Sturbridge Voters Not As Smart As Holland Voters?

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Posted on 3 May 2009, 18:21 - Category: Town Politics
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Posted on 5 May 2009, 16:17 by The Bloviator
Holland Voters
I was wondering about when I read in the Sturbridge Villager about Selectman Wettlaufer attending the Sturbridge Selectmans meeting to try and ram the truckstop through Sturbridge. Wettlaufer spoke at the meeting in support of the idea.
Sturbridge voters were smart enough to see right through Mr. Wettlaufers spin.

By the way...........????????

Could this be a conflict of interest because Wettlaufer is close personal friends with the developer? Was he representing us when he wwent to that meeting. Did he notify Holland voters before he attended.?
Does anyone know the ethical ramifications of Mr. Wettlaufer attending that meeting.
Do you think that Mr Wettlaufer should be seeking political favors to push the permitting through for this truck stop?
Chairman Wettlaufer said he met with officials of the flying J and State officials to expidite permitting.
Is this a conflict of interest?

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