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scotty gscotty g
To NeutralDuke
burning booksPeter Frei
Good Honest People?Peter Frei
and 4 goes to 5....6...7...8...100...neutral like Switzerland
Beverly GreyJ. L.
Talbot ReportMr. LaMountain
Tax CollectorEliot Ness
Highway Employee'sNice Try
AttacksJim L
Stafford Road is Public PropertyLocal Girl
Yay KrisitinYou Are just as bad
Taking a StandKristin LaPlante
More Money??Accounting??
scotty gscotty g
False Johnson Police ReportWhy Ms J is scared
Korny????????Scum F*cks
scotty gscotty g
State Police?Holland TAXES payer
Thats no onlookerHi Scotty
You are lucky Mr FreiClement
keep picking on grammerlocal guy
Gleason and Johnson Compel Blog CreationClement Samuels
Stacked Town Meeting Transfers HRoad Money to Selectmen!!Travels on "horrendous" roads.
Crime FamilySammy G
To Catch a ThiefFriend of an honest man
Key System on Gas Pumps.Specifications
Cameras on the Gas PumpsWorried about our Taxes
nice guys don't lie to cops!Peter Frei
Thats what Kevin Gleason Saidthanks Peter
Hey "Local Guy"Stop Abreviating everything Dude! It's Korny!
trashlocal guy
Fridays Offobserver
Home OccupationWondering
Scott gets ripped off too.Corporate Council
Only one share??Ripped off
Planet of the Apes or Geico Caveman??More Corruption
Anthony J. G(ROSS)IHollander
And why do we need another truck stop??Very Concerned
Easy Fix..Peter Frei
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAnice try..tree18
DAMAGE CONTROLSmells the rat
Trash Photostree18
Thank you Highwayresident99
Expired LicenseConstruction Super.
Remove the & quot;team"Oust the Johnsons
Holland Police Assn.Curious
Free DirtAnother Taxpayer
Selectmen do not care about School kidsParent
Will it ever be fixed?Concerned Resident
Setting the Record StraightA Citizen who knows
I can't waitBelieve Johnson/Gleason conspired
Keeping Track of Highway vehiclesAnother concerned taxpayer
Do a MailerActivist
Right here.....Peter Frei
where is the petitionWants to know
It isn't over yet!Peter Frei
Like Father Like SonTaxpaying Citizen
Johnson says Goodbye to GleasonBig Brother
Concerning Suicidal Earlybirdsgrandma
Earl will keep him..Pays attention
Enough alreadyLet him be..
Gleason Sentencerumor mill
SoMike LaMountain
I can't wait till Earl goes to JailWettlaufer too.
Buncha BullTruthBeKnown2
TRuck Stop NeededRoss
Bye Kevin...Hollander
?Remember?Mike LaMountain
corrupt officialsPartial list
ZoningHoward Fife is corrupt anyhow.
Burlingame...local guy
David Bunn is an innocent victim!Peter Frei
to:not KevinJesse
Are you kidding me?Not Kevin
Both th FBI & the ACLU should look at the Federal Case "Bunn v.s. Gleasoncaptainjoint
Suicidal early birdsyour conscience
to:not KevinJesse
Rocky Lands a left............
Gleason PleaStrategy to Minimize time
Anonymous TipPeter Frei
CriminalMike LaMountain
Get Real JesseNot Kevin
Yellow StripeHolland Driver
Tree MongerJim
Legacy of corruptionTree monger
who's laughing now?Jesse Reilly
Some statsPeter Frei
Fire Chief is Prison GuardToo Funny
Inventory Highway Department Why stop at the cops?
It ain't gone happen...Peter Frei
federal crimegun nut
comments to articlereader
article continuedreader
Republican articlereader
History repeats itself!Peter Frei
Kevin P. Gleason, this looser tried to set me up for drug sales!Captain Joint
Legacy of CorruptionRECALL ALL
Wettlaufer LiesHas the goods
THERE ARE MANY OTHERS!!!!vote out the Johnsons
What nextAnthony
Golden BoyVeteran
Bigger crimes are being committed in HollandSkipper
Final InventoryHolland Taxpayer
Wrong PhotoJim LaMountain
Just ImagineMike LaMountain
Gleason Gets 2 years...????Why did selectmen lie
The Truck StopVery Concerned
Planning Board is professionalJim L
Goodbye ..HerbFigures the good ones all leave.
Senatorial PrivelegeJim L
Officer Duggan Has left the buildingHe will be missed
Peole changePeter Frei
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