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"Sign"width=200 James LaMountain is organizing a “WRITE-IN” campaign to replace some of the most notorious and corrupt town officials at the annual town election. The corruption is systemic at the town hall in Holland. Instead of checking each other they cover each other. The ousted Chief of Police Kevin Gleason is just a manifestation of the Problem. Spend some time reading posts on the Holland Blog and it will be an eye-0pener! Start with the post about the Johnson Landgate. Then read about the proposed Flying J truck stop and its devastating impact on our community and the myth that it will increase the tax base.
Instead of moving out, we fight back. Holland is a beautiful place already, lets unleash its full potential instead of letting a few ruining it. Click here to read more»

Posted on 10 May 2009, 06:13 - Category: Town Politics
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Posted on 10 May 2009, 8:28 by Holland Voters
Stolen Signs
Wow.. Are they so scared that they stole 01521.com signs from my private property... Takes alot of nerve. A quite feeble attempt at censorship. Want signs? WriteInCampaign@gmail.com

Posted on 10 May 2009, 8:36 by Loves the blog
I'll buy you more
They're running scared. Gotta love it. I'll donate some signs if it means we can clean up the cancer in Johnsonville. Awesome job Peter Frei. Thank You.

Posted on 10 May 2009, 12:19 by Holland Church Member and Resident of Holland
Pastor Crouse
Tom Crouse has been the senior pastor of Holland Congregational Church for 16 years. He is conservative, and would definitely restore this town back to the way it is supposed to be. He hosts a weekly call in talk show at 2:05 P.M. every day on 760AM WVNE. He would be a very strong asset to the board as he already is a strong asset in this community.

Posted on 10 May 2009, 17:11 by Campaign Central
Write in Up-Date
I want to thank all the hardworking young men and women who held signs today around Holland. Your willingness to contribute and spend your time and energy is greatly appreciated.
You are our future, some of you our future leaders.
I also want to take time to thank Christine McCooe for her public declaration in opposition against the truck-stop. Chris was formerly one of "Earl's-Girls" and spent time recently on the sign campaign for Hamilton Reservoir Association. Very nice signs too. I hope you will find as good locations for the many 01521.com campaign signs that were in your car as you did for the HRA signs. Welcome to the sign committee Chris.
The number of visitors for the Blog today exceeded all expectations and weather or not the good pastor runs for office does not matter. I plan on going to church next Sunday to meet the Man.
He is probably needed more in the spiritual battlefield for our souls rather than the political.
Perhaps there are some people in the church willing to commit some time to the Planning Board or some other Board.
To "intrigued by the Nipmucks" I read your post. I appreciate your 100 percent support for truth. I would wear such support with utmost respect for your trust. Thank you. Call me at 413 245 4502.
The town meeting is in two weeks. But more important is the special town meeting the town Officials get together and stack right after the annual town meeting.
It was at one of these special town meetings attended by our officials where they have previously voted to rezone our special conservatory land in town so that Wettlaufer and his buddies can put in a truck stop next to the lake.
It was a special town meeting where voters helped Earl Johnson when he tried to over-ride state law to build the "Johnson Landgate" homes for his sons on the land that was fraudulently conveyed to the Johnson Clan.
It is at Special town meetings that the Officials vote to give themselves pensions that we pay hundreds of thousand annually for.
It is at these special town meetings where Earl Johnson and many of the town workers miss-appropriate our funds.
The special town meetings have a quorum made up mostly of town officials, their families, and friends.
Town officials coach senior citizen voters that turn out at Earl's request.
To those 300 plus new users of the Holland Blog this past week, I will see you all at the town meeting and more important, at the special town meetings. BE THERE and BE COUNTED. It is our town!
We still need a couple candidates for the Planning Board, the School Committee, and possibly the Selectman postition. We have the candidates for the Tax Assessor position and for the five year Planning Board seat.
If you want to stop the truck stop and save the lake.. NOW is the time to get involved.

Take Care,

Posted on 10 May 2009, 19:54 by MORE Disgusted Hollland Citizen
If you're telling the "truth" why do have to delete my posts? Basically you wouldn't know the truth if it bit you in the rear end! Lots of htis temporarily by curious people. Fortunately hits aren't votes and you'll do almost as well as you did in the previous election. Maybe you'll only lose by a 5 to 1 margin this time.

Posted on 10 May 2009, 20:03 by HC
MORE Distugested Holland Citizen,

Could not agree with you more. They are only willing to tell one side of any story. We all know that half the town is looking at the blog, but it is only to watch these people make asses of themselves.

Posted on 10 May 2009, 20:12 by Mike LaMountain
Just Mad
You guys are just upset that there is finally a media source you cannot control. Your scared, that's why you suppress the oppostions voice. This is our town too and were not gonna get in line and be quiet while you guys run this town into the ground. Who taught you how to lead? Hugo Chavez? Fidel Castro? Hmm

What have you done for Holland lately?

Posted on 10 May 2009, 20:47 by Peter Frei
The rules have changed!
Disgusting Holland Citizen, the phrase “you wouldn’t know the truth if it bit you in the rear end!” sounds as similar as Earl Johnson’s remark to me “you wouldn’t know the truth if it hits you in the face!”
The truth is that he (Johnson) and his buddy Wettlaufer wasted according to their own account over $100,000.00 preventing me from dividing already subdivided property in an attempt to coerce me into donating the property to the town so Earl Johnson could convey it to his family as he did before with the parcel that is the subject of Johnson Landgate. The Appeals Court ruled in favor of me ant the town lost after litigating more than six years; the ruling of the panel of the three Appeal’s Court Judges is posted on this blog.

Instead of obeying the law and sign my Approval Not Required plan so I could sell the three parcels seven years ago which would have attracted wealthy individuals looking to build second homes for vacationing on the there parcels, the three stooges would rather push a truck stop? You guys are not smart enough to realize that weekend homes increase the tax base as you can tax the homes, but at the same time, since these folks have primary homes elsewhere, the town of Holland does NOT have to pay $9755.00 a year per pupil for education. A truck stop will lessen the attractiveness for individuals to own weekend homes and will ruin a good thing. It does not take a rocket scientist to figure this out, but then again the three stooges don’t care about the town, they just care about themselves.
The rules have changed, did you guys (the three stooges) notice???

Posted on 10 May 2009, 20:54 by The girl who cared too much
RE: Amen (post by HC)
HC??? Wasn't it suggested in a previous post that HC stands for Holland Chief? Kevin... you resigned! Why are you even continuing to read the blog, it is only going to give you more anxiety attacks as we unearth the truth!

Posted on 10 May 2009, 21:22 by Peter Frei
Who lost the 2007 election?
Baloney, I forgot to address your remark about me losing the election two years ago. I think that the residents of Holland lost, not me. Goebbels was a master in manipulating the public opinion. He did it the same way as the three stooges did in 2007. Claiming that my “frivolous” lawsuits would cost the taxpayer tens of thousand of dollars was a lie as we know now, now that the town lost the appeal. This lie was used to manipulate public opinion. The appeal was forced on me by town counsel Vincent McCaughey. Whether McCaughey subscribes to being stupid or a liar is up to him. The sad part is that the town’s taxpayers have to foot the bill for his shortcomings whatever they might be.

Posted on 10 May 2009, 21:44 by You've got to be kidding
What a silly argument. YOU LOST by a HUGE margin. Cut the crap, Your word manipulations won't work on anyone with half a brain. Arguing with you is an obvousl waste of time. The Holland system may be significantly flawed, but you guys make them look like geniuses and saints. There is something really wrong with you and your entire campaign and it's so blatantly obvious that you don' event have a CHANCE of fooling enough people to win ANYTHING.

Posted on 10 May 2009, 22:05 by Concerned Resident
TO Total Baloney: Not Earl Again
Everyone who votes here in Holland needs to pay attention to this: The Department of Revenue basically believes it is a conflict of interest to have an active selectman also functioning as an assessor! They state this in the Financial Management Review Report filed in October 2008. The info has already been posted by Mr. Frei. He states:

The officials of the DOR recognized the fact that Earl Johnson is the problem; on page 14 of the report the state officials recommend, “that the town separate the duties of the board of assessors from those of selectmen, and make the assessors‘ position appointed.” Earl Johnson is a member of the selectboard and a member of the board of assessors and was a member of the planning board until a short time ago.

After reading this, how can anyone vote to put Earl Johnson back in the assessors office. WRITE IN A CANDIDATE!

Posted on 10 May 2009, 22:10 by Peter Frei
My calling
Dear Total Balony, it is not my campaign, I do not have any interest to run again, I found my calling.

Posted on 11 May 2009, 6:03 by Watching and Listening
300 more people know the truth
This write in campaign has somthing that was lacking the last time. Last time everyone believed Earl as he spread his lies around town. You want to talk about half truths and propoganda??
Just watch any selectmen's meeting or read any news article where Johnson or Wettlaufer are quoted.
Even though we run a write-in campaign, winning or losing is not the real issue. The real issue is the 300 plus new viewers to the blog last week that get to see the real documents posted on this site.
We have an entire year to prepare the candidates that will get rid of Peetee once and for all. By the way, the write in candidates are not the same as those that ran in 07, you will find out there names later so you have no chance to intimidate and harrass them.
Gleason resigned because of the truth on this blog. The REAL Holland Blog.

Posted on 11 May 2009, 6:25 by Holland Write In
Candidate for assessor
Our candidate for assessor, candidate x, is a lifelong resident of Holland. He is young, hardworking, intelligent, and most importantly he is honest. He does not desire a career in politics, wants no pensions or health insurance and has no inclinations to transfer any town property to himself or his family.
He runs because he sees truth and feels compelled must get involved.
The writers of the above posts say the current system of Holland is significantly flawed. That post came from a sitting Holland official trying to do damage control after learning of the popularity of the Holland Blog. It is the town officials spin on the new circumstances they find themselves in since much unfettered truth is making its way into mainstream Holland.
Whether Earl is defeated in an election, resigns in shame, or is taken away in handcuffs matters not. The fact will always remain that like Chief Gleason's resignation the truth posted on this blog will be the tool used to facilitate Earl's departure.

Posted on 11 May 2009, 8:14 by Trusted Earl
Earl, I have supported you for years. You told me about this blog, I came here and looked.
Please tell me the files posted on this blog are fakes Earl.
Earl, please tell me that Frei and company are playing tricks on us when they post links to documents that seem to cast doubt on you and your family.
Please Earl, tell me the signature on the deed that gave the 12 acres of town land to your mother in law is fake.
Where are you Earl. Why are you silent. Please post your answers to these questions here so we can shut up these bloggers once and for all.
Earl we know the bloggers can't be right because if all the stuff here is true, then I will never be able to trust you, Brian, or your family again.
If you are as corrupt as the documents show, are all the people you recommend and appoint also corrupt?
Earl I trust you. I know all the legal looking documents posted here can not be real.
If they are fake then please... Shut down this blog Earl.
If the documents here are genuine then Earl tell us what we should do. I trust you Earl. Please rebut the documents here.

Posted on 11 May 2009, 9:51 by U.R.A. Hypocrite
I'd like to see YOUR candidate LAMOUNTAIN pass a drug test! Hah!
Have you checked your "candidate's" arrest record lately?

Posted on 11 May 2009, 9:56 by write in
LaMountain is NOT a candidate......

Posted on 11 May 2009, 10:32 by TAXPAYER WANTING AN AUDIT
An independent audit should be done. The taxpayers are being taken advantage of. The Board of Selectment sign the warrants and approve the payments. Maybe the warrants for the past several years should be scrutinezed. The Mass Dept. of Revenue needs to take a good look at things. Which may lead to the District Attorney, and even further.

Holland Police Association where is all of that money?

Posted on 11 May 2009, 10:56 by Peter Frei
Who is the Hypocrate?
U.R.A. Hypocrite, LaMountain is openly admitting to smoke a joint once in a while, so did Gleason as I hear among with many others in this town. LaMountain was not appointed to the Chief position and did not go out to kick-in the door of innocent residents with his gun drawn. He did not cost us at least $80'000 in legal fees defending and settling four lawsuit. Nobody had to change locks on the town Hall because of LaMountain. You guys attacking LaMoutnain make me sick, not one of you cowards have the guts to post with your real name. LaMoutnain is one of the kindest, dependable individuals in this town. Even so we do not see eye to eye all the times, I'm proud to be his friend.

Posted on 11 May 2009, 11:23 by Payne N Diaz
We Need Light!
We need light shed on the (alleged) misdeeds at the town hall. If they aren't true, then show us the documented facts. These lawsuits are costing us big $$$. Taxes are high and many properties undervalued (friends?) while others pay too much. Time for transparency or new town fathers.
REMEMBER to vote; only those who vote should bitch!

Posted on 11 May 2009, 13:14 by can't believe it.
EARL!!!Tell me it ain't so

Earl why are you so silent? Please answer us. Tell us the documents here are not true. Please EARL guide us. Tell us the documents here are fake.. Earl please answer us. We will believe you. We just need to see it coming from you.
Please Earl we have supported you for many many years. Say it ain't so.

Posted on 11 May 2009, 13:28 by Watching You
Brian Johnson Sighting
Officer Jeff Forcier and Brian Johnson are seen spending alot of time in deep conversation at the town Hall today. I think there should be written records of any conversations between Officer Jeff and town officials.. Were you not at GITMO ?

The Bush administration just admitted to authorizing some torture to get confessions there. I hear Cheny is in Big trouble too.

We here Officer Jeff who is working here in Holland who was at Guantanamo Bay during the time periods of those interrogations. Officer Jeff..It is not OK to ignore the US Constitution or break the law for superior officers or Town Officials.

Write down and report any conversations you have with the Johnsons or other Officials here in Holland. HONOR YOUR OATH !!!!!

Its what we the Tax Payors hired you for.

Posted on 15 May 2009, 7:09 by Jim LaMountain
Checks and Balances
Wow, I read the town common yesterday. Makes it sound like more than just gleason has problems.
The Selectmen have another lie here that needs to be counted. It is about the open meeting when Gleason resigned. They were quick to point out they did not have a meeting.
However they did confess to violating the open meeting law when they said they discussed the resignation at the town hall after a "chance encouter". They were adamant it was not a meeting.According to sources in the town hall the selectmen get together informally quite often and discuss town business without posting or taking minutes. Why not? After all nobody seems to care when our Selectmen break the law.
Earl Johnson blaming Carolyn Reardon, Paul foster, and Jim Foley for appointing Gleason must show Earl to be in the later stages of alzeimers. If he can not remember appointing Gleason what else can he not remember?.......? Lying to Holland residents to advance their agenda's is such a common practice amongst our leaders that it is part of their standards of operation.


Posted on 15 May 2009, 7:12 by Jim L
Checks and Balances continued
We have an opportunity to replace Mr Earl Johnson in the tax assessors office this election with a likeable, Intelligent, Honest young man who grew up here in Holland. We will post his name here a week before the election. Lets send this man a message. The Commonwealth of Massachusetts Department of revenue singled Earl Johnson out as part of the problem. DOR said it is a CONFLICT OF INTEREST for Earl to hold both positions.

Wettlaufer in the Southbridge Evening News is quoted as saying he likes checks and balances That is a lie. If it were true our officials would not appoint just one person to oversee the administration of the Selectmen, Highway Department, and Town Clerks office. If Wettlaufer really wanted Checks and balances he would ask Earl to resign or withdraw his name from the ballot for assessor. The fact that 4 people and their family and friends control almost every single town office SCREAMS that our officials only want checks and balances coming from like minded corrupt leaning individuals.Were are the Checks and balances from opposition members.. When Peter Frei tried to volunteer his time to fill a seat oon conservation the 4 members left on the commission told him absolutely not. Their reason was because he is my friend. Ethical people like Peter Frei do not compromise or do shady things for friendship. True friends do not ask each other to break laws.

Ok Holland I am happy to see that over 500 new users have shown up here at the blog in the last week. I hope to see some numbers at the town meeting coming up soon.

Remember the fact that the sun comes up makes it a good day. Everything after that is a bonus.

James P. LaMountain


Posted on 3 Jun 2009, 19:28 by 2009 write in campaign
There are many seats up on the planning board this year. All are unopposed because Earl Johnson Blocked any nominations at the caucus.
It is time to see if people understand the facts documented by this blog. Our corrupt police chief and good friend of Earl and Brian Johnson was forced to resign because of Truths brought out by people on this blog.

So lets see what we can do to be counted on Monday.

His opponent is Lynn Arnold. Lynn was very important in allowing Johnsongate to happen. She is a pro ponent of the truck stop and has allowed Johnson to alter town zoning bylaws for his and his families personal gain. She is listed as one of at least 12 town officials named in the Johnsongate land scandel that is currently in the appellate Court and has cost our town tens of thousands to defend these corrupt actions by Lynn Arnold during her time on the Planning Board. She is a puppet of Earl Johnson and needs to be replaced.

Write in RICHARD MCKEEN 5 year planning board seat.

Assessor to be named tomorrow.

Posted on 8 Jun 2009, 8:11 by Holland Write IN
Lets see who reads the Blog.

WRITE IN< Carolyn Reardon for tax Assessor

Write IN Jim Foley......Selectman

Write In Richard Mckeen 5 year planning board seat.

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