James LaMountain filed his next lawsuit.

On the heels of Superior Court Judge Ford's $150,000.00 fine due to a default judgment, LaMountain filed his next lawsuit in Federal Court alleging violations of his civil rights. James Wettlaufer and two DEP officials are named as defendants. Read moreĽ

Posted on 10 Dec 2009, 00:34 - Category: Ongoing And Past Litigation
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Posted on 10 Dec 2009, 19:12 by Jim L
Final Draft
While the complaint that is posted is close it is not the final draft that was filed.

The damages caused by the officials in this town playing kindergarten mentality games with the power of their offices can not be measured in dollars and cents. How can you measure a lost Christmas. There is no dollar value when your life is affected the way these people have affected our families with their actions. The Children that I raise are the ones bearing the brunt of the wettlaufer attacks. The children yet born are affected by their horrific abuse of the power of their offices.
I can only pray that this world of ours does not continue to allow these type of people to continue their games. Our entire society is affected by those who commit acts that have no other purpose than to perpetuate hatred and deceit.
Yet I can not play by their rules or that would cause me to be like them.
I can only hope to see them explain their actions to a Jury of my peers.
In Native culture if you made an accusation against another and it was found to be false then they would give you the punishment for the crime you falsely accused the other of.
There is no room for hatred in my heart. My adversaries are also my brothers and sisters.
Forgive them for they know not what they do.

Posted on 11 Dec 2009, 7:32 by Farm is Right
Somebody or Something stinks..

Cut and paste the link above into your browser. It is all DEP fines for the past few years.
How on earth can DEP justify their penalties at LaMountains Exempt farm. They had asked for double what they recieved. I read the actions at the link above and there are hazardous waste violations and cover up with the average fines of under 20 thousand dollars.

I can see why LaMountain Farm is suing the DEP officials.

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