Speak out Holland! (no.20)

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Peter Frei

Posted on 6 Nov 2010, 10:15 - Category: Speak Out Holland
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Posted on 28 Nov 2010, 6:48 by Not very happy
How come
How is it that when I put $20 in my car at any other gas station around it shows me over a 1/2 a tank on the fuel guage yet when I buy $20 worth at the holland gas station it barely reaches a 1/4 of a tank? Seems fishy to me.

Posted on 29 Nov 2010, 7:41 by Consumers
Weights & Measures
This is Holland! Are you really surprised. The official appointed to oversee weights and measures is appointed by our corrupt ones Wettlaffer Johnson.

Posted on 29 Nov 2010, 20:38 by States Job
Weights and Measures are handled by the state not the town. Blame it on the right folks

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