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Posted on 8 Mar 2011, 01:18 - Category: The Town Common
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Posted on 8 Mar 2011, 6:29 by Thanks Jacobi
Clearly caused by criminal negligence. John Jacobi and Holland highway increased the water flow behind PJs when they diverted the flow at Chandler road. The water use to come off the hill behind Jacobis property into a wetland and then flow north into other wetlands. But Jacobi filled in the etlands at his house and put a pipe in to divert the water to the east. Johnson and the highway department assisted by installing other pipes to direct the runoff into PJs parking lot. The result is what is seen in the above pictures. Also the increased flow destroyed what appears to be PJs leach field which also ended up in the lake. Why???

Posted on 8 Mar 2011, 7:08 by Competent Drainlayer
Shut down PJs
If that is the leachfield then PJ's needs to be shut down. I remember a resident did complain when Jacobi and Johnson diverted the Water making it run behind PJ's. The conservation commission looked the other way because it was a town official and a friend of Wettlaufers who filled in the wetlands and diverted the water without permits. This is what we get. Septic and silt in our lake. Thank you Holland Conservation Commission for not doing the job of protecting our lake.

Posted on 8 Mar 2011, 7:31 by Why does this happen
Where is that pain in the ass vandenburg? That lady rats on everyone? Why why hasn't she taken the liberty of raising an eye brow about this?

Posted on 8 Mar 2011, 8:21 by Watches em scramble
The town is right now trying to cover up the devastation they caused. They are bringing in more sand to fill in the canyon. This sand is unsuitable backfill and it too will end up in the lake the next time we get heavy rains. Do they have permits to do this work? NO this is non emergency work and should be done right by using big rip rap stones to stabilize the area during storm overflow. Also the vortechnic drainage structure the town installed needs to be cleaned out as it is full of hazardous waste. The cleaning of this structure must be done in compliance with DEP hazmat regulations. Johnson will clean it with his own catch basin cleaner and illegally dump the waste. We have notified DEP of the wrongdoing of our highway gang.

Posted on 8 Mar 2011, 9:05 by Licensed Septic Installer
Incompetent Septic Repair
Will wonders never cease. This morning bright and early a repair was made to the System at PJ's by town highway department. Although Title % is clear about who may work on a septic system , once again Johnson put himself above the law and tried to cover up his mistake by burying the exposed and washed out leachfield at PJ's. Highway workers used sand to stem the break out. ONLY qualified and licensed installers can work on a septic system and all work must be performed under the supervision of the Board of Health and an Engineer qualified to design systems or repairs in compliance with title 5. The sand used for the repair does not meet title 5 requirements and only impervious material can be used in the breakout area of a leachfield. The cover-up at PJ's will wash out and into the lake the first time we get heavy rains. Our Highway Department are not licensed to perform work on private septic systems. Yet in an attempt to cover up their prior mistake Johnson put town Highway crews on private property to illegally repair the system using unsuitable material. DEP has been notified of this cover-up.

Posted on 9 Mar 2011, 7:42 by Fix My Yard
Town Loader
Why was the town Front End Loader working on a private septic system without permits?

Posted on 9 Mar 2011, 10:43 by itchy-
i had to get a septic design up here in maine to do septic work it cost me under 300 dollars . are you really that stupid brian johnson or are you going for mental disability.are you drunk or just STUPID richard mckeen

Posted on 9 Mar 2011, 10:48 by Peasant Taxpayer
Different Standards
Brian Johnson's crack crew of highway workers are at it again. They put up a silt fence around Johnson's Canyon across the street from P.J.'s. It is so transparently obvious that our town Officials all hold Ace Johnson and his Highwaymen above the law. If this was any of the serf residents putting up a silt fence we would also need to put in double staked haybales as part of the siltation barrier fence. And you can be sure Mary VanDenberg and the rest of Holland Conservation Nazies would be there to inspect the silt barrier. Not for Johnson Canyon though..... Haybales cost money and our highwaymen can not afford to spend 80 bux on haybales. And why should they ..? after all conservation looks the other way. And besides you can't expect them to come up with 80 dollars in this economy.. Who would pay for their pensions, vacations, sick days, health insurance, and salary. You can't expect from the town budget that Brian's Johnson's private J and G construction company uses to pay the benefits for its workers when the town coffers are already so stretched by all the lawsuits Wettlaufer, Johnson and the other corrupt officials caused. I am surprised they put any silt fence up at all, since hundreds of tons of septic soaked silt has already run into the lake. t
To be quite honest with you ..installing the silt fence around Johnson Canyon now is kind of like closing the barn door after all the horses escaped.
Does Johnson obey the laws that our town officials so rigorously enforce upon its resident who are not officials????? Not so much.

Posted on 10 Mar 2011, 15:30 by jacobi
Chandler road
Lets set the record right, First the additional runoff onto Chandler Road is coming from the drainage pipe placed by Lamountain. The Subdivision that was approved by the Planning Board allowed for a "utility acess road" commencing on Chandler and ending somewhere on LaMountains bald landscape. Prior to this increas in flow, the water from the hill behind Chaffee Road would pool between houses #7and 9 flow under the road via a 10inch pipe which ran under Chaffee and discharged inot a catch basin which had an overflow which went behind PJs and to a discharge pipe under the County way into the Lake. Unfortunately, no body sized the pipe coming out of LaMountains based on a 50 year fainfall event, so the amount of water and the intensity of the rainfall was never calculated. In fact the original pipe serving Chandler was less than ten inches. Numerous times in a high intensity storm, the water from LaMountains property was sufficient to cut deep ruts in the gravel road making passage often imposible. This drainage system was NEVER approved by anybody. It begain with a ditch running parallel to the abutters house on Chafffee and ending as a direct discharge to Chandler. Mr. Johnson rectified that situation of overflowing water onto Chandler by providing some excavation near the catch basin. Also, there was a new drain placed in service by the Town between 7 and 9 Chaffee to detain the water prior to being released to the catchbasin. The legality of LaMountain drainage onto a PRIVATE road (Chandler) has not been ajudicated, but the Selectmen were informed by myself that downstream erosion could take place due to the inadaquacy of the overall drainage situation on that hill.

Posted on 10 Mar 2011, 16:30 by Duh
There were wetlands on your property, we watched you fill them in so don't lie. Signed. Ur neighbor( who watched you fill in the wetlands)

Posted on 10 Mar 2011, 17:14 by LaMountain
Jacobi is delusional
The pipe Jacobi refers to as "placed by LaMountain" was in fact
installed by the Landowner Steve Bouchard's contractor. Bouchard had a curb cut and driveway permit and Holland Conservation did direct the placement of the pipe. The pipe Jacobi installed from the wetlands on his property across chaffee road was done without permits. The wetlands Jacobi filled in were filled without permits.
The remodeling of the house on the property was done without permits until the building inspector shut Jacobi down. Holland conservation looked the other way while jacobi drained and filled the wetlands and redirected the flow towards PJ's. Nice try Jacobi. John Jacobi was a town official when he did all the illegal work to his house on Chaffee Road and had to resign in shame after he got caught messing with the title 5 records. Just Saying

Posted on 10 Mar 2011, 17:22 by Land Records are public
Adjudicate Jocobi's Libel and slander
According to ALL State, County and town land records...Fact is ...No property owned by LaMountain or Northeast concepts abuts Chaffee road. LaMountain is not running any water onto a private road. Jacobi needs to use Truth and facts and not fantasy or unsubstantiated allegations if he wants to set anything "Straight."

Posted on 10 Mar 2011, 18:10 by Chaffee Rd. water
Who is lieing Mr.L
We all know that 80% of this water comes from Mr.LaMountains property and never was this bad untill he clearcut a huge pease of propery.I lived up onChaffee rd.for twenty five years so you dont lie Mr LaMountain.

Posted on 10 Mar 2011, 19:04 by Hydrology Lesson
More unsubstantiated Allegations
To Chaffee Rd. Water, I should just ask peter to delete your comment because it is not based in fact and is unsigned. At least Mr. Jacobi had the sac to sign his post before he libeled me.
So Hydrological fact..95 percent of the LaMountain property drains away from Chaffee road and is part of the Amber Brook watershed. Less than the remaining 5 percent runs along berms and into settlement basins and down wooded slopes into the wetlands on the left side of chaffee. The storm intensity increase is not a product of any pasture clearing on the Historic Blodgett Farm. There is no more water running into Johnson's Canyon now then there was 10 years ago. If you signed your name then you know I would gladly give you a private tour of the property you speak of. The drainage at the house behind PJ's and the catch basin in the corner of what looks like PJ's leachfield need attention. That's whatt caused the washout last storm at pj's was the catch basin behind PJ"s garage got plugged up with snow and leaves. The water transmitted down chandler just fine. Too good for the down stream homemade Good ole boy infrastructure. Why do you think Johnson covered the system at PJ's with town sand and equipment so soon. The water trails in Chandler road speak for themselves.
I think you have been drinking the water from all your septic system overflows that run into your well.
As far as your math skills go I would say the percentage of water that runs down to PJ's has been increased by all the drainage work conducted on Chandler and Chaffee in the past 5 years. Also we seem to be having more major rain events in the past few years. All the infrastucture for drainage on the farm can withstand a rain event of 3 inch in a 24 hr perod or better.
There is a Hydrogeological map available By the usgs and also hanging on the wall in the town hall. There are reports on this site by Milone and MacBroom and the President of the Massachusetts Society of Wetland Scientists. Both of whom have witnessed flooding rains on the LaMountain and surrounding properties.
Feel free to look them up. If you are going to post unsubstantiated allegations please try basing them in reality and use Truth to establish your facts. Feel free to grow some balls and come talk to me when you see me going to feed the animals.
Jim L.

Posted on 10 Mar 2011, 20:21 by Peter Frei
Nothing but fiction..
To "Chaffee Rd. water," James LaMountain may have an abrasive personality at times, but he is no liar. I have spent countless hours looking at studies and maps with elevation lines and your claim that 80% is coming from the LaMountain property is fiction.
I remember however witnessing Jacobi filling inn Wetlands on the north side of his house on Chaffee Road. Many cubic yards of dirt. Where there could be and was water before is now dirt. I remember Jacobi putting in a foundation without (initially) a permit. Keough confirmed that Jacobi had no permit. The foundation was only about 5 inches deep; he already reached the groundwater level at that depth! I have no idea how a septic system works that is entirely under water. I guess that why he had to join the Board of Health for a short period of time. I also remember how Jacobi was trying to find the paperwork on his septic system when I requested to see it. He was looking for it and couldn't find it and his head got more and more sweaty and red.

Posted on 10 Mar 2011, 21:14 by Mike LaMountain
If we incresed the water flowing off of our property than how come pjs and Chandler rd were so flooded and washed out in October of 2005....8 whole months before we even bought the property. No more water leaves our up grade farm then did before we bought it, only now it is treated. By the way spin doctor Jacobi. That "utility access road" you speak of was actually applyed for and APPROVED as a "utility AND access easement". You forgot a big AND mr spin doctor. So why don't you go do what you do best and fill in somemore wetlands and try to figure out how you can circumvent the law....(40b). Your whole yard was a pond when we bought our farm now all of a sudden your wetlands are gone......hmmmmm

Posted on 11 Mar 2011, 21:05 by Bing
After reviewing the pictures of PJ's beach situation I can't believe the damage and poor water basin design. I hope that the town leadership actually looks into this issue and makes things right. Not one for finger pointing but whoever built/designed this system must have done it on a paper napkin after 10 beers.

Posted on 18 Mar 2011, 6:49 by Reads the public record.
Another Jacobi Lie
Jacobi in his comment above referred to "The Subdivision that was approved by the Planning Board" when talking about the LaMountain land. The two lots cut out of the main body of land were done on an ANR plan recorded in Hampden County. ANR means approval not required. The planning board learned first hand what ANR means when they denied Peter Frei's ANR and were sued. Frei won. These lies spread by Jacobi, wettlaugher , Johnson,fife and other officials do not change truth. But they do hurt our town.

Posted on 25 Mar 2011, 13:59 by Peter Frei
Mr. Jacobi, big words to disseminate even even bigger lies..
Mr. Jacobi, I have many pictures documenting you filling-in wetlands to the north of the house on 7 Chaffee Road, the house you flipped and sold on November 13, 2007.
If I have time I will post a piece about that incidence.
I remember it well when I came to the Board of Health meeting and requested to see the title V paperwork - because someone brought the issue to my attention - and you were not able to produce the paperwork, I remember it well, very well...
It was so obvious why you joined the BOH just around the time you flipped that house, just to resign after the deal was done. Being on the board gave you an advantage, the advantage to get title V issues squared away so you could make a nice profit on the property.
I also remember how, when I came back to the next meeting, you changed the rules and everybody who wanted to appear before the BOH had to somehow register beforehand to even be able to get an audience, do you remember???
I never got to see the paperwork on 7 Chaffee and I bet it is fishy or none existent or maybe lost.
I'm sure that rule left the BOH together with you and is not longer in place.
In your comment, the comment I just deleted, you used big words, big words to disseminate even bigger lies. Did you try to give your lies more credibility using fancy words??

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