James Wettlaufer threatened me:
“Keep doing what you are doing and you could get hurt..!”
A Reflection of 2010 and Award.

Yes, a reflection, a reflection on James Wettlaufer’s conduct and performance in the past year, and YES, an award too, read more»

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Our elected Highway Superintendent a liar?

There is a pattern evolving that is most unflattering for one of our elected officials, Brian Johnson, son of selectman Earl Johnson. He needs to lie to keep his scheme going, read more»

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Joan O’Brien worst person of the month!

I think most of the readers would agree that government is failing all around us. The Holland Blog will single out officials who don’t do their job and declare them the “worst person” of the month/year. Both the state and federal government have adopted “Right to Know” laws to enable the public to acquire information about the operation of their government. As noted on bulletins from the Massachusetts Public Records Division, “access to public records ensures public involvement, and participation and provides a mechanism for holding government accountable for their decisions and actions.” The federal Right-to-Know law is called the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). The state Right-to-Know law is called the Massachusetts Public Records Laws. Federal agencies only have to comply with the provisions of the FOIA. State, municipal, and county governments only have to comply with the provisions of the Massachusetts Public Records Laws. When the Holland Blog initiated a request to get a copy of a report about an investigation by the state police into a larceny implicating Kevin Gleason, Gleason was still our Chief of Police. As the readers know, Gleason resigned back on May 4, 2009. However, the Holland Blog is still pursuing the request (it falls under Right-to-Know Laws) despite Gleason’s resignation. Currently Joan O’Brien, Associate Chief Legal Counsel for the State Police, has arbitrarily refused to grant the request of the Holland Blog to provide this public record. In her initial answer letter to the public record request O’Brien stated that the request was to vague about the time when the investigation took place implying that her Department would have the right to “charge for the costs associated with researching, copying, and assembling the required information.” The law is quite clear on this matter. She cannot charge any fees associated with researching copying and assembling the requested information. She can charge $1.00 per page, as the Holland Blog informed her in its second letter. Joan O’Brien, then changed her tactic in her second letter and altogether denied the request for the public record by now claiming an exemption.
Her claim to the exemption mentioned in her second letter justifying her denial of the request is equally misconceived as her first evasive maneuver.

What is wrong with these officials?

She must be a lawyer doing the same routine all day long and does not know? As a lawyer, she is charged with “knowing the law,” and then there is also the oath of office she took….
The Holland Blog filed an appeal to Alan Cote, Supervisor of Public Records Office of the Secretary of the Commonwealth.
The Holland Blog declares herewith Joan O’Brien, Associate Chief Legal Counsel of the Office of the Chief Legal Counsel, Department of the State Police, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, to the worst person of the month of June. To read any of the documents, click on any term printed in bold italic. Every term printed in bold italic in the main section of the Holland Blog is a link!
Peter Frei

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Officials still cover Chief Kevin Gleason.

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