Holly’s FFF Derby...

Keith Herman and Holly Lawrence organized and participated in the second part of the Holland Rod and Gun Club’s annual fishing derby. Holly, Keith’s fiancée of 25 years, was also running the administrative part of the first half, which took place last Saturday. Holly-Lawrence-Keith-Herman-and-their-grandson-Cole
Keith Herman was elected Vice President of the Holland Rod and Gun Club just this past Sunday.
He is a lucky man; Holly is about the sweetest woman I know. Holly intends to have the Friendly Family Fishing Derby (FFFD) once a year because she had so much fun today (her daughter Nicole and her family were also present).
Among their many friends on the ice was newly elected member of the HRGC Board of Directors Scott Cable.
In the picture from the left to the right: Holly Lawrence, Keith Herman, and grandson.
Peter Frei

Posted on 26 Feb 2011, 21:07 - Category: The Town Common
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Posted on 26 Feb 2011, 21:21 by Myra
Way to Go!!!
Way to go Holly! Great pic, you guys!! Can I come to your next FFF derby.... Pls invite me....

Posted on 26 Feb 2011, 21:30 by Fran
It's so refreshing to see something nice on this blog for a change. Let's have more things like this to read instead of all the crap goin on in this town.....

Posted on 26 Feb 2011, 23:20 by JC
Boy I'm impressed. Isn't it nice that people actually signed their names... Let's see more of this Peter. Instead of caller I.D. you should have blogger I.D. so you could expose all the ridiculous/fictional commentaries on this website.

Posted on 26 Feb 2011, 23:28 by Bubba
Wanna Know
Hey Keith, now that you're HRGC V.P, when ya gonna become Pres.? I'll vote for ya!!!!

Posted on 5 Mar 2011, 22:34 by KEITH
Hey peter dont ask me to do math. Whats 14 times 2 plus 2 divided by 2? Nice pictures by the way. Thanks for good gossip. LOL

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