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The Holland Trails Committee will be leading a Trail Ride on Saturday, October 6th (rain or shine). Meet at the kayak/canoe launch by the bridge on Pond Bridge Road in Holland at 9:30 for a safety check & minor adjustments by a mechanic from Bicycle Concepts. The ride is 10:00 - 12:00 and about 10 miles (options for a shorter ride), mostly on trails, though a small part will be on little-traveled public roads. Conditions: a few rough or sandy spots, but generally good. Helmets required.
For info: 413 245-7745

Posted on 22 Sep 2012, 23:55 - Category: The Town Common
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Posted on 10 Dec 2013, 24:40 by Captain Joint
Was Molly Bish a Drug War Victim??
The Molly Bish family, along with Private Detective Dan Malley very publicly went to the FBI to ask for DNA testing in regards to the possible involvement of the Palmer District Confidential Informant Gerald Battistoni. This request was over a year ago. A year ago I also went to the FBI to ask that they look in to how Gerald Battistoni's C.I.#62 was illegally attached to an affidavit used to raid my home on Maybrook Rd in 2003. There has been no action in either case.
It is now in the news that the Molly Bish DNA evidence has sat in a Mass Police Barracks untested, and has now been sent to Texas to be tested. Gerald Battistoni attempted suicide in jail when he was named as a suspect. It looks like Molly Bish was murdered by a drug informant and the cops are shielding him. In my opinion this makes Molly Bish a Drug War Victim. Also the town of Holland should be looking at past real estate deals that Sgt Scott E. Haley & Chief Kevin P. Gleason may have been involved in...
...just sayin'...

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