What was YOUR best Christmas Present ever?

Did you ever get a Christmas present that you still rememer to this day? Read moreĽ

Posted on 26 Dec 2009, 00:01 - Category: Editorial
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Posted on 26 Dec 2009, 8:21 by anonymous 1
I think hard on the question yet can come up with no favorite. There are many I remember fondly. What sticks out most in my head are the gifts I have given have brought me so much more joy than those I have gotten. I mean my parents gave me a horse once and it was not even Christmas. So I am not counting the horse.
But to narrow it down ,The hand made treasures from those who love you are priceless.
The toughtfulness of a boarder in your childhood home who remembered a child at Christmas was the real gift you recieved that day Peter Frei.

Be good to a child for they will never forget..

Posted on 26 Dec 2009, 17:55 by mike d
best gift ever
I was about 11 or 12 and it was my last christmas in oxford, I moved to Holland a few months later(spring of 95 I think). Well my dad bought me my first, very used dirtbike for christmas. I still remember how excited I was when the truck came to drop the bike off. where I used to live in oxford there wasnt anywhere that I could ride without a truck to get us there, but when I moved to holland, I had a good section of trails in my back yard to ride in and I was on that bike almost everyday (rain or shine even with a cast on my broken wrist, from riding of course lol), I used to do yard work and cut and stack wood for gas money, if anything broke on the bike then I had to learn to fix it myself and do chores to pay for the parts. That present taught me responsibility and introduced me into the inner workings of an engine (I'm an auto mechanic now). That is by-far the one present that stands out in my mind as the best. Merry chrstmas and I hope everyone has a great new year!!!!!!

Posted on 0 Jan 2010, 23:00 by Interior Decorator
Doll House
The best gift santa brought me when I was a child is the doll house I dreamt of and hoped for. I spent every available minute arranging/re-arranging the furniture & contents within. It sure paid off because later in my life I became an interior decorator.

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