Police Chief and Selectboard no longer recognize volunteer Patrol of Reservoir.

Good afternoon,
I hope this note finds you well.
I have news, which although we may not like, does communicate the town’s position with respect the Volunteer Boat Patrol (formerly Harbormaster).
To the point, the town does not recognize, nor support, a volunteer patrol of the reservoir. The Police Chief will not allow the appointment of a citizen appointee, as has been done in the past. The Board of Selectmen concurs with the Chief, as follows.
The Police Department has designated a reserve officer whose duty it will be to patrol the reservoir, providing law enforcement and public awareness information. Therefore, there is no longer the need for a volunteer patrol, especially with the liabilities exposed in today’s litigious society.
This is a departure from the past and our expectations. I ask for your patience as we move forward with this new role within the Police Department. If so moved, you may express your concerns in one of a few ways. You may contact me via phone or e-mail, the Board of Selectmen, the Chief of Police, or the Lake Oversight Committee.
Please continue to be the caring and vigilant neighbors that you are. For those of you who have volunteered, thank you for your service and your willingness to serve. Certainly, the reservoir has been safer because of you.
Jim (President of the Hamilton Reservoir Association)

Posted on 14 Jul 2012, 13:55 - Category: The Town Common
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Posted on 14 Jul 2012, 17:04 by Lynn Arnold-Zyphill
Neither did we
We NEVER recognized the Harbormaster or any other lake patrols as we ski around the lake with no spotter and now that I occupy a throne of power .... Forget about it.!

Posted on 15 Jul 2012, 8:07 by neighbor
New Rules?
I am wondering whether the town's position enforcing a change in the Volunteer Boat Patrol without full review is to be swallowed hook, line and sinker.
The implication is that a reserve officer will reduce or prevent liabilities "in today's litigious society." Indeed, is there precedent or previous evidence for that position? Are not town officials objects of litigation, or are town officials free from legal obligation to town constituents and free from litigious proceedings? Can not the town coexist with a role for volunteers?
Even more, is this the first step towards curtailing recreational use and limiting use to more staid activities that appeal to the age group that is making up new rules?
Were the neighbors allowed to express their viewpoints in an open hearing?
I would also ask why patience is required with something that has not been fully discussed among the neighbors.
-- Sent with comments intended to be helpful in advancing a more thorough discussion of issues

Posted on 19 Jul 2012, 17:49 by no brainer
Where,s The Money
This about what it's always about..MONEY...Allowing volunteers to patrol the lake takes money out of the Police Officers pockets. And my guess would be that it's all time and a half for them if not DOUBLE pay because most if not all of it is on the weekends..This is just ANOTHER example of our town "officials" using the taxpayers money as if was their own, that will go not noticed, and not cared about by the townspeople. Our town officials have come to believe that the taxpayers money and assets of the town are for their own personal use.


Posted on 28 Jul 2012, 16:08 by countryboy
The Truth
No brainer, I'm sure most arent aware but the Holland Police primarily consists of part-time officers. The part-time (or reserve) officers are the only patrolman who work the Lake Patrol. To reply to your statement regarding getting paid time and a half or double time, no part-time officer for the town of Holland is allowed to work overtime, therefore they only receive their standard hourly rate regardless of weekdays or weekends.

Posted on 30 Jul 2012, 18:49 by no brainer
The Truth About Where's The Money
Whether its time and a half, part time, or minimum wage this is still about the money isn't it. It's still money being directed into our full fleet of part time officers rather than letting the volunteers perform some of the duties. Your skirting the issue over the amounts of money vs. the issue of why there is a change in policy over who patrols the lake.

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