen and heard enough
Johnson threat at PJ'sTombstone
Alias is a Holland Police OfficerSmells the swine
Check the Town ReportRecollecting
The thug pictured is allegedly Albert West..Peter Frei
Trooper John Puccia..Peter Frei
Denis and ChuckyIt's just NOT right
Brian..Peter Frei
Fishing spotScared of retaliation for getting involved.
Polaris 4 wheelerMoving Target
I promiseMoving Target
Police look the other wayIt's Just NOT Right
oopsformer employee
also a finegrizzly
Read Your WordsTalkin schidt.
4 people leave numerous namesScott G highway
Welcome to the Holland blog.You must be number 5.
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