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“The greatest homage we can pay to truth is to use it.” Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-1882). Truth is a comprehensive term that in all of its nuances implies accuracy and honesty. Truth is that which is considered to be the supreme reality and to have the ultimate meaning and value of existence. Reality and truth in a perfect world are in harmony. Veracity is adherence to the truth: “Veracity is the heart of morality” Thomas H. Huxley (1825-1895). To advance self-serving goals corrupt individuals create their own reality, thus are immoral. As a corrupt individual’s reality is not in harmony with the truth, he is also a liar.
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Posted on 21 Jan 2009, 14:22 - Category: Town Politics
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Posted on 30 Sep 2010, 20:15 by Peter Frei
Walter Bird Jr. no longer with the SEN.
Following a link on Brent S. Abrahamson's blog, I learned that Walter Bird is no longer chief editor at the Southbridge Evening News.
According to his own account, he sent an email to the publisher of the SEN, Frank Chilinski, and was subsequently fired, Walter Bird,
"I had to see, every single day, how frustrated my reporters and other editors were. How angry and frustrated. And I shared all that. Ever since our co-owner died, I think my faith in our company and mission was slowly waning. I told Frank Chilinski, I either wanted to have a place with upper management, a voice for the editorial dept. or that I would appreciate a layoff and not be fired. I didn't think he'd do it over an e-mail, by having our CFO slide a printed copy of it across the desk to me, but that's how he chose to do it."

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