Who is to blame?

William M. Bennett, District Attorney for the Hampden County, called the case of the five alleged arsonists as “outrageous,” and stated,

“It is a very sad day when people pledged to serve the public become a serious danger to the public.”

Bennett himself is culpable for the situation our community faces In my opinion, read more»

Posted on 6 Sep 2010, 01:09 - Category: Editorial
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Posted on 6 Sep 2010, 8:59 by Politics as usual
Western Ma
This is an example of how Govt. Officials consider the governed to be in a class below themselves. They believe all the ass kissers and lobyists. This Bennet and Johnson are both "connected" to the ludicrous powers that be in Hampden County and one hand washes the other ... It is the way of the new world order to transfer the power from the governed over to the State.

Posted on 7 Sep 2010, 19:53 by Not Fooled by Wettlaufer
Wettllaufer Quotes
What did Wettlaufer say about the Holland Brimfield Firelighters... First he called them " unfortunate souls.." Then he said his "heart goes out to the families" of the 5. Then he tried to minimize their actions by saying the monetary gain was small. He went on to say "unfortunately" the District Attorney is going to be Harsh. What if these young men burned your house and Killed your Family Wettlaufer.... Would you still call them unfortunate souls ? Would you minimize their crime...? Chairman WetLaugher...!!!...Your propaganda may be subtle.. but your corrupt message is clear. You are trying to gain public sympathy for the firelighters. You are a black eye on all honest and ethical public servants.

Posted on 7 Sep 2010, 24:10 by Curious George II
Another Johnson Lawsuit?
Did I read there will be another Lawsuit filed due to Earl Johnsons lack of Judgement and poor conduct in the assessors office where he over assesses the property of those who speak put against him. If so will Johnson be named individually in the suit or will the town also be named as a Defendant due to Earls mis-use of his Elected office to retaliate against those that oppose him politically.

Posted on 8 Sep 2010, 21:32 by Peter Frei
The Cost of having Earl Johnson in office..
Some people may find it funny, my taxes went from $6,828.99 (FY 2009) to $11,532.34 (FY 2010).
In essence, Earl Johnson and the two other assessors increased my taxes by $4,703.35 in one year, or 69%!
The way Earl Johnson and the two other assessors did it is, they valued my new (still unfinished) structure with the turret as a finished building with hardwood floors, a fire place, and a bathroom. They did that per January 1st 2009.
Just this year during July, I finished framing the turret and the roof over that east section of the building where the turret is and shingled the roof. I installed five of the remaining six windows and will finish the siding and (hopefully) the steps to the entrance.
The building is still an empty shell at this time; there is no electrical installation or plumbing or anything else in the building. Despite this, the building is assessed for $130,000.00 according to visionappraisal.com web page; I spent app. $42,000 so far on the building. They also tax the rest of the peninsula as three separate lots, a practice that is unlawful. There is only one owner and no separate deeds are registered at the registry of deeds.
I will not only file for an abatement, I will also file a lawsuit in Federal District Court alleging discrimination and other claims.
The community is paying a hefty price for having Earl Johnson in office, keep re-electing this jerk! It is your money!

Posted on 14 Sep 2010, 8:21 by Man in the road
Holland police
I am someone who spends many hours in a day every day watching and teaching. The recent thing that has caught my eyes and prompted me to write on the blog is the lack of public safety precautions taken when young police officers race through our town without lights flashing or sirens blaring. I want everyone to know it could be you or your child who could be stepping into harms way when these PUBLIC SERVANTS are doing very thing they are out there to prevent.. Please if anyone else see's the same kind of things I see, Please report them! Enough is enough! They might allow the guards @ Gitmo to drive like unsafe retards on base, but as citizens of Holland we can not allow this here. Shape up or ship out.

Posted on 14 Sep 2010, 22:21 by Your a putz
Holland Police
I'm writing in response to the above listed comment regarding the Holland Police. Let me start off by saying shame on YOU! How dare you disrespect anyone who serves our country in the Military!! You call them Retards!!!? are you serious!? I think that you should approach a soilder and call them a retard to their face! Do you burn flags in your backyard also!? Now onto the comment regarding our Public Servants..who are you to rate the response of the towns emergency personnel!!? Do you know what constitutes a "lights and siren" response and what doesn't!? If it was your child that was missing in the woods how would you want the response to be!? Not a big deal though right you tool..! I mean it's not like Holly Peranian or Molly Bish were abducted within miles of Holland...I think instead of teaching people things as you stated why don't you teach yourself how to do something with your life instead of hanging out at the ski club and wandering aimlessly around Holland in the passengers seat of beat up pickup trucks...and as far as learning goes..learn how to apply yourself in a positive way and you'll get more out of life!

Posted on 14 Sep 2010, 23:22 by Veteran too
Put Police
Hey putz. You are a pompous windbag. U say don't talk bad about veterans. Ok Tim McVeigh was a decorated war hero. Also you jerk. There is no need to respond at speed with sirens through the ski club kids. The daredevil adrenaline junkie cop was only going s couple hundred feet down the road. He put many children at risk by driving like Jeff Gorden through the ski club crossing zone for no reason. There is no excuse for that ever. You have no defense for risking young lives for a siren fetish.

Posted on 15 Sep 2010, 7:41 by US NAVY
Guy in the road. When I was in Gitmo in 76 there were no retards there driving unsafe. Gitmo was a beacon of democracy in a hostile communist land. Now it is a place where communism seems humane compared to the way our servicemen/police treat the human beings caged in their care. The treatment of those detainees mocks democracy. My heart goes out to their families.

Posted on 15 Sep 2010, 9:12 by Get a Clue
Hey Putz
You have all the answers now dont you?? your never wrong...you were always targeted by the local police....your an upstanding citizen....you never do anything wrong....your a winner...im a loser....cops suck....staties suck....why dont you report any of this to the alleged offenders Supervisor? or the Sturbridge Barracks? Ohhh wait a minute..I know why! because your very well known to the Local and State Authorites and your word is no good! I wont sit here and say all Cops and troopers are perfect and that some dont speed, because quite frankly they do...get a clue kid will yeah? move on with your life stop hanging out with the little girls at the ski club and maybe you will lose the reputation of a punk kid looking for trouble!

Posted on 15 Sep 2010, 13:33 by Man in the road
To: your a putz & Get a clue
I get the most out of life! You're just mad I walk freely.. The expression, "Living the life of Riley" mean anything to you?... If you just follow the rules that have been set in place to keep public safe I wouldn't be writing about this on the blog.. And also if you'd like to have me go about getting satisfaction differently with the way you are driving?.. I will. As for credibility I have no reason to lie about your conduct, My word is good! I like how you refer to me speaking about the state police.. I have nothing to say about them other than they do they're job proper and professional I can't even say Holland does a bad job, all I'm saying is slow down and play by the rules. Yes, rules are made to be broken.. Just not by the the people who are setting the example.. Maybe someone should have stopped and asked if anyone had seen a lost little girl with her dog instead of unsafely driving through a crowd WITHOUT lights and sirens, speeding none the less.. I'm not a punk.. Your just pissed I called you out on piss poor behavior. Next time you get mad about someone calling you out, do us all a favor and leave your brotherhood out of it... Comment was meant for the guy who responded to it.. By the way.. To protect and serve.. You did take an oath?.. SLOW DOWN.. thanks. The 30 or so witnesses on the beach would Appreciate it.. I speak for them.

P.s. I used Gitmo to grab the attention of the person I was referring to. It had nothing to do with vets.


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