Accident at the Four Corners.

Accident-at-the-four-cornersToday, around 14:15 hours, a white Lincoln Sedan was traveling eastbound on Stafford Road. The black Honda CRV was traveling on Mashapaug Road towards Brimfield. It is not clear whether the white Lincoln failed to stop at the stop sign or if he stopped and thought that there is a fourway stop at the intersection and expected the other driver to stop.
Brimfield Ambulance, the Holland Fire Department, and the State Police were at the scene.
Peter Frei

Posted on 7 Apr 2011, 23:18 - Category: The Town Common
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Posted on 8 Apr 2011, 22:08 by I wanna know
Car 54 Where Are You
So? Why didn't the Holland Police ever show up for this accident?
911 WAS called and it took the State Police about a half hour to get to the scene. That's a long time in a critical accident like this is. There was no one to make decisions that might have been critical to the well being of these potentially injured drivers , and there wasn't even anyone to direct traffic.
The fire truck showed up, and parked right next to the damaged vehicles, (good goin guys, if they exploded you would have taken out the fire truck with em) the ambulance showed up and a lot of the towns people even showed up but the Holland Police never made an appearance. What's up here? Is there something more important out of town going on than what is going on IN TOWN. For the past two mornings there have been 2 cruisers sitting in the parking lot of Holland Pizza "chatting" but at noon time there isn't ANY police officers in town??????. Where the heck are they? It doesn't take rocket science to make out a schedule. I'd like to go one step further here and ask why don't we have police -protection at night. If we can have two officers sitting doing nothing at the four corners every morning why can't we stagger their schedules and have one on during the day and one at night. After all if we don't need ANY police in town AT ALL during the day, why can't we have one scheduled to be on during the late night and early morning hours who probably won't be here either? Won't we all feel safer thinking there MIGHT be an officer on duty, like we do during the day rather than being absolutely sure there isn't?? The people of Holland deserve better representation than what we got yesterday.
I Wanna know,,,where were the cops in Holland yesterday that was so important they couldn't be present at a major accident at the height of the day????. Something was going on and it wasn't Police Protection? Tell me..I cant wait to hear the answer from the Holland Selectman on this one.

Posted on 9 Apr 2011, 14:25 by I Want to Know Too
What Happened
OK so how come you haven't told us what happened at your hearing Thursday in Palmer District Court. Did Justice Poehler decide Brian Johnson is a threat to your safety and issue a Criminal Harrassment Prevention Order against him OR NOT??? Yu can't tell us half a story - so let's have it. What's the outcome of this?? And don't redact this comment - just answer the question, pls.... Tks!!!

Posted on 9 Apr 2011, 15:53 by Verizon Cox
50 bux an hour
Hey forget using Holland Police to answer calls an accidents in town. We at Verizon and Cox pay them alot more then you cheapskates who live in town. We keep them busy so they can earn close to a six figure salary while they tie up Town Cruisers to babysit us.

Posted on 9 Apr 2011, 18:02 by Peter Frei
The hearing is continued..
The hearing was scheduled for 15:00 hours. When I got there, he and his wife and (John Folger?) was there. Officer Beane was sitting with Brian Johnson's group and not where Police officers usually sit (on the other side of the bar, to the side, separate of the none law enforcement people).
Brian Johnson hired Tani Sapirstein, the lawyer who lost the last Wettlaufer case against the Lamountain's. She also represented the town in my case in which I requested the two homes without frontage to be demolished (Johnson LandGate). That did not happen because the Superior Court dismissed the case, claiming I had no standing to bring that suit. I addressed that point successful and rebutted Judge Velis's argument on Appeal. The Appeals Court came up with another reason, I allegedly failed to file a document (the document was part of the appendix in plain sight). The Appeals Court also claimed "other reasons," reasons they could not name, which, according to the Appeals Court, justified dismissal.
However, we all (somehow) knew that it was not going to happen.
Back to the hearing in regards to my request to have the Palmer District Court issue a "criminal harassment prevention order" against Brian Johnson.
There will be at least two more continuances of the hearing in my estimation. It will become a costly endeavor for Brian Johnson. I wonder who will pay for his legal defense...
In a sense it is work related and not leisure related, and I would not be surprised if the taxpayer will be forced to pickup the tab.
After all, he tried to give me a gang beating not because I was catching the bigger fish, instead he tried to (kill me?) or shut me up so he can keep doing all the illegal things while being on the job - as Highway Surveyor - he is used to get away with impunity.
(Imagine being able to write such a statement and not getting sued for slander.. )
The continuance is scheduled for May 12.
Sapirstein made an attempt to prevent the audio to be admitted as evidence; she claimed that I had no right to record the audio, the audio of his assault which I listed here on the blog for everybody to hear.
Brian had not opened his mouth so far in front of Justice Poehler, he lets the talking to Sapirstein.

Posted on 9 Apr 2011, 18:52 by Mike LaMountain
So Brian Johnson goes over to your house on his day off and ends up assaulting you with his gang and the taxpayers end up paying? He beats you up on his day off and gets a town lawyer to defend him for something he did on his own time? Not only that the town pays a cop (who's integrity is in serious question) to show up and defend him? Was Brian payed for the time off he had to take so he could go to court and defend himself for attacking you on his own time?

Welcome to holland. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank the over 400 retarded voters who voted for him for wasting even more taxpayer money. All Hail The KING

Posted on 9 Apr 2011, 19:41 by Beat Her Lies with Truth
SuperLiar = X-SuperLawyer
Oh yea.. The town pays Sap.erstein 300.00 per hour to lie to judges. The last time all the Selectmen went to court to watch her lie to Judge Moriarty in the LaMountain case. The case took months and Saperstein lost. LaMountain armed with an eigth grade education and truth prevailed in the end. Saperstein lost her ranking as a superlawyer after the case.
Now the town needs to lie to another judge. They also need to conceal truth. Who do they hire. Superliar Saperstein who now gets 400 dollars an hour.
I hope judge Patty can see through the lies and gives Johnson what he deserves. Good luck Peter!!! And thank you for standing up to the bullies who tormented you.

Posted on 9 Apr 2011, 19:42 by former employee
good grief
wasnt Forcier at that same incident, was he not in court too. next, I think we are back to Gleason era when something happens during middle of afternoon, and noone where to be found. Was the guys normally on duty doing a detail? Wait, when the two full timers go to the academy,(the one they needed to get the job in the first place); will be away for 6 months, who will answer the calls in town, State Police, oh they already do. Who is flippin the bill for them to go? Wage, insurance, gear. tuition?

Posted on 9 Apr 2011, 19:59 by Mike LaMountain
So while there was a major accident on Thursday in Holland the cop was sitting in court next to Brian Johnson? The cop who should have responded to this accident was off playing politics in Palmer? So there may have been serious injuries in this accident and there wasn't a holland cop to be found cause they were trying to save their buddy Brian while persecuting Peter, the victim?

Nice, real nice.

Posted on 9 Apr 2011, 21:34 by I want to to know too
What happened in court
Geez Peter I didn't need to reread all the hoopla about Tami Sepirstein representing the town in your case, etc. etc. Everyone's already read/heard/knows about that. I just wanted to cut to the chase re the current status of your restraining order hearing against B Johnson. You told readers about your application BUT NEVER provided an outcome until you were asked for one. Anyway you just can't let go of your OBVIOUS hate for him..

I'm curious what make you the "KNOW-ALL" to state "THERE WILL BE AT LEAST 2 more continuances of the hearing - In my estimation it will be a costly endeavor...(to BJ
& taxpapers)" Are you GOD to know (say) this???? Furthermore your additional quirk "JUST IMAGINE being able to write such a statement and not get sued for slander" may just get you in trouble this time. Obviously you don't read current news because if you did, you would know otherwise.... According to Maureen Tobin, (member of the MA Bar Association) "THIS WEEK" regarding libelous statements - she laid out the protocal re defamation and slanderous remarks made about a person - that are eligible for a defamation suit. And some of your remarks/statements fall within her (Maureen Tobin's) legal perimiters tht are eligible to sue you.... Ck it out - I did....

Posted on 9 Apr 2011, 21:42 by Mike LaMountain
So " I wanna know more too". You ignore the fact that we the town are paying for BJs lawyer for attacks he does on his own time? You ignore the fact that when there was a serious accident and when people needed the holland police the most they were playing coverup for bj. You ignore the fact that Peter, the victim was systematically assaulted and harassed and you choose to concentrate on the truths that Peter told and call him slanderous and hateful?

You'll fit in well here in Holland


Posted on 9 Apr 2011, 22:34 by I wanna know
If this officer left town without being summomed by the court it has to be grounds for his immediate dismissal. If he left town with no one covering his post thinking nothing was going to happen its DESERTION and he left everyone in town in jeapordy, the elderly, the sick, and most of all the kids at school had their been an incident. Was he getting paid while he was driving the Holland cruiser to Springfield or did he use a vacation day. This incident needs to be investigaged by the Attorney General's office.

Posted on 10 Apr 2011, 9:40 by richard mckeen
itchy-b -richy
the day brian was on the lake drinking ,driving,and causing a fight drunk .how can he testify probaly too drunk to remember,, oh ya he was at p.js bar planing his attact before the fight richard mckeen

Posted on 10 Apr 2011, 9:43 by Bean = Gleason
Johnson has Bean in the Pocket..
Officer Bean sitting with Brian Johnson reminds me of another time when Brian Johnson and his wife were attempting to have me jailed. Brian Johnson lied and said I threatened to kill his children after he Illegally blockaded our property access. Mrs Johnson said she was in fear and had to live behind locked doors because I Dropped off Alex and Stanley at their home on Stafford road after they spent the night at my house with my sons.
Brian Johnson went to Court using Chief Gleason sitting next to him as a way to show that he was being truthful. After all a police chief would never lie ..would he. The Judge looking in the gallery at Gleason in his gold adorned uniform backing up Brian Johnson was confirmation that Brian and his wife were telling the truth.
We all know how corrupt Gleason and Johnson really are now and it is a sad state of affairs to watch as Johnson's corrupt another Holland police officer to validate the Brian Johnson bullshit. Officer Bean goes to Court to please Brian much like a dog rolls over to please his master and receive a cookie.
Then the Johnson Lawyer tries to suppress the audio evidence so she can spin the Johnson lie to the Judge. Whatever happened to owning up to your mistakes and learning from them.. Not in the Johnson camp..... Bend over Holland residents cause here comes Brian Johnson.....ZZZZIIIIIPPPPPPP.


Posted on 10 Apr 2011, 9:56 by Jim LaMountain
Hi Ritchie
How are you doing up there in Maine my friend. I hope to see you next time you come to town to see the boys. I bet moving to Maine from Holland feels like it must feel to crawl out of a septic pit into fresh air huh. Best wishes to you and Amanda.
Jim L

Posted on 10 Apr 2011, 11:49 by Mystified
Strange format
I'm just curious about the law regarding restraining orders. I thought when an individual applied for a restraining order they were either granted one (or not) immediately upon request. It doesn't make sense for any judge to wait for several (as Peter wrote) continuations to make a decision. A person allegedly in danger could be harmed (or even killed) in the iterim. So why would any judge postpone granting a restraining order if needed. Are there are legal experts out there who can explain this process because I'm having difficulty understanding why anyone should have to wait for such a necessary/immediate request for protection.

Posted on 10 Apr 2011, 13:35 by Peter Frei
Not strange, overloaded..
What I’m seeking against Brian Johnson is not a restraining order, restraining orders are only issued against relatives or individuals living in the same household.
What I’m seeking - for my protection against Brian Johnson and his criminal gang - is a “criminal harassment prevention order” pursuant G.L. chapter 258E.
The threshold is high; at least a series of three incidents, one of which includes a threat by the accused, need to alleged and proven.
Brian, as every other accused, has the right to due process. It includes the right to face your accuser, be represented by a lawyer, and bring witnesses, and cross examine witnesses of the accuser.
The docket is overloaded in almost any court. The first “all day” possible date would have been in late July. I declined to wait that long. What happens now is that the hearing will take place at the end of days when the docket is not “heavy.”
The reason why the hearing with Haney was over in less than an hour was because he is not an elected official and showed up without a lawyer.
Elected officials have the presumption that what they say is true because of their oath of office and because the majority of voters expressed their confidence in them through their vote.
Once the “criminal harassment prevention order” is issued, Brian Johnson is “with almost certainty” guilty of crimes which will have to be levied against him in a separate complaint.
I will press charges and accuse Brian for several crimes, including;
Criminal stalking , criminal harassment, intimidating of a witness, making false statements to a police officer, kidnapping, destruction of property, assault, violation of my constitutional rights, and criminal conspiracy.
Since the statue of limitation for criminal offenses is 5 years, Brian will face accusations for all his wrong doings of the past 5 years.
Some of his friends (gang members) may be granted immunity for their own actions for testifying against Brian under G.L. c.233, s.20D.

Posted on 10 Apr 2011, 14:05 by Want to know tooo
Opposite in Holland
Peter I think that if judge patty has been paying attention then the presumption about our elected officials should be that they are all liars and the case is a slam dunk. Johnson should join Gleason as a convicted felon.

Posted on 10 Apr 2011, 14:05 by Want to know tooo
Opposite in Holland
Peter I think that if judge patty has been paying attention then the presumption about our elected officials should be that they are all liars and the case is a slam dunk. Johnson should join Gleason as a convicted felon.

Posted on 10 Apr 2011, 15:24 by Peter Frei
To; "I want to to know too,"
In order to hate someone you need to have strong feelings against an individual.
I don't have anything in common with Brian, I'm honest, I don't drink, I don't lie, I don't stalk people, (I expose corrupt official conduct, fortunately a constitutional right in our great country), I don't frequent bars, I don't use people, I don't own a "building lot" that has no frontage and was created with a plan that is not in conformance with M.G.L. and local bylaws and was created out of a parcel that was fraudulently conveyed to my family by my corrupt father and then to me for "love and affection", and then, with a fraudulent plan, provided with access, even so the original parcel was landlocked before the fraudulent plan was recorded at the registry of deeds, and I don't hang around with criminals, thieves, and harass, assault individuals to shut them up, etc, etc, etc.
OMG, I just made another one of these slanderous statements, (slanderous if it would not be true)!!
If the community would know the real Brain, he would not have a job in our town government.
He needs to go! It is too late now for him to clean up his act and leave without being exposed.
Do I hate Brian or any other corrupt town officials?
If you step into dog-poop in the walk-way to your house, what do you do? Do you leave it on your shoe and drag it in your house, or do you clean it up? Are you going to hate dog-poop because it is a nuisance? Are you going to hate dog-poop because you need to clean it up?
Brian is a nuisance and lately became an increasingly DANGEROUS NUISANCE, that's all.
What I'm forced to do, is, clean up the dangerous dog poop.
You, "I want to to know too," seem to insinuate that I'm this guy who is looking for trouble and that I have some sort of vendetta against Brian, I don't!
I just went about my business, Brian and other town officials failed to do their job, denied others and myself the rights we have under the constitution and the laws.
Brian and all the other corrupt town officials brought it on to themselves. I really don't need all this BS and couldn't care less about what they do and did as long as they would do their job and leave others and me alone!
Brian and other corrupt town officials should resign. The town of Holland deserves better.
As always, accused are presumed innocent until proven guilty, the clock is ticking..

Posted on 10 Apr 2011, 15:46 by Knows the diffrence
Hey Frei !!! How Dare You
How dare you compare Brian Johnson and our town officials with dogsh*t . !! One is dirty, nasty, smelly, and makes a person That comes in contact with it want to vomit. The other is natural and comes from mans best friend.

Posted on 11 Apr 2011, 9:31 by Common Sense
To: I Wanna Know
To "I Wanna Know" -- you sound a bit angry toward Peter Frei, which makes me think you are a friend of the Johnson's. But thenyou make a very intelligent observation about desertion by the police. If there was no subpoena, then it was desertion. I have met Bean. Just once though. He is young, and his behavior and actions just screamed INEXPERIENCE! (that is not meant to be slanderous at all, it was a personal observation, so please correct me if I am wrong.) Bean should not have been in court for the Johnson's without a subpoena..... And he NEVER should have been sitting with the Johnson group in the gallery!!! Inexperience? Don't forget, the police are basically hired by the Select Board (lawyers too). I would like to know who is paying Saperstein!! At $300 or $350 an hour.... You can't tell me Brian can afford that kind of money on his salary.... And if he didn't do anything wrong.... Then why does he need a superlawyer????

Posted on 11 Apr 2011, 21:36 by I wanna know
TO Common Sense
I think you need to re-read my comments. I'm not angry with Peter Frei in the least. This has nothing to do with the fact that the Holland Police were in court. It has everything to do with the fact that the Town of Holland was left with NO police protection while they were. It doesn't matter where they were, only that they weren't here. If the on duty cop was going to leave town for ANY reason someone should have been on back up. Technically he wasnt working for the town while he was away. Personally I don't believe that a police officer that responded to the incident at Peter's house a few weeks ago should be taking sides.
His job is to report the facts and not take sides. Him sitting with Brian in court alone is a show of support for Brian and it jeapordizes Peter's chance of a fair hearing. It's unprofessional for him to be sitting there with Brian, but "professional" isn't a word we use very often these days when it comes to the conduct of our town officials. The officer may be inexperienced but personally I don't understand why he is still employed. If he decided to just go testify on his own and wasn't supenoed he walked away from the town and his job. My initial comment was I wanna know the explanation why the town was left unprotected...NOW I wanna know why hasn't this officer been FIRED for leaving his post?
Angry at Peter??? Far from it..But I guess the Town of Holland feels that ANY chance to get to HIM is more important than the safety of our town residents. They can no longer make an intelligent decision when it comes to Peter. They just keep making idiots of themselves
and thinking they can do anything they want regardless of the outcome.

Posted on 11 Apr 2011, 21:46 by former employee
good grief
well, if that day was his regular shift, and he was summoned as a witness, he is obligated to go as the reporting officer. As for leaving town, guess not in budget to put on second officer for same shift. So I guess the town does not seem to think it was that important to cover the gap in coverage, it has been going on for decades. Where is the chief, and sgt to fill in on a week day afternoon. Makes you wonder if we need to pay for the service if we are not getting much.

Posted on 12 Apr 2011, 18:53 by been attacked
crazy h. p. d.
if the holland p d had been doing their jobs , brian j.would have arrested, long ago. but who 's been worse, b j or the hpd? i can't tell the difference. we don't have to move to maine for justice, we can handle it in massachusetts the same as you do in maine. keep it up you idiots, and you might find out we won't take it anymore, we don't need any crazy cops around, it would be safer in holland without them, but what would the highway dept. do without them.they are together in harassing us. quit hpd and highway .dept. we don't need your bulls...anymore.


Posted on 16 Apr 2011, 23:14 by chuck
when did the holland police department become full time? sometimes there is no coverage from the holland police unless they where put on the roster for a day shift.

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