Pickup truck crash went unnoticed!

It happened more than a year ago on East Brimfield Road. A light blue pickup truck lost both front wheels and ended up against a tree, read moreĽ

Posted on 18 Oct 2009, 14:17 - Category: Editorial
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Posted on 18 Oct 2009, 16:16 by lake
tax payer
I live on the lake and just wondering if it is the highway's duty to clean the lake?Last i knew they were the highway dept. not lake dept. so maybe the lake committee should man up and do something stop blaming these guy's for everything

Posted on 18 Oct 2009, 16:38 by No rocket scientist
What a dummy
Hey Tax Payer..Did you read the article mushmind? It says the truck was on the side of brimfield road.. Not in the lake. You must work for the town with those low caliber brains

Posted on 18 Oct 2009, 17:12 by dummy
hey dummy
Did you not say that your not the only one that picked up trash? You mentioned Mary picking up trash on the lake dummy

Posted on 18 Oct 2009, 17:34 by IQ test
Ok pay attention
Where did Mr Frei's post say that highway picks up trash in lake? I don't think it can be insinuated by the post that he meant the Highway gang should pick up trash in the lake.
We all know what happened last time Brian Johnson drove the Police Boat. He wrecked the engine when he hit the rock near the causeway on the North Basin. Why was he using the police boat? Oh it was just Chief Gleason sharing his toys with Petty Johnsons Boy. We know how close Earl (Boss Hog) and Gleason ( Roscoe P. Coltraine) are.
So back to Frei's post. Has nothing to do with Johnson and company pickin up trash on the lake. If they really wanted to get rid of trash from Holland streets they could just climb in a dumpster. I think Mr Frei was speaking about how Highway workers in other ethical hardworking small towns sometimes pick up trash on the streets. Holland did it too. I see Highway guys picked up all the Flyers in March of 08 that exposed Gleason for the first time. They even launched a littering investigation to jail those responsible for the flyers and towed Geri-Jean Twinning's car over the incident.
Also these same Higway guys are kind enough to pick up political signs of anyone that opposes them.

Posted on 19 Oct 2009, 8:26 by I was there
Dont tell lies
I didnt think I would ever comment on here because I like to stay away from politics and town bs on both sides!! Let me set you straight about Geri-Jean Twinnings car ok...? It was not towed because it was invovled in the flyer operation..it was towed because Geri-Jean didnt pay her insurance on the vehicle and the vehicle was revoked!It was not known that the vehicle happen to be involved with the operation until after an inventory was done before it was towed for not being insured, and flyers were found in the trunk!! You cannot cry pitty on this one guys...lets play fair! It was a legit stop and a legit tow! Thanks..

Posted on 19 Oct 2009, 10:54 by SUre it was
legit stop
Hi Sgt Shultz. as Paul Harvey woulld say " and now for the rest of the story"

You were waiting at the end of my street for the car (and I was driving the thing OK.) Yea the insurance did lapse Shultz but you held the car for a litter investigation and were looking for me. Talk about the litter investigation Herb. You had the State Police involved also. I never said the tow was not legit but you would have stopped me in that car no matter what because the flyers had you all on high alert.
Talk about where Gleason is now and how you said he was an embarrassment to all law enforcement personal during the Twinning tow. We also had offered to bring in a section 5 number plate to legally attach to the vehicle so Geri could drive it and you said no. That is discretionary.
ANyhow I hope all is well for you over there Shultz. We miss you. You were right on about Gleason.


Posted on 19 Oct 2009, 11:14 by Gratful Town of Holland
Thank You
Thank You Mr Frei, Thank You Mr LaMountain, Thank You Geri-Jean.

Thank you all for putting yourselves in Harms way to expose the Corruption going on by more than a few individuals in the TownHAll.

It "The opening Salvo for the Blog" was the Flyers exposing Gleason for what later proved to be "right on" It began with those Flyers titled "personal add" that were scattered around streets and posted in five towns. Frei got the goods on the drunk driving and attached 01521.com to the flyer. We had a NJROTC unit on standby to pick up every flyer after the 3 day saturation advertisement event. There was no need as Gleason , Johnson and company were put on the highest alert and picked up every flyer hoping to miinimize damges.

Those of us in this town that are not corrupt and understand what is happening thank you for your personal sacrafices. Gleason's departure adds extreme credibility to your blog for those of us who see are sorry for allowing it to happen.


Posted on 19 Oct 2009, 11:19 by Yeah its me
To Jim
I'm a man of my word ok..believe me when I say I knew who you were but had no clue what you looked like. Yes I was aware about the littering but I honestly had never met you!!! We had a trooper enrte to the station to take a report on the "flyers" and upon his arrival he mentioned to me about a white mustang that he passed which had been revoked. He stated he turned around and could not find it. I was out on the road looking for that said vehicle. I sat on Mashapaug and happen to run into it! You were driving but I didnt know who you were! You know I play by the rules Jim..I just dont want people on here blogging about me and not getting things straight thats all! BTW I love it out West!

Posted on 19 Oct 2009, 12:56 by I wish you well
I do believe you
We could use a thousand more just like you. You said "I knew who you were"......in your post. Who told you that? I am "he who walks alone" as so named. Did you know that? Ayyhow they many tell who i were and it is not really who I am. Is it? Best wishes my friend. I call any honest man Friend. It is unfortunate that I meet so few.

Posted on 20 Oct 2009, 9:37 by Peter Frei
To "Gratful Town of Holland," thanks for your comment. It is true that I did the research on Gleason's arrest for rolling over his car and drunk driving arrest in connection with said accident and posted the court documents on www.01521.com. That part of your comment "Frei got the goods on the drunk driving and attached 01521.com to the flyer" is correct. The second part however is not correct. I had no involvement in creating and distributing that flyer.

The largest increase of visitors happened on Sunday May 10, 2009, when Mike LaMountain and some of his friends were holding the "Write-Inn 01521.COM" signs with the "GET INVOLVED" slogan along Mashapaug Road. The number of visitors jumped to 410, whereof 268 were new visitors to the Holland Blog.
The "write-inn" campaign signs were paid for by James LaMountain who had no other reasons then to clean-up the town of corruption. I do know James LaMoutnain for more than two years now and we became friends. I know that he has no hidden agenda as James Wettlaufer and some of his cronies want the members of this community to believe.

Posted on 22 Oct 2009, 18:23 by Not Surprised
Unnoticed 2
Gee also going unnoticed. When Ex Chief Gleason and Earl Johnson were in the collision of Gleason's motorcycle and Earl's vehicle.
Where is the police report???? Gleason went to the hospital with serious injuries to his shoulder (a big slice) Stayed in the hospital for a few days, dressed him for the next selectmeeting so people who knew about the accident, would not know who bad the injury was in this frivolous accident. Whose insurance paid for his visit to the hospital. But again hush hush did they put it on Workman's comp?????

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