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I missed the 6th of the month, a reader pointed this out to me today; sorry!
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Peter Frei

Posted on 8 Jul 2010, 22:36 - Category: Speak Out Holland
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Posted on 9 Jul 2010, 6:06 by Skipper
Overgrown causeway
Hamilton Reservoir is undoubtedly the crown jewel of our town. Driving over the causeway you can hardly see the Reservoir any longer. The brush along the banks is grown to high and obstructing the view.
Who is in charge of cutting the brush? The Highway Department?
Please do your job and trim that brush, PLEASE (-.-)

Posted on 11 Jul 2010, 23:23 by History
Police Woman
On January 31 2010 Dorothy Parron (Dottie) Holland first Police Woman passed away.

Posted on 12 Jul 2010, 6:33 by Shipwrecked
Boat Hits Bottom
Who is the Moron in charge of letting the water out of the lake. The dam is open and I want to know why. Why wasn't the public notified of this summer drawdown. Why lower our lake during the busiest time of the year. Can anyone answer this?

Posted on 12 Jul 2010, 20:39 by Scott G
Shipwrecked and he hit his head or not
I couldn't let this one go without a comment.Hey shipwrecked let me guess your boat hit bottom?Do you live in a bubble or are you that dumb?When it doesnt rain things dry up.The dam is only open to a minimum to keep the river wet you dumb ass.Every lake around is very low but Holland lake people just want to blame someone like always.

Posted on 12 Jul 2010, 23:35 by Leave it to beaver
Mother nature
If the water Keeps go'n down, I hate to say it but I'm think'n a little beaver might have a fix to the problem. And Scotty I just want you to know, lay off the beer. People don't like when you use this forum to talk nasty.. Do it in person.

Posted on 13 Jul 2010, 12:15 by Beaver HaHA
nosy people
Leave your real name and i will.If i have a beer its not your business so keep your eyes of me im not your type there are guys out there that are.

Posted on 14 Jul 2010, 15:28 by Robinson Carusso
Nice talk Scott G
Scott G. Thank you for taking the time to answer the question by shipwrecked regarding the Illegal summer lake drawdown. ( you sure you guys did not lower the lake so you could dig in it at PJ's) Anyhow YOU are a public servant and when you take the time to answer a question in an official capacity you should not use the foul language and tone you used with shipwrecked. Your attitude is a big part of what is wrong with this town. You are defensive enough to make me wonder why you have a guilty conscience

Posted on 14 Jul 2010, 17:26 by NO RAIN
No Robinson you people just make stories like the highway dept. had an illegal drawdown well guess what mother nature had the drawdown if you haven't realised that.To brake the other rumor you people started the dam is not broke . The dam must stay open to a minimum to keep the river wet.sorry for the foul language to the people that understand why the lake is low (no rain).

Posted on 15 Jul 2010, 7:50 by Rob C
You said it
I never said who had the drawdown without an order of conditions. It was you who said it is the highway dept. I should have known it was them. Johnsons have proven time and time again that the law does not apply to them.

Posted on 15 Jul 2010, 12:20 by this will be ongoing i can see that
one more time
No let me say it again i said the highway dept did not have a drawdown mother nature had a drawdown thank you

Posted on 15 Jul 2010, 13:32 by R, C
Ok .. I see this is a touchy subject. Call it what you want, you are letting water out of the lake without an order of conditions. I suppose the higway department files a notice of intent every time they put an excavator near or in the lake too right. The water is being let out of the lake during our busiest time of year. Call it what you want but the lake is being drained during the busiest 3 months of year. YOU said it was the highway department doing it. Not me.

Posted on 19 Jul 2010, 14:41 by D A
OK.. this needs to be put to rest. For all you people sniffing to much camp fire smoke here are the facts. The Mass DEP has a mininum flow rate that the valve at the dam must stay open to allow water to flow down stream. The valve is closed as much as it can be by law. I don't like it any more than you do, but it is what it is. We need rain and until that happens we will continue to have low water levels.

Posted on 26 Jul 2010, 22:43 by Curious George
Lake Patrol
Speaking about the lake.... I'd like to know where are the summer lake patrols? Is anyone watching or does anyone care, that this Sunday I watched several jet skiers and boaters alike race around the north side of Hamilton Reservoir @ unbelievable high speeds. I thought regulations exist and police are supposed to patrol the waterways as well as Holland's roads. I was amazed at the wreckless behavior I saw and wondered where the money taxpayers are funding for boat patrols in the annual budget is - or has gone?

Posted on 30 Jul 2010, 8:01 by The charter sets sail this weekend!
Be curious no more George!
Curious George I spoke with a Holland Officer yesterday because I had the same question for them! Apparently there was a problem with the boats bildge pump! It has been taken care of and they will be out this weekend!

Posted on 30 Jul 2010, 11:09 by lake guy
Hopefully they get the Dink with the 4 tubes, that SOB is gonna kill someone out there..

Posted on 3 Aug 2010, 17:32 by concerned citizens
Criminal Harrassment
To all that live on Massaconic trail and White rd. there are certain people who have deeded access to a certain right of way for water access, and there are 2 individuals that live on either side that have no rights to the access but still seem to think they can police and bully others from using this access point so they can have it for themselves.
as the plot has it and is register with th registrar of deed in Hampden county, says that opening should be 32' ft in width, at the present time it is only abou 15ft due to natural growth of trees and various vegetation, if proper permitting will alow, the opening should be returned to 32ft, by taking back land from abutting properties on either side. some people should keep thier mouth shut leave people alone, no one has ever caused any damage or bothered either residents using that access. you want a fight, go over seas and fight a real war, and stop with your childish games, you don't own it and never will, not without a signature from everyone who has deed access to it. YOU People know who I am referring to in this letter ! need i SAY more !! D&B give it up !! loosers ! I ask town officials, is there anything that can be done about this harrassment on good people?or are you going to keep looking the other way?

Posted on 7 Nov 2010, 11:05 by dissatisfied
Cable complaints
I would like to know if we are the only people who have crappy service from Cox cable company, both internet and cable. Also if we are not, why then does the cable committee not do something about it.

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