Series on Nipmuc Indians starting tonight on PBS

If you have an interest in local history, you can't miss the first episode in a five part series with the title: “We shall remain.” The series looks into the history of the aboriginal inhabitants, the Nipmuc's that lived here a long time before Caucasians settled. Some of the Nipmucs taking part in the series are Nipmucs living today amongst us in our community. The first episode airs tonight at 21:00 hours, read more»

Posted on 13 Apr 2009, 13:43 - Category: Local History
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Posted on 14 Apr 2009, 16:33 by Mary Ripley
PBS "We Shall Remain"
I watched it last night and it was excellent and informative ... so much I never knew about the events of early New England, particularly Massachusetts Indians (and early settlers.) I expect every part of the series to be worth my time. PBS is unparrelled for accurate, unbiased and well crafted reporting.

Posted on 14 Apr 2009, 19:41 by Jim LaMountain
Nipmuc Spirit
The PBS episode "After the Mayflower" was the best I have seen. They touched on the high points and I had two close friends of mine take part. I call them friend and they call me Brother.
Spotted Crow was in the movie with his 3 sons. Tall Pine was the language consultant for the episode. I was led to Tall Pine during my quest to locate the Spiritual Leader of the Nipmuc People.
I was on a mission to return Kekamowadchaug to the rightful owners. When I finally met with the Council for the first time, I was ashamed of what those who came before me had done to these people and apologized with heartfelt sorrow for the decimation of their way of life.
The summit we stood on was such a powerful piece of property and after many meetings the Nipmuc agreed to allow me to return their sacred land with a Humble Apology.
I have learned these people are a truely ancient culture going back thousands of years. The 300 years between plymouth and now is but a drop in the bucket of the time they have occupied Central Ma.
They hold no malice towards any of us. They accepted my apologies and have welcomed me and my family into their community. Tall pine says in his way that it would do harm to the Nipmuc Spirit for them to live in anger.
I am so honored to be allowed to take part in Nipmuc Gatherings and ceremonies and am overwhealmed by their simplistic approach to life. I was invited to attend a unity conference last year where many of the bands of Nipmuc went to solidify their Confederacy.
They have many many Children and struggle constantly to keep their ancient spiritual way of life.
But in the Circle I joined with these people as they reached to each other in Unity each and every one of them echoed the same sentiment, They are "Happy to be here" Their Language I hear up close during their ceremonies where I am Honored every time I am invited to attend.. It is so beautiful and to hear it on PBS last night gave me goose bumps all over.
We can learn from these People.

Posted on 16 Apr 2009, 8:32 by
Nipmuc Country
Sent: Wed, 15 Apr 2009
Subject: RE: Nipmuc


What people do not understand is that there is no mechanism in native culture, tradition or law for the Indians to sell their aboriginal homelands. So a decision was made in Europe to introduce the smallpox or plague into their culture.
It had happened during Cortez expedition to the south. Perhaps the first time it happened was accidental after an infected explorer contacted a native. Not so in Massachusetts. This was a conscious effort of biological warfare.
The epidemic of 1617-1619 here in Massachusetts was a business decision. It happened again in the 1640’s. They estimate there were 8 of every 10 natives killed during the 1617-1619 epidemic.
Then came the Mayflower who’s first anchorage was off the tip of the Cape for 9 months. The Mashapee drove them into the sea after the starving pilgrims discovered caches of stored food buried under earthen mounds. Puritans in Mashapee also dug up burial mounds as they could not discern between food cashes or burial mounds. They also took trinkets from the burial mounds. Remember, many Mashapee had been kidnapped by marauders over the centuries including Squantos who was at Plymouth and was able to speak English at the time the Mayflower arrived.
The Mayflower was driven from the Cape or they would have all died at the Mashapees’ hands right there. The Puritans were starving and made landfall in what is now called Plymouth. They were hoping to take enough stores to sail to a Dutch port of refuge, the port now known as New York. However, they were welcomed by Massasoit who made a treaty of peace and allowed them all to remain.

The Indians still own the land. Most homeowners’ insurance policies all have a small fee to deal with Indian land claims.
The Indians who I am familiar with tell me they do not want to kick people off the land but they do want the return of all state parks and vacant lands. They will then enter into long term leases with people who wish to occupy their land. If you currently hold title to land the Indians will give you a lease that can extend for centuries. These have market value and can also be mortgaged like today’s illegal land titles.

Remember these Indians are SURVIVORS and have been here for many millennia. The problem is Indian agents appointed by the settlers were political appointees all out for their own gain as human nature tends to.

These guys are not going away and Massachusetts executive order 126 recognizes that. I don’t live in your country or state. I live in Nipmuc territory. I live in THEIR country in peace with them. I occupy their land with their permission. Do you????
From: Nadeau, Philip (DEP)
Sent: Wed, 15 Apr 2009 4:56 pm
Subject: RE: Nipmuc

Yea I wouldn’t expect them to get into previous contact with the Phoenicians of Carthage or the Vikings in 1000 AD because their story starts with the Puritan’s contact. They are getting the general story in pretty well even though they skip through some events. Even the Pequot war was just breezed through.
From: Nadeau, Philip (DEP)
Sent: Wed, 15 Apr 2009 1:39 pm
Subject: RE: Nipmuc

I thought it was very well done. They skipped over some important details like Philips older brother Alexander (who would have been chief) was poisoned by the English after a heated meeting in Boston.

Posted on 17 Apr 2009, 8:09 by TheeDuke
Pequot War
theeduke47 to Philip.Nadeau (DEP)

You know Phil..I never heard of the"Pequot War" What happened in 1637 was the Pequot were the most powerful tribe in the region. They had welcomed many warriors from other tribes for centuries and were all united under the Pequot about where they are now.
The English decided to make an Early morning raid on their village and went in and massacred men women and children approx 700 of them. The few survivors that were found were given to Uncas a leader of the Mohegan Village a little to the South and were told their tribe no Longer existed. If they called themselves Pequot they were Killed.
Uncas was shocked at what happened and made a treaty to never go to war with the English and they would not go to war with him. Also in the treaty the English and Uncas agreed not to go to war with anyone without first telling each other and then they would aid each other.
This massacre so scared the Massachusetts Tribes that they more easily were coerced into getting off their lands so the English could occupy it for the Massachusetts Bay Colony.
Uncas and his warriors were used many times by Mass Bay Colony to conduct raids on other Indian villages that challenged the English right to take their land.
There never was a Peqout War. Uncas was a traitor to his Indian neighbors to save his Peoples.
Now the mohegans are trying to put a Casino on Nipmuc land.
I have sat in Council with Nipmuc and Mohegan Leaders in the Uncas Grand Ballroom at Mohegan Sun.
The Nipmuc and Mohegans have treaties that do not allow incursions into each others territory and a Lawsuit will be filed by the Nipmuc who want Tribute from the Mohegans if they do build a casino in Palmer.
Only one band of the Nipmuc Confederacy supports gaming.
That was part of the reason the Feds reversed their decision to grant recognition to the Nipmuc a few years back. I have been lucky enough to be present when the Nipmuc Bands gathered to discuss this matter and others. They are now reuniting with a common cause under the Confederacy forged at Kekamowadchaug (Bondet Hill) in 2007.
So Mr Nadeau, please try not to sanitize the 1637 Pequot Massacre by calling it a war.
I hope you have a good weekend.
Jim L.EP)

Posted on 17 Apr 2009, 8:18 by John Q
Holland Casino
I think Grossi and Wettlaufer should put a Casino on their land instead of a Truck stop

Posted on 17 Apr 2009, 17:14 by TheeDuke
Pequot Massacre
From: Nadeau, Philip (DEP) <>
To: theeduke47@aol.

Oh I agree it was not really a war, it was a pre-emptive massacre with the help of a rival tribe Mohegan. I was just saying that the program brushed over that event.

Posted on 21 Apr 2009, 15:29 by James P LaMountain
Nipmuc Tribal Councillor moves to Holland
I would like to welcome Princess Shooting Star, Member of the Hassanamisco Nipmuc Tribal Council.
She has recently moved to Holland. Three bands of the Nipmuc now have a presence here at Mashapaug.

I will ask her what she thinks of a truckstop in Holland next to the lake.

Posted on 26 Apr 2009, 13:12 by Kelli Robbins
Johnson subdivision
Thank you for cataloging the information in regard to the land off of Stafford Road. I have long been aware of the issues you relate and was simply shocked that Earl Johnson was once again elected to public office with such an infamous history with the town. I did lose heart at that sad development. A friend pointed me to your site. Imagine my delight when I found this well written history. Thank you again Peter.

Posted on 27 Apr 2009, 6:08 by Not scared of Evil Earl
Kelli, Johnsons are Killing our town.
Kelli, how does it happen, not only is Johnson as black hearted as I have seen in a long time but they feel Holland's treasures are their own bank account. Also Earl has filled most of the boards with like minded people, he would not have been able to do the Illegal subdivision without having corrupt people on the planning board, ZBA etc. Also Earl is in the assessors office so he can keep the taxes he and his family pay to a minimum. Kelli we will be doing a write-in campaign. Do you want to take the planning board seat or the assessors seat?

Earl is up for re election, but remember Wettlaufer is just as corrupt except he does it differently. The truck stop next to our pristine lake is his doing.

Welcome to the blog Kelli. I look forward to hearing from you and others like you. Tell your friends and family.

Posted on 16 May 2009, 18:43 by Huguenot Farms @ Bondet Hill
Nipmuc Article @ Bondet Hill
The following is a news article that appeared in todays worcester paper.

Putting down roots, and seeds
Bill FORTIER From the deck
The description of the possible story was a little out of the ordinary.
“Something about a project involving three sisters, corn, squash and beans,” was how it was worded by my editor.
That sounded interesting enough, so the call was made to Juaquina M. Collazo, who it turns out is sort of the public relations spokeswoman for the Historical Nipmuc Tribe. Ms. Collazo explained the tribe is starting a youth council that is making its debut at 3 this afternoon on about seven acres of Nipmuc-owned land in South Oxford off Route 12. It had been known to the locals as Bondet Hill before the tribe claimed it several years ago.
At least 50 people, many of whom are between the ages of 14 and 20, will be there this afternoon, and Ms. Collazo said most will be wearing traditional Native American clothing.
Once again, today’s planned gathering is proof there is more happening in the area on a spring Saturday afternoon than people firing up the grill or cracking open a cold one at a cookout. Just in case you’re in the area, Ms. Collazo and her brother and Nipmuc traditional leader Larry “Spotted Crow” Mann said the public is invited.
The Nipmuc calendar is based on the moons and the tribe calls the recent full moon Nahmoskeewush, which to the rest of us is the planting moon. The May 9 full moon also began the tribe’s new year, Spotted Crow said.
One thing the members of the Nipmuc Youth Council have in common with many of us is that its members will be planting seeds this afternoon, which is where the three sisters enter the picture.
Spotted Crow said in Nipmuc culture the three sisters are corn, squash and beans, and all three will be planted today.
Both Spotted Crow, 42, and Ms. Collazo, 33, who said she hasn’t qualified yet for a Native American name, will have one child on the youth council. Ms. Collazo’s daughter, Destiny Flores, 14, and Spotted Crow’s son, Manixit, 14, will be among those sowing the good earth today.
Both Ms. Collazo and Spotted Crow said the younger members of the tribe have been pushing for a youth council.
“One of the reasons for forming the youth council was to promote culture and increase the public awareness of who we are,” said Ms. Collazo.
The Nipmuc Tribe is known as the Tribe of Fresh Water People. Spotted Crow, who said he spent some time this week working on improving the environment for salmon on the Amoskeag River near Manchester, N.H., said he looks at the formation of the youth council as a way of having young people get to know and care more about the land.
I went to the Summit of Bondet Hill today. The Nipmuc call it Kekamowadchaug. It was a very touching ceremony. It was the first time in close to 400 years since members of the Tribe have planted anything on the hill. I watched as the Nipmuc Children were put into seven groups and were directed by Mille "Peace Eagle" a Matronly Nipmuc Elder. I am excited for these people. It was the first time since the movie "we shall remain" that I have seen my Indian friends.
I watched the Childen form a youth Council and know that some day soon they will be teaching the adults.
I was happy to see them today.
Jim L.

Posted on 24 May 2009, 13:13 by Kelli Robbins
Killing our Town
I was an accredited assessor and worked in that capactity. full-time for close to ten years. I was made aware of the intense intrigue within Holland by a now retired member of the Department of Revenue. I have been fascinated by the turn of events as history repeats itself. As far as keeping the taxes down for himself or his family, he does not have that kind of power. The DOR goes over the information with a fine tooth comb and it is calculated by an independent company who has much to lose if they fudge the numbers. It just can't be done like that anymore. I was so pleased to see that the DOR forced the town to go to quarterly taxes and hire an outside, reliable firm to do the numbers. Don't fret too much over the tax rate. What happens with the current records is also trackable because you can see all the registered plans and deeds on the Hampden County Registry of Deeds' website. There are many more checks in place to see that history does not repeat itself too closely.

I thank you for the offer of holding office but I have served in many capacities in the past with Holland. It was a great learning experience. Seeing the writing on the wall, leaving seemed prudent to not be ensnared at the very beginning of this current administration's tenure and would not like to place my family in that firing line again.

The assessor's position is strictly regulated by Mass. General Laws and overseen by the Department of Revenue so there is little wiggle room. I truly enjoyed it and miss it sometimes, but them I worked for a wonderful town where all the offices co-operated and worked as the symbiotic unit they should.

Posted on 30 May 2009, 6:50 by Freedom
Old Home Day
The People want Old Home Day back ! The one thing we could look forward to each summer in this town is gone. Stop buying useless cruisers for a non-existing & corrupt police force along with the salaries for useless town officials. People lets wake up and do something for this town.

Posted on 31 May 2009, 16:22 by Peter Frei
"Freedom," I agree with you on the comment about "old Home Day." I also question whether we need and can afford an increasingly growing in size full-time police force. However, only time will tell if the police department will remain "corrupt" as you say. Kevin Gleason is gone with his tail between his legs, leaving behind an embarrassed selectboard. With Gleason gone the HPD can start fresh. The officers working for the HPD at the present time have the opportunity to serve with integrity.
There might be a reason why the selectboard had second thoughts about Ray Morehouse as the first in command and instead appointed Brian C. Haughey as Chief of police in the interim. Ray Morehouse was one of the police officers raiding the David Bunn residence together with Kevin Gleason based on a bogus "no knock" warrant. The selectboard may have learned something after all from the Gleason debacle.
Ray Morehouse was first appointed to replace Gleason as "first in command." The selectboard avoided explicitly the term "acting Chief." and don't seem to take issue with the term being used in connection with officer Haughey. The reason they gave to justify the change was that Morehouse was not a full time officer and Haughey did fit that bill. However, the selctboard knew that already at the time they first appointed Morehouse.

Posted on 31 May 2009, 18:07 by Change is on the Horizon
Policeman's Prayer
I'm all dressed again to face a new day
I walk down the hall and stop on the way
I take one last look and straighten my tie
Inspecting myself as I'm passing by

Then at my front door I stop to prepare
With these words to God as I'm kneeling there
"Dear God, send your strength and wisdom my way
Protect me so I will live through this day

Please help me to not be so full of pride
I don't want to lose what I feel inside
Though I wear a badge and carry a gun
I'm really just here to help everyone

It's nice to see smiles on faces each day
But God, when I'm near the smiles go away
I want them to know when I drive around
I'm just only here protecting their ground

I like to have fun and sometimes I cry
I even get lonely and I don't know why
If given the chance I think they would see
There isn't a difference between them and me

I'll never abuse nor will I condemn
This job was MY CHOICE I do it for them
It's trust and respect that makes me succeed
But it MUST be earned before it's received

When I took that OATH my witness was you
Enforcing our laws as I promised to
So just for today please let people see
A person no different when they look at me

I give you my hand for guidance out there
As I pray to you "A POLICEMAN'S PRAYER"

Freda H. Babinski

Posted on 2 Jun 2009, 21:52 by United We Stand
Old Home Day
We the people of Holland deserve to celebrate or independance and for many of us it was Old Home Day, I have spoken to a lot of people in town and they agree, We would like to believe that if the volunteer firefighters stood at the intersection at Roberts Auto with the boot out for donations for Old Home Day there would be may givers, but I am sure they would wondering if the money would be going to the right place.

Posted on 6 Jun 2009, 15:31 by Peter Frei
Old Home Day Celebration
On the back of an old Post Card I found the printed information:
OLD HOME DAY CELEBRATION, Holland Mass. 1916. Dinner 12 to 2 p.m. at 50 cents. After Dinner Speeches. Music by band. Transportation to and from East Brimfield at nominal charges; will meet 11 a.m. car. Please notify Committee at once if you will need transportation. Transportation Committee: E.M. Bennett, A. E. Morse. All Are Cordially Invited.

Posted on 6 Jul 2009, 18:16 by Candy
Old Home Day
I, like the many others in this town, would love to see Old Home Day come back. We were told that the town could not afford it anymore. I love the idea of the volunteer FD standing at the intersection with the boot. I think that we could raise the money for it! There are so many people in town that want it back. Put a can at Roberts and Holland Market for donations. There are enough local bands around that will play for dirt cheap! The fireworks used to be wonderful. I think that the idea of having this again should be brought up, real soon!

Posted on 6 Jul 2009, 21:35 by Counting Coin
Old Home Day
You know.. for what it will cost the town for legal expenses to deny a taxpayer his right to use his legal access to his land, and the 3 lawyers the town hired to defend the Johnson-gang's illegally built houses off Stafford road (see Johnson Landgate), our town could not only celebrate old home day with non stop fireworks, we could also replace the 35 year old science books our 5th graders are using and hire another 6 grade teacher to help the overcrowding.
Our firefighters should not be on the streets begging like prostitutes because our town selectmen are corrupt and bleeding our hard earned tax monies for legal expenses brought on by their illegal conduct.

Posted on 7 Jan 2010, 17:12 by He Who Walks Alone
Obama Gives South Dakota back to Lakota

Check out the story at this link. I support the Lakota. Everything Happens for a reason.

Obama signed it into law. South Dakota officialy belongs to the Tribe of Crazy Horse.

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