Five separate Schoolhouses in Holland ?

More then 100 years ago, Holland had no less than five separate schoolhouses. Public transportation was also available; no dependence on oil jeopardized our freedom and economy either. Travelers were able to board Electric Passenger cars in Brimfield after a short ride on the stage coach line to get there. Holland was a quaint little village and water troughs where spread throughout the village to water horses and other livestock, read moreĽ

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Posted on 18 Mar 2009, 24:09 by Historical Nipmuc Tribe Salmon Clan, Confederacy of Nipmuck Indian Tribes
Nipmuc Test in Holland
Land Returned To Our People!

"During that very special time of the year to the Salmon Clan of Historical Nipmuc People, The Summer Solstice, A Great event took place.
Kekamowadachaug (Mountain where the earth Trembles) Was Deeded back to our people. "With Humble apologies" said Jim La Mountain, "for all the decimation and crimes against your people, you people have gone through so much I wish I could give it all back to the Native Americans"
In memorey of his brother Richard Lamountain who passed away not long ago in a motorcycle accident. Jim told our Tribal Leaders about how his brother came to him in a dream after he passed away, his brother told him we need to return the land to the Nipmuc. At the time, Jim didn't know any of our people so he set out on a journey to contact us.
David Tall Pine, council member of the Chabunagungamaug Band of Nipmucs made first contact with Jim, soon after Larry Spotted Crow, Tribal Leader of the Salmon Clan of Historical Nipmucs embraced Jim .
Tribal Councils from both bands talked on how this land will be a ceremonial place under our Nipmuc Confederecy brought out through the Nipmuc Unity Conference, where all Nipmucs are welcome.
Nighthawk of the Salmon Clan said "this is wonderful! we now have a place to call our own, to hold powwow or other events without having to "rent a place"
Tribal Chairman Richard Williams said "This was a moving Ceremony, when I made my tabacco offering at the fire I thought of my father and grandfather, and all they fought for and what they taught me, I know they are happy to see a day like this come."
We all look forward to having our many many gatherings back at Kekamowadchaug!
All of us, just want to deeply thank Jim Lamountain!....."


Posted on 18 Mar 2009, 24:22 by He Who Walks Alone.
Will the real "inhabitants of Holland ..Please step forward.

The above statement and other statements by the Confederacy and by the Salmon Clan as well as more background can be found if you google the words Nipmuck Nipmuc Huguenot LaMountain or any combination of 3 of the words. There are pictures if you click images at google.
I will be writing a little history about the origional inhabitants of the land we now call Holland.
I have been involved with the Confederacy of Nipmuc Tribes for a few years now and am Honored that they have decided to move their annual gatherings to Siog from Oxford these past few years.
Siog is a Nipmuc word that means "place of brambles and thorns" Our land off Mashapaug shows sign of ancient occupation by these peoples and we intend to farm it carefully.
Our Goal for our land is to work with the Nipmuc to return title to their property and negotiate with their Nation to use the land for agricultural purposes.
What most of us 21st Century Americans as well as the Colonists 300 years ago do or did not understand is that there is no mechinism in Indian Culture or Law for them to sell their land.
The titles and deeds we bring to banks and take out mortgages against that we all hold so dear as part of the American Dream are not worth the paper they are printed on.
When you buy homowners insurance most policies have a small fee to settle the Indian Claims that are wending their way through the Federal Courts who have commissioned a committee to determine how much money we owe these Indians for Illegally occupying their lands. We will visit the History of Holland and the Nipmuc will tell you who the Indians were who made the mark transfering Mashapaug to the settlers for sundry goods.
The Nipmuc have been laid back these past centuries They are not angry and hold no malice towards any of us. What
The land transfers of the 1600's and the grant for the leadmine were all Illegal. PRELIMINARY RULINGS TO RETURN THE BRIMFIELD STATE FOREST HAVE BEEN RULED ON IN THE NIPMUCS FAVOR. Over 1000 acres of land deeded to John Elliot "apostle to the Indians" is going to be returned to its rightful owners in our lifetime.

The Mohegans who seek to build Casino in Nipmuck territory will need to pay tribute to the Nipmuc as part of ancient treaties between the two Tribes.
HOLLAND should welcome and Honor these people at Siog in September. Perhaps the Confederacy of Nipmuc Tribes would welcome Holland also.
More to follow
He Who Walks Alone.
That is my name...As witnessed by Slow Turtle of the Wampanaug, and Medicine Story of the Mashapee, I was so named. I am also known as James P LaMountain, and Thee Duke.

I look forward to hearing from any of you Nipmuck out here who are "Hiding in Plain Sight"

Posted on 19 Mar 2009, 18:11 by James P LaMountain
Indian Land
During King Phillips war there was an attempt to capture Metacom (Phillip) right here in the swamps of Mashapaug.
One of the Nipmuck had been converted to the treacherous ways of the Puritans by John Eliot and Major Daniel Gookin, and led a party of "Eliots Praying Indians" into the Swamps for the Colonial land speculators to lure Metacom out with promises of Peace and restoration. They were really there to ambush Metacom and kill him.

The Indian was a Nipmuc called "Black James". Metacoms Warriors smelled the trap and got him out of harms way.

Black James would later go on to transfer what is now Webster Lake to the settlers.

There are many sacred ancient sites in and around Holland as well as the important site of Metacoms War camp here at Mashapaug.

One of the hills in town is called "Indian Bald Hill"

You know, there is a Federal Law about getting approval from the Natives before undertaking any construction projects on potentially sensitive Historical land. Spotted Crow of the Nipmuc Confederacy is consulted by planners on large projects in compliance with the law.

I do know that Bigelow Hollow State park is also called the Nipmuck State Forest and this forest abuts our leadmine land grant of the 1640's.

Many of Metacoms War Camps are of historical signifigance. I do know that anyone considering Large Developments (truckstops etc) in and around the area should first commission the Nipmuck, to do a walkabout. To desecrate any of these area's is a violation of the National Historical Preservation Act and projects can be shut down for decades for not complying with the Federal Directives.

Any one interested in having the survey conducted can contact Larry "Spotted Crow" Mann or David "Tall Pine" White of the Confederacy of Nipmuck Indian Tribes, 245 0070.

Jim L.


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