Is there Blood in Stones?

The answer is a clear “YES” if you believe Wettlaufer’s logic.
Today, exactly two years ago, February 5, 2008, the voters of Holland came out in droves to overwhelmingly defeat the selectboard’s proposal for a tax levy override. Disappointed Wettlaufer stated in an interview with John Appleton from the Republican:
“You can't get blood out of a stone. We have to make reductions in services.”
I have not noticed any reductions in services but witnessed more frivolous litigation initiated by the selectboard. It seems to me that the Board has still too much money; enough to still waste tens of thousands.
After losing the argument that “laMountain is not a farmer” in Housing Court the town recently filed another lawsuit against LaMountain with a different twist; they now claim fires on the LaMountain farm would jeopardize public safety. James LaMountain may not win a popularity contest in town; under the law however he has equal rights to be protected.
Wettlaufer seem to share Karen Raymond’s fear her house could go up in flames and hired Super Lawyer Tani Sapirstein to seek an injunction to enjoin LaMountain from conducting any burns.
Later today, the honorable Cornelius J. Moriarty, Superior Court Judge, will convene for the third time to proceed with the evidentiary hearing in the matter.
Is it a waste of money or is it worth it? Please watch the video and decide for your self:
Selectmen are not all made equal; for some it is never enough and they will push for higher taxes to be able to spend freely. Others spend money wisely, spend it as it would be their own.
On a rare occasion, it had only happened three times before 2008 in the entire state of Massachusetts, a town lowered its levy limit. The Board of Selectmen during Jim Foley’s tenure was one of the only three town governments doing so. In 1998, the Board of Selectmen proposed a $200,000 underride that was welcomed by the voters.
To show their gratitude, the voters of Holland recalled Foley twice...
Peter Frei

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Tax levy limit override vote.

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Annual Town Meeting and Election Calendar 2010.

The town clerk of Holland just released the ANNUAL TOWN MEETING AND ELECTION CALENDAR 2010, to read the document, Click here!
Peter Frei

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What is going on at Lake Siog?


Did you notice the big piles of logs and wondered what is going on at Pond Bridge Road? Read more»

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Wettlaufer’s BIG GUN pleads “Public Safety.”

Last Thursday, January 28, 2010, the three members of the Board of Selectmen, James Wettlaufer, Earl Johnson, and Christian Petersen, did what they do best; wasting money by litigating void cases.
Bully Wettlaufer hired “Big Gun” Super Lawyer Tani Sapirstein to replace Super Lawyer Nancy Pelletier. Super Lawyer Nancy Pelletier lost her last case for the town of Holland in the Appeals Court of the Commonwealth. Super Lawyers have typically an hourly rate of $350.00- to $650.00. What happened to our town counsel Vincent McCaughey? Not good enough? The showdown against the LaMountain family and Northeast Concepts Inc. will continue in Superior Court today, Monday February 1, 2010. Read more»

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Stay Home!


If you don’t need to go anywhere urgent tonight, stay home!

This is a picture taken at 18:28 hours from the bridge that goes over Interstate 84 at Exit 74 looking westbound towards Hartford, CT.

Notice that there is hardly any traffic going westbound...

Peter Frei

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Ice fishing (drinking) accident on Hamilton Reservoir.

Howard Crow, Norm Butler, Dennis Bonetti, and Glenn Tracy were ice fishing and drinking all day.

The fun day with fishing and drinking on the ice around the fire ended tragically.
Read more»

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Holland Blog filed complaint with State Ethics Commission against Nancy Talbot, tax collector of Holland.

According to official documents, Nancy Talbot’s son Deric bought a buildable parcel of land for $100 plus back taxes for one year.
His mother Nancy Talbot arranged the deal according to a sworn affidavit. The parcel was about to be taken through the tax-title procedure. Read more»

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Holland Special Election Results for the Senate seat.

Total count is 938

Scott Brown with 631 votes;
Martha Coakley with 299 votes;
Joseph Kennedy with 8 votes;
one writ-in
Exit polls show a two digit lead for Brown!

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Upside-down icicles? Winter at Tantiusques.

Another fun thing to do if you like the outdors! Learn about a natural spectacle; upside-down icicles! Read more»

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Open and accountable Government.

Open-government Openness and Accountability of our town government is what the Holland Blog is trying to improve.
The current Board of Selectmen’s effort is pointing the other direction.
First they stopped the “call-in” session at the end of meetings, then they stopped recording meetings, and Earl Johnson tried to keep the door to the town hall looked for another day every week in an attempt to cut access to the town hall down to three days. What will be next? Read more»

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Selectboard Meeting of January 5, 2010.

The first meeting this month was also the first meeting off the New Year. One department asked already for permission to “deficit spend,” read more»

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