Public Hearing of March 22, 2011, on the proposed amendment of the Zoning Bylaw, and the proposed amendment to the General Bylaws to adopt the “Stretch Code.”

Lynn Arnold, the chair person of the Planning Board, gave a presentation about the four proposed amendments to the Holland Zoning Bylaws.
Two of the proposed bylaws amendments are needed in order to qualify as a “Green Community,” and to get grants awarded to “Green Communities.” Leaders were sleeping on the job and missed the boat last year when it was easier and more lucrative to get a sizeable piece of the pie.

Two of the bylaw changes, the two which are mandatory in order to comply with requirements to qualify as “Green Community,” will create a monopoly for one of Wettlaufer’s close friends and his business partner. These two particular individuals are the ones who control all the property located in the commercial district, the only district in which any of the solar energy generating, manufacturing, or research facilities can be built “as of right.”

For the third bylaw, the state recommends in its “Model Bylaw for Accessory Dwelling Units,” to allow such accessory dwelling units to be built within a home “as of right.”
Despite this recommendation by the Commonwealth, the Planning Board is trying to usurp control against the Commonwealth’s recommendation.

The bylaw as it is proposed by the Holland Planning Board will require a special permit to build any accessory dwelling and the Planning Board can deny applications on a whim.
The proposed accessory dwelling unit bylaw will make it more expensive for everybody who does not supplement their income by becoming a landlord. Detail-of-Wettlaufer-’s-Property-Record-Card-showing-the-listed-“MIXED-USE,-SINGLE-FAMILY-with-in-law.”
Did you know that our chairman of the Board of Selectmen, James Wettlaufer, already has an (illegal) “in-law” apartment?? (See image of Wettlaufer‘s Property Record Card pictured above)

Lynn Arnold proved again that she either has no clue — or she deliberately lied — claiming that it would be “illegal” to record a public hearing... Read more»

Posted on 24 Mar 2011, 02:18 - Category: Town Politics
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Posted on 24 Mar 2011, 5:53 by Homeless Vet
Wetlaufer is above the law
Whenever we have a zoning change it is to benefit our corrupt elected officials or their friends. The town lost it's environmentally sensitive conservatory district through a zoning change at a Stacked "special" town meeting because Wetlaufers friend Grossi wanted to build a truckstop. Now not only does Wettlaufer have an illegal inlaw apartment but Brian Johnson also has two houses on his property. Our officials are lawbreakers so they change the law to suit themselves. I say that the voters of Holland need to reject these changes and have our so called zoning enforcement officer order Wettlaufer and Johnson to cease and desist their Illegal actions and dismantle their illegal inlaw apartments

Posted on 24 Mar 2011, 10:31 by Common Sense
Think About it....
The voter really need to think about this. It seems to me that the only reason this "affordable housing" via accessory dwelling is being proposed is to BE GREEN. (Translation: be green enough to get GRANT MONEY.) But who benefits from the grant money? Grossi will benefit as his over 70 acre parcel of FORMERLY SPECIAL CONSERVANCY land is allowed to have a facility for solar power (granted no permits have yet been requested.... but I would bet a paycheck it is coming...) GROSSI'S land is the ONLY land that is ZONED INDUSTRIAL in all of Holland! So...... no one else in Holland even sees any benefits to being Green, just Grossi. As a side show, Wetlauffer's illegal in-law apartment becomes legal....???? Meanwhile anyone else in Holland who might want or need an in-law apartment MAY NOT GET ONE.... it all depends on weather or not the HPB wants to issue you "a special permit." Even if you do all that is required as the Commonwealth recommends.... the HPB can STILL DENY YOU THE SPECIAL PERMIT THEY INSIST ON (they insist on it for no other reason but to control who gets to do an accessory dwelling....maybe no one but Wetlauffer.....but regardless.....The town would then be Green and Grossi could then start Plan B (truck stop was Plan A.) Voters.... use your COMMON SENSE HERE..... This proposal makes no sense in it's current form. Lift the special permit requirement...and yes....anyone who meets all the other requirements could do an accessory dwelling. If the special permit language remains.... only 2 people in ALL OF HOLLAND BENEFIT..... Say the names with me.....GROSSI and WETLAUFFER! In addition, Peter Frei makes a good point.... 3 people one bedroom.... GROSS! Two bedrooms are needed for 3 people, I don't see how 3 people and one bedroom works at all. And, again the credit for this should go to Mr. Frei, if your property tax goes up $500 bucks (an additional $500 in the town coffers) where is the town getting the other $9,500 to educate a child that is now in the school system? (this assumes that one of the three people in the one bedroom accessory dwelling is a child.) COMMON SENSE will tell you, this is a BAD IDEA!

Posted on 24 Mar 2011, 11:18 by Peter Frei
Link to Wettlaufer's PRC is now working, sorry about that..
Thanks to the caller who informed me that the link to the PDF file showing the Property Record Card of Wettlaufer's residence on 101 Vinton Road with the entry of his illegal "In-law" apartment is not working.
I fixed the link and it is now working. Sorry, it was getting late and I was tired.

Posted on 24 Mar 2011, 11:46 by Peter Frei
One has nothing to do with the other..
I do like the comment left by "Common Sense."
Reading the comment I got the impression that "Common Sense" seems to be under the impression that the adoption of the "Accessory Dwelling Bylaw" is a necessity to become a "Green Community" and qualify to receive state grant money.
This is not the case!
This "Accessory Dwelling Bylaw" and whether it will be accepted by the voters has no affect on the "Green Community" issue.

Posted on 24 Mar 2011, 16:36 by Turkey
Let's can this!
Isn’t leadership the act of setting the right example? Showing the way, holding to the purpose and espousing the positive beliefs?
Mr. Wettlaufer seems to have already helped himself to what the “elitists” of the Planning Commission intent to grant or deny the rest of us at will if this passes.
I don’t feel like the gander, more like a turkey.
Let’s can this bad idea all together. The only sure change it would bring is higher taxes for those who don’t have square footage or the right friends in town.
Mr. Wettlaufer’s residence has a gross area of 9,576sf and only 3,508sf are living space he is paying taxes on? This doesn’t look right to me. What else is new?

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