Brian Johnson Organized a Day of Harassment Which Ended in Assault.

Who is the thug pictured below? Do you know this punk?? If so, please contact the Holland Police Department.
There were comments left on this blog claiming that I would be stalking Brian Johnson. It is the other way around! Yesterday Brian Johnson and his mob of about 6 men surrounded my house, culminating in assault as I was walking back from my mailbox, read more» Thug-who-assaulted-me-at-my-house. Read more»

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Posted on 21 Feb 2011, 7:42 by Firearm safety
It is easy to see why the cave man is such an asshole. If I was married to the fat ugly slut that Brian is married too then I would be mad at the world too. Get a gun Mr Frei and protect yourself from the drunken lowlife if the Holland Pigs won't help.

Posted on 21 Feb 2011, 7:48 by Needs to be said
Drunken assault on reporter
Holland police will not enforce operating under the influence of alcohol on the lake..
Despite overwhelming evidence of town officials operating their quads on the lake while drinking Holland Police take no action. As Officer Shorty stated, and true to his word Officer Forcier and Bean refused to take any action against a Town official caught red handed drinking and driving on the lake. They say to call the fish police for violations on the lake with rec. vehicles Something is fishy here or why else does Holland Police do boat patrols if it is up to the fish police to enforce the law on the lake.???? I say there is one law for society and special laws for Holland Officials. I am sorry but it is impossible to say ours is a just society any longer. Corruption is the norm in our town because our Police do not have the ballls to do their jobs when it is an Official who violates the law. That empowers the corrupt ones to feel they can perpetrate violence against anyone who opposes them. Thanks Hpd.

Posted on 21 Feb 2011, 8:01 by Get a gun
So if I get this right you were walking your normal route to your house, over the ice instead of the deep snow and these bullies attacked you? When asked to do something about the assault the police refused? Time to take matters into your own hands. Next time they are out there call me and I'll come by with my shotgun and make sure you get home safetly. If the police wont protect you then we will.

Posted on 21 Feb 2011, 8:06 by Bully's need to be punished
I will pay a cash reward to anyone who provides Peter Frei with the name of Brian Johnson's thug who assaulted Peter Frei on Friday. With all the new anti bully laws that just went into effect you would think our police would take quick action to stop this gang violence against an elder in our town. If this happened in one of our schools the police would swoop down like Nazi Storm Troopers and scare intimidate and punish all the kids involved. Bur the police are Cowards when it comes to enforcing the law against grown ups who are connected to the ones who appoint them. Someone is going to get hurt because our yellow police officers will not do the job they get paid to do.

Posted on 21 Feb 2011, 8:47 by Drinking buddy
Girlfriend is hot
Hey firearm safety, Brian is not angry over having to sleep his fat, lazy , ugly, wife. I have seen Brian with his Girlfriend. Or Mistress at the Country Lounge in Wales and she is a hottie. Frei has exposed the Johnson Family for ripping Holland TAxpayers off. that is why Brian is angry at Frei , not because his wife is a used up out of shape ugly slut. Brian's GF is smokin hot.

Posted on 21 Feb 2011, 9:45 by Peter Frei
I got a name..
Thanks to a caller, I have a name..
Ray West.
Don't be afraid, I would never reveal my sources; call me with a blocked number I don't mind. You can send me letters without sender's address. I understand that you don't want to be a target of the Haneys, Johnsons Rutkowskis Wettlaufers and other corrupt/criminal town officials/workers.
I need someone to confirm his identity and I also need an address. Please call again, thanks!

Posted on 21 Feb 2011, 10:10 by constable perhaps
Land-Gate principal?
Peter , West is the name of the person who purchased the Illegal Lan-Gate house from one of the Johnson Boys. I think West is also the name of one of the Johnson Appointed constables in Holland. There may be a family or in-law relationship there with the Johnsons. Just Sayin

Posted on 21 Feb 2011, 10:19 by Best Wishes
Mr. Frei, I hope your injuries sustained in the assault by the Johnson Heavens Devils gang were not too severe. These Angels of "team evil" have a reputation of resolving their problems violently. The Police are paralized in fear and will never act against them.
You should shut down this blog, make like a Rolling Stone and move out of Holland or the Johnson's "Secutity Gang" will make you very sorry that you did not.
Best wishes to you.
You have been warned.

Posted on 21 Feb 2011, 11:08 by Peter Frei
Ray v. Albert..
Albert West and Renee Thibault bought the illegally built house from Eric Johnson who put it on the marked back in 2007 after I published the PRESS RELEASE about the Johnson LandGate.
I never met Albert West, according to the voters list his DOB is 11-14-1975 which would make him 35 years old. The assailant in the picture does looks older and there is still the different first name.
I assume that Eric Johnson sold his house back in 9-28-2007 to protect his investment as he probably figured that once the property changed ownership it would be immune from court orders to have it thorn down. I heard that Albert West's wife is a sister to Brian's wife.
It is possible that the thug who does the bidding for Brian Johnson is the guy from Worcester Ray West (Raymond West) who was arrested on Sunday, Jan. 16, 2011 as Brian surrounds himself with criminals (Alexander Haney, Kevin Gleason, just to name two).
The Shrewsbury police log for Jan. 16, shows an entry with Raymond West:
12:01 p.m.- Police arrested Raymond West, 51, of 135 West Mountain St., Worcester, on charges of shoplifting and a warrant charging larceny under $250. He was arrested on South Quinsigamond Avenue.

I need more information, please lets get to the bottom of this..

Posted on 21 Feb 2011, 11:17 by Not
Awesome police work
Isn't that nice. Shows you how willing the police are to do their job when town officials are involved. You get assaulted by a gang of drunks and rather than investigate and do their jobs they don't even find out the name of the assailant???? Nice job Jeff. Did you ever think that they may come back or might even have warrants? This sends a loud and clear message to the "highway GANG" that they can beat on Peter all they want without fear of ANY consequence.

Posted on 21 Feb 2011, 11:38 by NOT Insane!!!
The situation in Holland is UNBELIEVABLE! For years the Johnson's have stolen from the town on both large and small scales. Deeding over land by Earl Johnson was the large scale beginning, his son Brian carries on the legacy right down to small scale thieving behaviors such as bringing his personal trash to the highway department trash bin for the taxpayers of Holland to pick up the tab on his personal garbage. He roofs houses on Highway Department time, and double dips by charging for the roof job AND putting in highway hours to be paid by the town. The hours overlap. I have seen him buying booze at Holland Market at 3:15pm and then hopping in a Highway Department truck.... drinking starts at #:15pm...when you work until 4pm?? Brian drives his kids around in Highway Department trucks, he hires people without proper licenses to operate heavy equipment at the SCHOOL and other public properties, Brian Johnson KICKED Peter Frei's door in (NO ONE ELSE COULD HAVE DONE IT) and I SAW HIM ABOUT TO KICK PETER FREI WHEN PETER WAS ALREADY KNOCKED DOWN ON THE ICE AFTER BEING SUCKER KICKED FROM BEHIND BY BRIAN'S GANG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why are the Holland Police protecting CRIMINALS and not protecting the person who has exposed them!!!!! Officer Bean and Officer Forcier, TWO ARRESTS (at least) SHOULD HAVE BEEN MADE ON THE ICE...BRIAN JOHNSON SHOULD HAVE BEEN ARRESTED AND THE GUY PICTURED IN THIS PIECE. YOU HAVE A WITNESS!!!! YOU HAVE PETER FREI'S STATEMENT!!!! YOU ARE NOT DOING YOUR JOBS! In addition to not doing your job on the ice..... after consuming alcohol ALL DAY Brian's gang all got in their CARS and DROVE HOME..... so not only do are they allowed to operate quads while drinking with no consequences, they are allowed to get in their cars, under the influence of alcohol, and endanger the entire community WHILE THE POLICE LOOK THE OTHER WAY!!!! HELP!!!!!! HELP!!!!!! HOLLAND NEEDS F@CKING HELLLLLLLLP!!!!!! No where else on the planet can someone be ASAULTED, WITH A WITNESS and NO ARRESTS GET MADE!!!!

Posted on 21 Feb 2011, 12:07 by Watching the Spinning Wheel
Official Version Released
According to town rumor mill the Johnson Gang (after learning they were recorded) have admitted to the violent attack this weekend that sent Peter Frei to the Hospital.. Their "official" spin states they were defending themselves after Frei went on a rampage and pulled tilts from ice fishing holes after the gang surrounded Peters Home at dawn.
More level headed ethical Holland Blog readers know that it was Peter and the Blog that led the Johnson LandGate investigation against Earl "Peeeety" Johnson that resulted in Earl Johnson resigning in Shame from the Planning Board and his stepping down from his Selectman's Throne of Power.
We also KNOW it was Peter and his Bloggers investigation that caused the Holland Police Chief appointed by "Peeety" Johnson to resign in shame and sparked the Parallel State Police investigation that led to Shamed Police Chief Kevin Gleason being sentenced to prison.
Now Peter and his blog focus their sights on Peeety Johnson's son Brian who leads the highway department while running a roofing company with men whose benefits and pensions the town pays.
After Brian Johnson leaned the assault by his gang at the Frei House was witnessed and "caught on tape" wants us to believe that it was Frei who initiated the attack while he was documenting the gangs drinking activity as the Johnson gang summonsed their courage to assault Frei from the bottom of their drinks.
The former Gleason led HPD could care less as the officers continue with Gleasons Policies and cash the checks the taxpayers of Holland give them to "protect and serve" the corrupt powers that be in Holland who ignore and break the laws of a just society at will here in Holland.
Dollars to Donuts it will be the official version by the Johnson Gang that the police use to explain the assault. It would not surprise me if the HPD arrest Frei for the assault.

Posted on 21 Feb 2011, 12:18 by WITNESS!!!
The Johnson Gang are LIARS
I am the witness. Like the ice fishermen who started there assault at 6:15 am, I was there ALL DAY. Peter did not go on any rampage. Peter did not pull out any tip ups. THOSE ARE LIES. Peter brought his trash up, got his mail and asked several people who were trespassing on his land to stop. After that he was VICIOUSLY KICKED FROM BEHIND as he tried to continue walking to his house. BRIAN JOHNSON WAS WINDING UP FOR A SECOND KICK when he was informed of the taping. Brian is a kicker...he likes to kick doors...and he was about to kick Peter Frei in the head!

Posted on 21 Feb 2011, 13:22 by former employee
what a joke
who knew Brian has diplomatic immunity, he can get away with almost anything. Several people violating open container law, possible oui motor vehicle, assault and battery, and gets brushed under rug. Thats what heppens when you hire unqulified people. I thing Jeff is either scared to take on serious matter, or scared for his job. It could destroy his meal ticket. Peter I hope you dont let this go, history, and opinions dont matter in this situation, several crimes were commited and nothing came up of it. Only technicality is you can not prove in the photo where it took place, just your word, otherwise it would be probable cause without question. Where is the Chief in all of this, he is responsible for his men, oh yeah, another unqualified employee in fear of his meal ticket.

Posted on 21 Feb 2011, 14:52 by Peter Frei
I just started to analyze Saturday's video footage.
Among the six guys who showed up before 6:30 a.m were:
Brian Johnson,
Michael Rutkowski, he was driving the quad shown in the picture with the writing "EAT ME" on the snow plow,
and the assailant Albert West.

Posted on 21 Feb 2011, 17:00 by team evil
hey peter, its kinda funny, 16 married grown men go out on the ice, and have fun and drink all day, and the second you step foot out there, the first thing every guy says is, god damn!!!!! i had no idea how nasty and ugly and gross that loser was!!! no wonder why he hates his life so much, he looks like a half retarded hampster, with aids...

Posted on 21 Feb 2011, 17:15 by Peter fucking fag 4
ponytail homo
Hamster more like a wild bore that just got a ice pick ramped up his ass .what a douchebag.Penis i mean Peter
don't fuck with these people you might get your ass whipped or your ponytail cut off.

Posted on 21 Feb 2011, 17:25 by Peter Frei
Team evil..
"Team evil," I'm going to be busy for a couple of hours. But afterwards, I' going to unload the next piece on the team evil..
I will show you
"nasty, ugly and gross,"
in form of another police report, brace for impact uncle Brian, you piece of garbage!

Posted on 21 Feb 2011, 17:37 by Highway dept
Town employees
And the real funny part is all of the above comments are from town employees who systematically harass and bully those who expose them for the corrupt, thieving cavemen they are.... Only in holland can the whistleblower be beaten and abused for exposing the corruption...Thanks Jeff

Posted on 21 Feb 2011, 18:30 by Scott G highway
Talk shit leave your name
Hey firearm safety and drinking buddy probably the same guy why dont you be a man and leave your name? You talk so tough about a woman why not leave your name ?You scared ?If not you would leave your name to back yourself up.Dont be scared im just a little guy.

Posted on 21 Feb 2011, 19:05 by Too big to handle
delete the photos and this section for for slandering my name i will be on the phone with a very good friend of mine which just so happens to be a judge, o and i am one of those "thugs" that just so happens to be a lawyerso i suggest you take my legal advice, this time it will be free

Posted on 21 Feb 2011, 19:14 by Peter Frei
I hope you are good..
I hope you are good at what you do..
Brian Johnson's friend Alexander Haney needs a good lawyer I hear..

Posted on 21 Feb 2011, 19:14 by Scott G highway
Peters gang are all cowards
you are all cowards.

Posted on 21 Feb 2011, 19:16 by Peter Frei
Scotty, I respect you..
Scotty, I respect you for posting with your name..
But then again, who would retaliate against you???

Posted on 21 Feb 2011, 19:26 by Scott G highway
No respect for a women hater
Not your gang because all they can do is talk shit about women and when someone talks shit that's the people they can retaliate against.I have no respect for you Peter nor do i for any one in your gang they are cowards.

Posted on 21 Feb 2011, 19:36 by Give it up
You shouldn't talk Scotty
Scotty you too are ripping off the town by taking benifits from taxpayers while you work for a private roofing company. You are as dirty as the Johnsons. It is odd how you defend Brian Johnsons ho and he let's it slide. How can you shave while knowing you are ripping off your hometown. You make me sick.

Posted on 21 Feb 2011, 20:04 by Scott G highway
another no name coward.How many names do you have?Just use the name coward so we know who you are. You can use coward 1,2,3,4.that should cover all of you.

Posted on 21 Feb 2011, 20:12 by Won't say...I speak for all honest Holland Residents
Scotty that is so good, you learned to count past 3, which we all know is your IQ. Look on the bottom and see how many users there are Scotty. That is more than 4.

Posted on 21 Feb 2011, 20:26 by Scott G highway
another lie
That's funny because i wasn't out there shows how smart you are.

Posted on 21 Feb 2011, 20:40 by You must be number 5.
Welcome to the Holland blog.
Welcome to the blog Scott. If as you suggest, there are only four people on here then that makes you number 5. ATTA BOY Scotty G. Now tone down your comments and people will take you more seriously. You are a representative of the Holland Highway Department after all. I do apologize for the user who made a Personal attack against your Mom and wife. Those comments should be deleted by Peter Frei soon. As a Town Employee you ahold not use any swears in your post either. I look forward to other town officials joining you on the Blog out in the open. Alas though I think they do not have your courage.
Welcome and Best Wishes,
Jim L.

Posted on 21 Feb 2011, 20:57 by Scott G highway
4 people leave numerous names
Atta boy Jim seeing i never said HOW many people post on this blog and there are no swears in my comments so tone down what.

Posted on 21 Feb 2011, 21:04 by Talkin schidt.
Read Your Words
Your earlier post titled "Talk shit leave your name" is what I was referring to. Scott I would wager there are alot more people leaving comments here then you suggest.
Jim L

Posted on 21 Feb 2011, 21:58 by grizzly
also a fine
By the way, its also a fine for no helmet.

And yes, please keep comments to people involved.

Posted on 21 Feb 2011, 23:28 by It's Just NOT Right
Police look the other way
Well then, there you have it. The Police absolutely looked the other way. If you are out on the lake in a boat and the Police come around.... you better have the correct number of floatation devices on board. But..... if there is a helmet that is required.... as long as your name is Brian Johnson, and you have a beer in your hand while you ride that helmet needed. One of the guys on the ice is an EMT. He should CERTAINLY know better. None of them had helmets. AND..... I understand some of them would not need to get into a car and drive home..... they could get off the lake further up and just take a quick ride down PUBLIC TOWN ROADS, (with no helmet and beer in hand) to get home. The Police overlook the helmut issue and just look the other way. That's really poor.

Posted on 22 Feb 2011, 7:58 by Moving Target
I promise
Isn't there a Holland town bylaw that pertains to vehicals on the ice? I'm positive there is, Jim wettlaufer put this bylaw in place 4 yrs. Ago. If these pigs don't do some thing about brians illeagal actions... It's on.. I'm gonna do what ever I want too! We'll see how they handle some other situations.

Posted on 22 Feb 2011, 8:08 by Moving Target
Polaris 4 wheeler
Also if you notice the Polaris 4 wheeler has not been registered either, no lic plate tells that story too. Aren't the dopes fishing in the same place Chucky got hurt?? Doing the very same things Chucky and Denis were doing?

Posted on 22 Feb 2011, 8:49 by Scared of retaliation for getting involved.
Fishing spot
Chucky and Dennis go there to really fish. The Johnson Gang went there for no other reason than to Bully Mr Frei for him speaking out against Johnson on the Holland Blog. Kinda like King George tried to do to Samual Adams for his revolutionary newspaper editorials. Our police are Johnson's Redcoats. There may be a time Johnson escalates this and action citizen soldiers will be needed. Hopefully there will be intervention or help from out of town sources who will expose the corrupt leaders and cause them to resign before it comes to that. Or maybe the voters will do the right thing now that the tyrants on team evil have been called out by this blog. Thanks for nothing HPD.

Posted on 22 Feb 2011, 10:06 by It's just NOT right
Denis and Chucky
Denis still comes and ice fishes in the same general area..... usually further up at the tip of the Peninsula. Denis no longer brings any beer with him (maybe he was told about the town bylaw pertaining to ice vehicles.) The Gang Brian Johnson put together for Saturday morning did not fish at the tip of the Peninsula, they came, again at 6:15 in the morning and fired up 4-5 ice augers, breaking the noise ordinance and SURROUNDED the house. They literally surrounded Peter's house. It was like being under siege. The tip of the Peninsula where Denis and Chucky fish (sans beer) is about two or three hundred feet away. Denis and Chucky have never surrounded the house the way Brian's Gang did. The Police could have made an issue of the quads NOT being registered, they could have written fines for no helmets they could have made arrests for open container and ASSAULT as well as harassment, especially since this is not the first, nor is it an isolated incident. THEY DID NOTHING. The VIOLENCE TOWARD PETER FREI IS ESCALATING. THE POLICE NEED TO INTERVENE BEFORE SOMEONE GETS HURT.... OH WAIT.... SOMEONE ALREADY WAS HURT! No wonder people are afraid of retaliation for getting involved (as a previous post declares as their title) The Johnson's are allowed by the Police to do whatever they please with no consequences. Holland is dire straits. The Johnson Gang makes the rules, the Holland government is corrupt and the Holland police look the other way while the one person who is trying to fix it to make Holland a better place for everyone by exposing the corruption gets harassed for months and now attacked. IT..... IS..... ESCALATING!!! THE POLICE....NEED TO...... INTERVENE!!!!


Posted on 22 Feb 2011, 12:34 by Peter Frei
The thug pictured is allegedly Albert West..
Three of my sources now allege that the thug who assaulted me and is pictured as the assailant to be Albert West.
Albert West and Renee Thibault bought the illegally built house from Eric Johnson who put it on the marked back in 2007 after I published the PRESS RELEASE about the Johnson LandGate.
I never met Albert West, according to the voters list his DOB is 11-14-1975, and he lives on 166 Stafford Road in one of the homes built without the legal frontage on land illegally transferred from the town by Earl Johnson and two other selectmen to his mother in law Doris L. Proulx. The property was then conveyed several times within the Johnson family and finally a fraudulent map was drawn by state certified engineers, Leonard S. Jalbert and Winslow M. Spofford, of Jalbert Engineering, INC, to create - out of thin air - a right of way to the landlocked parcel, (just this claims would be reason to sue me for slander if it wouldn't be true).
According to the D.D. 111 report the Johnson's never paid a dime to the town for the property, (again a claim if untrue, reason for a suit for slander). Brian Johnson, to this day, is the owner of one of the "buildable" lots created later by another plan that was outside the laws, this time by Bertin Engineering Associates Inc.
The entire analysis of the illegal transfer of town property known as "Johnson Landgate" can be read by clicking on "Landgate" in the upper left corner of the Holland Blog.
Again, birds of a feather..., I hear that Albert West's wife is allegedly Brian's wife's sister.
Some people called this blog "borderline slanderous."
I think in any other town it would have to be slanderous; the difference is that in other towns all this corruption and illegal activities doesn't happen, hence claims would be slanderous.. or, that the officials doing such things are smart enough not to deny reputable honest people THEIR FUNDAMENTAL RIGHTS.


Posted on 22 Feb 2011, 13:08 by Recollecting
Check the Town Report
I believe this violent thug and member of the extended PEEETY JOHNSON CLAN was appointed or put into a position as constable at one time. Anyone with town reports for the past couple years can verify this information as unlike the televised Selectmans meetings, we strive for truth and accuracy on this blog.
Also not only are the Holland Police protecting the corrupt Johnson's but so are the state police. Charges filed by a resident who was threatened and run off the road by Brian Johnson were squashed after a local business reached out and advised the complaing party that State Police wanted all charges against Johnson Dropped by the victim.
You are stepping on the wrong toes Mr Frei and I fear you may be killed by these corrupt officials to protect what they have taken and continue to take from our town.

Posted on 22 Feb 2011, 16:10 by Smells the swine
Alias is a Holland Police Officer
Hey HPD I see you sitting around town stealing wi-fi and surfing the web in your cop car.

Posted on 22 Feb 2011, 20:16 by Seen and heard enough
Enough is Enough!
I have been following this blog for quite some time and it is evident that Peter Frei is not only acting within the law but is acting as a true American. He is willing to expose corrupt town officials without hiding.He is willing to attempt to make Holland a better place for all the citizens who spend hard earned tax dollars to get what they pay for. How many of us are as brave as Peter Frei? Sadly, not many and I include myself. These town thugs have to be stopped. If the police are unwilling to act to protect Peter, then we have a serious problem at hand. I am contacting the F.B.I. to look into this matter. Citizens of Holland, please get involved! We have a beautiful town. Let's make it a better place.

Posted on 22 Feb 2011, 22:02 by former employee
I ask again, where is our police chief, what is he saying about this. The sgt is not in control, where is his supervisor to comment on the matter.

Posted on 22 Feb 2011, 22:12 by Duh
Will do nothing
Peter Frei is not the "acting" chiefs boss. Earl Brian & Jim wetloofer are his boss. If the "acting" chief does anything to make king James or prince Brian mad he will be immediately terminated. Cut & dry.

Posted on 23 Feb 2011, 1:06 by former employee
does anyone feel safe in thier own home at this point, if certain people have issues with someone, who's to say an altercation wont happen in theie own home, not just around town, knowing if you make a complaint on certain people, will be ignored. Even Sgt Forcier said it himself, we will not take any complaints against town employees. How far will this go knowing you can get away with it.

Posted on 23 Feb 2011, 10:23 by Protection
Home protection
I hear Mr Smith and Mr Wesson will help protect your home from intruders who would cause you harm. Also Mr Remmington is always there to help if needed.

Posted on 24 Feb 2011, 18:43 by S Blais
This is so stupid !!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know for a fact serving as a town offical is one of the hardest job their is! Most volunteer or get very little money for their time and efforts. Town employees are underpayed and go above and beond most of the time. You are constantly under attack by TOWNS PEOPLE that want their own way!!!!!!!!!!
I want to commend the Highway Department for the excellent way they have removed the snow and kept our roads safe and clear to the the best of their abilitys during one of the worst winter on record. Thank you guys excellent job!!!!!
I have a good view of the lake and I have seen many familys and people that use the lake the same way they have for years. Many people spend alot of time on the lake so they use coves to escape the wind and elements when ice fishing.
I believe that everyone that uses the lake had the right enjoy themselves
and hopefully do so safely.
In the 22 years I have been living here been and have been utlizing the lake with my children and neighbors and i know of two serious accidents. Not a bad average!!!!!!!


Posted on 24 Feb 2011, 18:53 by Duh
Well do you respond to the allegations that the johnsons stole town land, hire only their unqualified friends and surround the whistleblowers (peters) house and assault him while he is checking his mail?

Posted on 24 Feb 2011, 18:58 by I don't think so
50k +
I don't think 50k + a year plus benefits that Brian Johnson gets qualifies as "very little". Not to mention the town pays health insurance and benefits for everyone who works for his private roofing business. Sounds like a pretty good pay to me.

Posted on 24 Feb 2011, 19:38 by Not Sally
Sally we all know you are angry at Peter Frei after he took you to Court when you tried to re-write title 5. You too played politics in town and took gratuities and gifts from those who had to come before you or your husband for permits so it is no surprise you support Johnson.
As far as keeping the roads clear from snow ... With the budget and equipment that our Highway Department gets I bet even a lazy union corrections officer could do the job. Nice try Sally. You must want something from Johnson to make you post like you did.

Posted on 24 Feb 2011, 19:54 by Peter Frei
Wasn't there somebody else in the house?"
You are right Sally, everyone should be able to use the lake safely. Apparently that goes for everyone but me.
I was assaulted and kicked from behind as I was walking from my mailbox to my house.
Sally you wrote:
"You are constantly under attack by TOWNS PEOPLE that want their own way!!!!!!!!!!"
I never wanted it my own way, I wanted it according to the law and I got it at the end.
Remember how you tried to prevent that?? Remember how you tried very hard??? Do you disagree that I have a regular septic system now despite the fact that at the beginning the Board of Health forced me to install a tight tank? A tight tank that I did not need??
Do you remember how the BOH made a request for an impermeable barrier that was not needed and which was outside the law? Do you remember how I was willing to do it just to satisfy a personal request? An unnecessary barrier to the tune of $6,000??
Do you remember how the state needed to approve the plan and how they sent it back to the BOH stating that an impermeable barrier was only possible after the BOH granted a variance, a variance I didn't need??
Do you remember how the board then refused to issue the needed variance?? Do you remember how at the end I did it the way the law required it and not the way a member of the board thought it would be nice to do?? And I did so not because I was stubborn, I did it so because your BOH refused to issue the variance for an unnecessary impermeable barrier you requested i the first place?? (You couldn't make up the stuff I had to go through.)
Do you remember how I was forced to submit a total of 8 different septic system plans, not because my plans changed, but because you and other members either were totally incompetent or plain vicious??
You wrote, "I know for a fact serving as a town official is one of the hardest job their is! " Doing it your way I believe that.

What you are tying to insinuate is that Brian Johnson was here by my house to just "ice-fish and (drink)."
I have a ton of video and audio of the incident to prove otherwise; an analysis of the audio revealed that Brian Johnson, just seconds before Albert West kicked me to the ground, asked me:
"Wasn't there somebody else in the house?"
What does that tell you? Was he going to handout cookies??

I tell you because you don't get it if I don't explain it to you.
They, Brian Johnson, Albert West, Michael Rutkowski, Kyle Rutkowski, and three other thugs were there for one reason, to give me a real good beating, may even kill me! That's why they were in the cove at the very spot I walk to my car and to my mail box. Of all the places on this lake and at the time all this is going on..
And that's why, at the end of the day, they trespassed, as they knew that I would not tolerate that.
They sought that I'm all alone and that there wouldn't be any witnesses.
I was surprised, I Was really surprised, I knew that Brian Johnson is a despicable violent soulless thug. However, I didn't know how rotten he really is. I think that he does have an excuse to a certain degree; I don't know how I would have turned out with a father like his.

Posted on 24 Feb 2011, 20:21 by Peter Frei
Brian Johnson
You seem to think that I violated the law by recording audio with my iPhone when I went to my mail box around 3p.m. last Saturday.
Good luck with that theory...
If I have the time, I will actually post the audio here on the blog. It will be an eye opener for those people who don't know yet what the fabric (dirt) looks like you are made of.
It is about as stupid as Haney's opinion that I wouldn't have the right to take a picture of the heavy front loader while he was driving it.
What is wrong with you guys?????????

Posted on 24 Feb 2011, 22:18 by Sblais
Peter I was speaking about the Lake NOT YOU. I know you feel that you were perscuted by myself and my husband, but unfortunatly you and your followers continue to insult and slander indivuals, the accusation(lawsuit) from the past that are no longer relivent. You didnt win the law suit it was settled per selectman vote becouse it was costing the town to much money--- the same town you clam to be protecting.
I dont claim to be defending anyone. I rarely bother with this blog becouse you have maniuplated your followers to believe your insocent.
( excluding the recent asalt on you which shouldnt happen to anyone- assalt is not acceptable)
You rarely followed the title V regulation, you demanded your septic plans were legal and I should ignor the law and give you what you demanded. In the 14 years of my BOH position you submitted plan after plan, that were denided not by me but by the TOWN Engineer becouse the health and saftey of the public were at risk - I never got my day in court to defend myself.
My husband has done nothing wrong so to call him a " lazy correction officer " is yet again insulting and is nothing more than school yard mentality. whats next are you and followers going to attack my children !!!!!!!!!!!! You already personaly atacked me when my family was in crisis with my nephew. Dont worry about me im not running for office again but it does sound like your running for highway suveryor/ selectman.

Posted on 24 Feb 2011, 22:31 by Duh
So you ignor the facts that the johnsons stole town land, hire only their unqualified friends and surround the whistleblowers (peters) house and assault him while he is checking his mail and instead choose to persecute a man who was trying to do nothing more than enjoy his property rights on land that he bought ( and didnt steal from the town)?

Posted on 24 Feb 2011, 22:53 by sblais
Whats you name Duh. Im not afraid to put my name om the blog are you. If what you are saying is true why isnt the state investgating it. Im sure you have reported it. Im not saying their guilty or innocent. What im saying is in America people are innocent until proven guilty by a court of law not not this blog.

Posted on 24 Feb 2011, 23:09 by Guilty
That's not true in Holland. More like guilty till proven otherwise..

Posted on 24 Feb 2011, 23:18 by Peter Frei
I could just delete it..
I could just delete your comment because there are many lies in it.
First of all, I never had a problem with your husband Dave.
Second, I didn't write that comment calling your husband a "lazy correction officer."
I slander somebody? Who? How? Do I look that stupid and slander someone to get sued??
I rarely followed the title V regulation? How come that I was forced to install a tight tank and now I have a regular tank with a leach field?
Did the rules change form a larger distance to a smaller distance and that's why I had to have a tight tank first and don't need one any longer?
I remember that the town engineer had a problem with the multiplier "0". He couldn't understand that if you just add square footage and no bedrooms the flow rate does not change. In other words, the concept that three people take the same amount of dumps and pee the same amount whether they have two or five toilets. Mr. Quinn may have been an engineer, but he certainly was not the brightest candle on the Christmas tree.
The aforesaid by the way, even so very logic, is not what I propose, it is simply what the law says, but then again, you never really understood or cared what the regulations were.
You wrote:
"In the 14 years of my BOH position you submitted plan after plan, that were denied not by me but by the TOWN Engineer because the health and safety of the public were at risk [...]"
You are joking, right??
First forced to put in a tight tank, now I have a leach field? Please explain.. The fact is that I'm one of the very few around the lake who has a septic system that is in compliance with title V and is so to this day.
To force me to put in a tight tank despite the fact that I had ample space for a leach field and was able to meet all the required distances(well-tank-leach field-shore) was against the law, do you believe yourself what you are typing??
I do respect the fact that you have the guts to post with your name, I thank your for that.
I have no interest to run for any position in this town. If people would see the need, I would help.
"Run for office?" Ain't gone happen again that I go out there every day to replace campaign signs the corrupt bunch is steeling every night; as I said before, I FOUND MY CALLING. Watching what Wettlaufer and his team, Brian Johnson and others produce makes me chuckle..
If this is the best this town has to offer in human resources, we all are in trouble.

Posted on 24 Feb 2011, 23:19 by Correction
For Sally
Sally, isn't mike rutkoski a fat retired prison guard? Peter never said it was dave he was talking about, he just made mention of dave in his entery..

Posted on 24 Feb 2011, 23:32 by Busted
Never 4 get..
Don't forget Mrs. Mcoocoo she stole signs too!

Posted on 24 Feb 2011, 23:52 by Sblais
Well, you had a tight tank becouse the previous board and DEP required you to install one (i had nothing to do with that i wasnt on the board then) When you applied for a new system ( over and over again) it was determined by the engineers (TOWN AND DEP) that they did not meet title V requirments, eventually you submitted a plan that meet title V requirements thats why you now have a conventional septic system. It is not the BOH's job to design it for you. You did your home work- good job.

My Main reason for replying to this blog is to say its terrible that some of the people that are blogging here feel the need a gun to protect themselfs
I think this is a wonderful place to live.

Posted on 25 Feb 2011, 12:00 by Peter Frei
re-writing history?
You are right, the tight tank issue was before your time. However, it was Diamond and Congdon who claimed that I need a distance between the leach field and shoreline of 100' instead of the 50’ because it is a reservoir and not a lake.
Of coarse that is wrong; Hamilton Reservoir is just a lake and not a drinking-water reservoir.
The DEP went along with that, which just shows that the DEP doesn't have bright lights on the Christmas tree as well.
Once the two guys, Diamond and Congdon were no longer on the board, I went back to fight for what I was entitled to according to the law. The first question then was by you and others, “why do you think you can get a regular system when you were unable to get one years back.”
It was not that I eventually submitted a plan that met title V requirements; it was because I threatened to sue you and the entire BOH when you finally gave in. Remember, I had to call on Patty Foley who was a selectboard member to force you into compliance?? You are trying to re-write history here.. In reality, my very first plan was in compliance with title V, the plan would have not worked. A fact that Charlton Well realized by just glancing at it. The tank was basically below ground water and the water pressure would have lifted the tank out of the ground when empty. The two guys Diamond and Congdon had no glue. Richard Cox then drew up a new plan which was again rejected for no reason.
However, I agree with you again, and that is scary, this is a wonderful place to live and since Haney's guns are confiscated, I feel safer now.

Posted on 27 Feb 2011, 19:33 by Peter Frei
Update on Brian Johnson's Gang..
On Saturday, February 19, after the assault, Sergeant Jeffrey Forcier informed me that he was busy with another investigation and that Officer Bean would investigate. Bean was going to have the Police Report about the incident ready on Tuesday February 22. I could come to the station and get a copy on either Tuesday February 22 or Thursday February 24. I finally called yesterday and reached the dispatcher. I met Sergeant Forcier about twenty minutes later at the station.
I handed him my voluntary statement and asked for a copy of the report that was going to be ready 4 days earlier. Forcier explained that he would not write the report before he was also in possession of the voluntary statement of the witness to the incident, Dana Manning.
Dana Manning was the one who went on the ice facing the group of thugs as she realized that the two officers, Forcier and Bean, were unwilling to enable me to identify the assailant.
I also learned from Sergeant Jeffrey Forcier that Bean allegedly was in possession of all the names of the members of the Brian Johnson gang.
Positive identified so far are:
The assailant Albert West,
Brian Johnson,
Michael Rutkowski,
Kyle Rutkowski, and
John Folger another friend of Brian who allegedly drove one of the big yellow trucks of the Highway Department without the proper license. Many people tell me that I need to be careful, and that I could get killed! I'm not good at being careful; I'm good at being your worst enemy if you think you don't need to play by the rules, support the ones who deny me my rights, and at the same time mess with me and call my girlfriend ugly cunt, asshole, fat, bitch, and any combination of these words while at the same time covering your face like a coward.
"Live free or die,” is my motto.
What I find disgusting is that individuals like Earl Johnson, Brian Johnson, James Wettlaufer, Brad Nobel, and others have a key to our town hall.

Posted on 2 Mar 2011, 20:49 by Shaking My Head
Time to Resign
I know all of the players here..well most of them, most importantly Brian and Peter. I think there are a lot of people that like both of you.
I've looked at all the comments here, and the all the public records that have been posted as well.
After reading it all I can only say that I fear for Peter's safety. Brian, when you went to fish in front of Peter's house you know you were putting yourself in an offensive posture and position. You may have had the right to be there fishing, but you knew exactly what you were doing. If you weren't in an elected position by the town it still wouldn't be right. You were looking for trouble. But when you decided to go there you betrayed the trust and your obligation to the people of the Town Of Holland. There isn't anyone who would think you were out for a day of fishing with your buds and just happened to end up fishing in front of Peter's home and trespassing on Peter's property, nor that you didn't intend to get in a skirmish with him. Your anger at and with Peter has gotten in the way of your judgment. You obviously don't care how much the Town of Holland is going to have to pay in legal fees to defend your past, present or future actions and this at a time when the Town is in dire straits financially and could use our tax dollars to be put to good rather than defending lawsuits against the town. Brian it's time for you to resign. Why our town selectmen continue to brush this under the rug is a mystery to us all. They are as guilty as you are for poor judgement in that they haven't terminated you from your position. It no longer matters who is right and who is wrong. The fact remains you are a liability to the Town of Holland which is going to cost the tax payers of Holland hundred of thousands of dollars trying to defend your actions whether you are right or wrong. The evidence points to the latter however. You have surrounded yourself with, just by what is shown here as public record, very questionable individuals and it isn't just in this once instance. It's time for you to resign your position as highway surveyor. Be remembered for the good job you did on the roads and not this personal fight you have going on with Peter. Give us, the taxpayers of Holland the relief of having to pay for what's going on as a result of your poor judgement and actions. It just isn't fair to us. Show us you care about the Town as much as you say you do and resign. If you take a minute to stop and think about it you can't possibly come to any other conclusion BUT to resign. Don't put the selectmen in the position of having to remove you which is exactly what they need to do to fulfill their obligations to protect the Town Of Holland from any further lawsuits if you don't go voluntarily.

Posted on 2 Mar 2011, 20:51 by Shaking My Head
Time to Resign Continued
Why our town officials continue to undo the obvious wrongs they have committed is mind boggling as is the case with taxing Peter for finished living space in a building that is merely rough studded, no walls, no wiring, no anything but the frame.
The town can't win this fight yet they would rather continue to harass Peter and violate his rights at the cost of us the taxpayers of Holland picking up the legal fees rather than make it right. The towns people voted to pay the assessor's to go out and reassess 1/3 of the properties in Holland every year and we have an individual asking for a reassessment and he can't get them to show up. Something is very wrong here in Holland, the sad this is no one is doing anything about it. What is wrong with the assessor's office that they can't fix a mistake, they work for us the people who are paying their salaries.
If you check today's supreme court ruling Peter has the right for his words here. There isn't however any law that permits harassment and intimidation or violence against an individual in our or any other town here in the USA. It wasn't so long ago the town targeted another individual who they deemed to be breaking the laws only to find him victorious in the court decisions regarding his actions on his property. While a lot of us didn't like his approach as to how he handled himself he was victorious at a very high cost to himself financially, I wonder how any of us would have felt or acted had it been us being deprived of our rights as he was found by the court to be. And how many of us would have spent the money to defend our position as he did. Stop this madness before it's too late and put it behind you. You lost your credibility with the town the moment you intentionally set foot in front of Peter's property. Whether anyone likes it this blog has a right to be heard, and what's next when it doesn't. Do we start burning the books in the library because something written there doesn't uphold the ideals of a particular individual who may be in power. I fear that day.

Posted on 11 Mar 2011, 17:54 by info
Kristen L Johnson
Albert West's wife is not the sister of Brian Johnson's wife. Brian Johnson's wife is Albert West's sister!
Kristen L Johnson was Kristen L West before she married one of Earl's off springs.
Be careful, they are vicious and dangerous folks!
Al West was running against Richard Polverari two years ago for the position of constable and thank god Richard won.

Posted on 20 Mar 2011, 22:50 by Leslie
Watch the UPSIDE DOWN SHOW Friday night
Peter I hear you're gonna be on Dave Worth's UPSIDE DOWN (call-in live talk) SHOW Friday night (3/25) along with Jim Henry from Brimfield co-hosting with Dave from Wales. Mr. Henry discusses such concerns in the past on the show, which has often had hot issues!!!!. Mr. Wettlaufer has even watched it (and called in) from his son's house in Wales. The show airs @ 8 p.m. on Charter Cable channel 5.

Posted on 25 Mar 2011, 15:39 by Good luck Peter
Have fun
Have fun on the show tonight.
Jim L.

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