Town Hall Trouble in Wales continue.

After an Inspector from the State condemed the second story of the Town Hall in Wales, town officials are pressed to find a solution, read moreĽ

Posted on 5 Feb 2011, 10:18 - Category: The Town Common
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Posted on 6 Mar 2011, 23:59 by old to soon
senior angst
wales pd is in a feeding frenzy w/select board majority approval to have a new sandbox to play in,damn the seniors fullspeed ahead!!!

Posted on 7 Mar 2011, 10:11 by Outside looking in
The people in Wales need to wake up! What used to be a very nice town is now no more than a bad soap opera. The way to start fixing their problems would be RECALL, RECALL, RECALL! The town is being run like a circus with no one in charge. The way the seniors are treated, it won't be long before the selectmen will have them ALL moved to Silver Meadows or Brookside Village (senior housing). Do the residents see whatís going on, or do they not care. Very sad.


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