Top Nail should be called TOP FAIL

Want the Worst Nail Experience EVER? Then go to Top Nails in Sturbridge next to Teddy G's and Winebuyers outlet. As a walk in I don't mind a little wait. I was told a half an hour..... and waited just about a half an hour. While waiting another walk in came in behind me and she too was told a half hour. We were both set up for pedicures at the same time..... but while her pedicure was started I sat for 43 minutes with my feet in water that was too cold ( I asked for warmer but she still didn't get it right) and no massage running. It was known that the woman who came in after me cut me..... when the manicurist started her feet instead of mine she looked right at me and said someone would be “right with me.” NOT FOR 43 MINUTES was someone right with me. I would have dried my feet and walked out at about the 20 minute mark but they left me with no towels. The “cutter” got soaked, trimmed, filed, massaged painted and was COMPLETED before anyone came to even start my pedicure which by right should have been ahead of hers. When someone did come I asked for a pedi “on the house” they said no. I explained that they took someone ahead of me, which is poor service. They LIED and said she had an appointment.... yet I watched her walk in 8 minutes AFTER me. I heard her ask if they had time for a pedicure, JUST AS I HAD DONE MINUTES BEFORE HER! The woman running the floor had even come over to me during my 43 minute cold water wait to “thank me for my patience” at which time I also told her it was poor practice and lousy service. I think for my patience along with being cut in line costing me almost an hour of my time while the cutter was already out the door I should have been offered a complimentary pedicure or at least the full service option at the basic service price. REAL SHITTY SERVICE! Top Nail is TOP FAIL!!! I went down the street to the nail salon by BT smokehouse. They took me immediately, the water was warm, the massager was on, they had the same color polish, they can paint better flowers on your nail, AND.... AND, it was even LESS EXPENSIVE! GUEST WRITER

Posted on 9 Jan 2016, 20:00 - Category: THINGS NOT TO DO
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