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I have had much on my mind lately about the American soldiers who continue to perish in Afghanistan and Iraq. I imagine that most people don't realize that already in 2011 between January 1 and January 20th twenty-five soldiers made that ultimate sacrifice. I believe that whether or not we philosophically support the wars, we can agree that the casualties should not be hidden.
I have produced a simple video that I hope you will consider using on your web site. I have taken an old classic American historic song about the sadness of the loss of our youth and with just a few pictures of a cemetery and soldiers' caskets I have included the names of those who have perished thus far in 2011.
You will find this non-political, and I did not include my name or my website in the video. Please look at it and consider if you would embed it on your site. I am hoping that if others find it worthy, they will consider passing a link on to others. Thanks, Peter.

Posted on 28 Jan 2011, 21:49 - Category: The Town Common
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Posted on 28 Jan 2011, 22:44 by Peter Frei
Is it worth it?
thanks for the video, I appreciate the work you do for us to remember the lost soldiers. I made a few videos myself and know how much work they are.
Iím sadden daily when I see where the majority has their priorities, a stupid piano on a sandbank dominates the news to the point where it becomes annoying; or a dog who was rescued from the icy waters of a pond seems to be what people can relate to.
Meanwhile solders die every day and nobody even mentions them any longer...

A guy was asked, which is the biggest problem in todayís America, arrogance, apathy, greed or ignorance?
He said, "I don't know and I don't give a crap".

Brent Abrahamson writes his own two blogs,
the Massachusetts Observer,
Future Perfect Progressive,
both are excellent and if you have time. please check them out. Brent is undoubtedly a progressive voice from Central Massachusetts. The content of his blogs is not limited to local issues as you can see watching his latest video.
You will find links to his blogs on the left under the heading:
"Local Blogers and Voices."

Posted on 19 Mar 2011, 9:16 by Prophet of Doom
... TTTHHHHHAAATS all Folks !!!!! Using statistical analysis of world Populations since man has inhabited the earth until present as a timeline as well as major events along the above timeline the following conclusions must be drawn. Two out of 3 people must die for the Planet to sustain the remaining population.....
Since mankind started Keeping records and before...Mans population on Earth has never been more than 1 billion people...that changed in the 1870's when man discovered oil and with it electricity and the internal combustion engine. Since that moment in time and earth shattering event took place the global population has rocketed strait up and through the 6 Billion mark. This happened in under 150 years which is the blink of an eye when you think of the length of the timeline we are looking at. This population explosion unchecked is exponential. We feed these people because of fossil fuels and the internal combustion engine working our farmlands into dust. If it was not for fertilizers we would not be able to sustain the population. Our society without electricity or fossil fuels would turn to anarchy.
Our planet has reached peak production on oil and it is predicted we will be dry in less than 150 years using the current and common consumption curve as a model. Alternative energy on Earth as it stands today could not replace the energy produced by fossil fuels and its byproducts such as natural gas.
Statistically there are too many people on Earth. These wars, and earthquakes, and other natural disasters can not keep pace with the birth rate as our population continues to expand. All the green energy technology and measures in the world will not sustain the current population at its continued expansion rate.
Who will decide who lives and who dies if two out of every three people must die.??? Will it be our president and Federal Govt who make out the list? Will the list of those who live be a lottery with all getting a chance.. Will it be made with people with essential skills such as engineers, mechanics, farmers etc. Or will it be the ruling elitists who can barely tie their own shoes but can make lists.......
Will it be Wettlaufer and Johnson, on the local level?????
I think the ruling elitists at the G7 nations will try to decide.
In any event the fact remains that unless there is earth shattering technological advances in food production or divine intervention...and Without fossil fuels to sustain us then 2 out of 3 people must die. This war in Iraq is just the beginning.......
Jim L. Aka "walks alone"

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