Crash on icy Leno Road at Town Line between Holland and Sturbridge.

Crashed-pickup-truck-on-Leon-Road Around 6:15 p.m. this evening, Friday 26, 2010, a black pickup truck was driving towards Holland on Leno Road just at the town line coming from Sturbridge. In a slight left curve the driver lost control and crashed into the telephone pole. The telephone pole broke in half on impact and the power lines and the transformer crashed to the ground. The telephone pole ended up on top of the pickup truck.
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Fatal crash on I84 in Sturbridge.

Yesterday, February 19, at approximately 21:30 hours, Troopers assigned to the State Police Barracks in Sturbridge responded to a two-vehicle crash on I84 in Sturbridge.
The two vehicles collided and the SUV rolled over several times. Some passengers got ejected from the SUV shown in the picture.
According to preliminary information from the State Police Office of Media Relations, the accident caused one fatality and seven individuals were injured. Two Medflight helicopters landed on I84 to transport a fatally injured 25 year old woman and an eight year old critically injured to the Trauma Center at UMass Memorial in Worcester. The 25 year old pregnant woman died at UMass Memorial.
The SUV was traveling eastbound on I84. The crash happened app. 500 yards northeast of exit 1. Interstate 84 was blocked for about 2 hours. The traffic was detoured off exit 2, over the bridge onto RT 15 south, and back onto I84 at exit 1. The picture shows the SUV on a flatbed tow truck from Sturbridge Service Center Inc.
Around 23:30hours emergency workers finished the clean-up of I84 and the eastbound lane was reopened. (Click on image to enlarge!)

The State Police Office of Media Relations released a statement, click here, to read the statement!
Peter Frei

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Another suicide attempt in Holland.

"Second-suicide-attempt." Today, around 11:35 hours, a 33 year old man called 911 and stated that he had just overdosed and would not have much longer to live and that they should hurry..
The Brimfield Ambulance, Holland Fire Department, Holland Police, and State Police were dispatched to the intersection of Leno Road and Kimball Hill Road. The man was walking along Leno Road. Leon Road was blocked for about 10 minutes while acting Chief of Police Brian Haughey and the EMT’s were inside the ambulance attending to the man. I left before the State Police arrived on the scene.
Suicide is a public health problem and is preventable, to read the Massachusetts Strategic Plan For Suicide Prevention Executive Summary, click here!
To read the Massachusetts Strategic Plan For Suicide Prevention, click here!
Peter Frei

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Worth’s Upside Down Show and the PEG channels in Wales.

"DVD-with-Dave-Wort’s-Upside-Down-Show." Little do residents of Holland know how much better the political climate and sense of community in the neighboring town of Wales is.

Wales has a public access channel, Channel 5. Everybody has the right to request airtime on Channel 5, the Public Access Channel of the PEG Channels. Requests are granted on a “first come first serve” basis. The Holland Blog was on Dave Worth‘s Upside Down Show on February 5, 2010.

Find out how the Board of Selectmen tried to censor the show and why Holland does not have a Public Access Channel, or watch the unedited video of the entire Show, read more»

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Earl and the Crow.

Video is 15.362MB and runs 3:42 minutes.

Peter Frei

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Members of the Holland selectboard tried to bully members of the selectboard of Wales.

Different people informed me that members of the Holland Board of Selectmen tried to bully the selectboard of Wales into censoring Dave Worth’s Upside Down Show.
I introduced the Holland Blog to the viewers of the Upside Down Show last Friday and talked about Johnson Landgate and other dark secrets about members of the Holland selectboard.
Dave’s show is repeated three times every day on the Charter cable network in Wales and Brimfield until tonight when Dave will air his new show.
Surprised about the numerous call-ins, Dave Worth announced that he would invite me back to be a guest again soon. Dave’s announcement must have scared some officials in Holland.
I will post the show here on the Holland Blog. I need to solve a technical problem first which has to do with installing a streaming server that can handle a video that is 110 minutes long. I intend to post the video in its un-edited entire length.
According to Google Analytics, Johnson Landgate is drawing a lot of attention, just yesterdeay the report about Johnson Landgate has been viewed 13 times by 12 unique visitors. Every visitor spent an average of 16:34 minutes reading the report! (See line number 6 in the Google report). The report shows partial URL’s; for instance on line 70 you will find:
The complete URL would read like this:
This is the URL for the piece, “Homes built by the Johnson's, illegal!”
Yesterday 172 readers viewed 462 pages and spent a total of 19 hours and 7 minutes reading the Holland Blog.
Click here, to read part of the extensive report Google provides about the traffic to the Holland Blog every day.
Peter Frei

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What is going on at Lake Siog?


Did you notice the big piles of logs and wondered what is going on at Pond Bridge Road? Read more»

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Stay Home!


If you don’t need to go anywhere urgent tonight, stay home!

This is a picture taken at 18:28 hours from the bridge that goes over Interstate 84 at Exit 74 looking westbound towards Hartford, CT.

Notice that there is hardly any traffic going westbound...

Peter Frei

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Ice fishing (drinking) accident on Hamilton Reservoir.

Howard Crow, Norm Butler, Dennis Bonetti, and Glenn Tracy were ice fishing and drinking all day.

The fun day with fishing and drinking on the ice around the fire ended tragically.
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Holland Blog filed complaint with State Ethics Commission against Nancy Talbot, tax collector of Holland.

According to official documents, Nancy Talbot’s son Deric bought a buildable parcel of land for $100 plus back taxes for one year.
His mother Nancy Talbot arranged the deal according to a sworn affidavit. The parcel was about to be taken through the tax-title procedure. Read more»

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Holland Special Election Results for the Senate seat.

Total count is 938

Scott Brown with 631 votes;
Martha Coakley with 299 votes;
Joseph Kennedy with 8 votes;
one writ-in
Exit polls show a two digit lead for Brown!

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