James Wettlaufer's Board of Selectmen Secretly Financed Private Lawsuit with Taxpayers Money to shut-up his Biggest Critic and lost!

Things add up and, as the saying goes, you may fool some voters some time but you can't fool every voter all the time. Fifteen years is a long time and James Wettlaufer is at the end of his rope. Too many people are no longer fooled by Wettlaufer. James-Wettlaufer-as-he-leaves-the-Court-house-in-Springfield
As another saying goes, give a dog enough rope and he will hang himself.
As I said, things add up, but I will get to that later.
The voters of Holland need to know that James Wettlaufer, chairman of the Board of Selectmen (BOS) — without notifying or asking the taxpayer — secretly financed a private lawsuit. Wettlaufer risked your money, counting on winning and getting the legal cost reimbursed by the accused, but lost. He lost big time and you the taxpayer will have to pay for it, read more»

Posted on 30 May 2014, 15:26 - Category: Ongoing And Past Litigation
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Posted on 2 Jun 2014, 10:51 by mr fixit
enough is enough
I have followed this blog for some time now. It appears to me that the residents of Holland have been and still are being "taken for a ride" by some of the "good old boys" elected officials. Peter will not give up until things get straightened out in town. The only way you can help is by keeping informed and electing honest law abiding officials. Get rid of the "old school" and bring in some new faces that will make Holland a great place to live. You cannot afford to keep things the way they are. The town paying Brian Johnson's legal fees is not only not necessary, but should be illegal.

Posted on 2 Jun 2014, 11:15 by Lake Person
VOTE him O-U-T!!
It is discouraging when you care enough to tell people
How awful Wetlauffer & Brian Johnson are & the things that
They do, have done and will continue to which is a -be awful & steal
And lie through their teeth, to their friends and people who they try
To bully! Now they won't let us have call in or speak at our
Annual town meetings or regular meetings. Guess they run
The show. If you don't vote, don't complain because you are being
Given a chance next Monday to do so. This is your town, yeah you reading
This. And I'm fed up with stating what Peter makes very obvious when
He continually uncovers more of their corruptions and then I get told, "Im not voting, I'm not going to live here much longer" or "I'm staying out if it". News F' Flash.
They are stealing your money, picture it as your taxes you just paid & they slipped it into their pocket or made a down payment on a car for their wife, you money!!!
VOTE, instead of being a fool already!

Posted on 2 Jun 2014, 16:10 by Get Rid of the maggot
Higher Power
To the powers of the universe. Please help the voters of Holland to throw out this vile, lying, scum from our town hall.. He looks at residents as his own employees and looks down on us all.. If there is any fair play in the cosmos then it is time to flush this P.O.S. out of our town hall. No More Wettlaugher..Holland Deserves Better.

Posted on 3 Jun 2014, 18:27 by Holland Citizen
Agree about Wettlaufer, BUT...
I agree with you that Wettlaufer is a detriment to our town and needs to be ousted. I support your efforts to do so. Your flyer is worthwhile. BUT your affiliation with the LaMountains has diminished your credibility very significantly and will probably cause a high percentage of the people who would otherwise support you to dismiss you.

Posted on 3 Jun 2014, 21:06 by SUNINEG
Can someone please tell me why "EVERYONE" hates LaMountain? Ok... he painted a crosswalk, he hangs weird animal pelts in trees, his dog barks too much, he smokes (the funny stuff) and he can be difficult. Is that all this town of bullies can say about him?
Now tell me what exactly is Peter Frei's "affiliation" with La Mountain? He talks to him if he sees him in town? He has taken the time to hear LaMountain's story? Both of them have been SUED BY THE TOWN, one of them in the form of a private lawsuit that THE TOWN PAID FOR!!!
Now look at the flyer again...... Wettlaufer steals your money!
Do Frei and LaMountain? (The town initialting frivolous lawsuits is not Frei and Lamountain stealing your money is is JW and BJ stealing your money!)
Did Frei and LaMountain repeatedly reappoint a POLICE CHEIF that went to JAIL???
Did Frei and Lamountain try to do a prop 21/2 override? (If memory serves one of them tried to stop it.... and succeeded.)
How about that lost grant money that JW cost us..... do we even care if Frei and Lamountain are affiliated or do we care that we lost 100 Grand in state aid?
Is Frei or Lamountain trying to bring a truckstop to Holland?
Is Frei or Lamountain doing the rock crushing that will put silicas in their air, give us cancer, put cracks in the foundtion, upset wetland, and kill fish and plants?
I DISTINCTLY remember Frei speaking and speaking and speaking until we got the message that 16 variances for senior housing is not a good idea.... I don't remember a PEEP that night from LaMountain.
Do either Frei or Lamountain sit on the Conservation Commission and look the other way when BJ is putting heavy equipment in the lake and dredging it?
Do Frei and LaMountain get scolded repeatedly by the AG? Wettlaufer does, as does the town because of him..... (OML violations and the AG telling the town they cannot restrict the rights of farmers....)
So I ask again, why does "everyone" hate Lamountain? What exactly is the affiliation?
The most important thing to see here is JW ALONE is worse than anything you can tell me about Frei and LaMountain combined! I don't see diminished credibility at all. Holland Citizen, you have no research and no examples, you are the only one who should be dismissed. To your credit, at least you DO SEE the real issue. Wettlaufer is a detriment to the town.

Posted on 3 Jun 2014, 21:16 by Mike LaMountain
Bad Guys
Yah. We are such bad people. Trying to raise our kids in a small town and standing up against those who try to hurt us and those we love. Bad LaMountains. Lol. Sounds like another judgement from someone who has never even spoken to one of us.

Posted on 4 Jun 2014, 6:26 by mr fixit
Man In The Mirror
I cannot stop thinking about the Michael Jackson song "Man In The Mirror". He sings with great passion about "CHANGE". The flyer says it all: It is time to change. Vote these control freaks out of office. You are the "Man In The Mirror".

Posted on 4 Jun 2014, 18:09 by Equality
If you have a bad apple in the refrigerator, you get rid of it before it rots and stinks, well JW you are a rotten apple ! time for you to go so we can have fairness and equality to every resident in town. Let's fix our school, roads and allow some business as long as it does not interfere with the peace and tranquillity we have grown to love in this little town

Posted on 5 Jun 2014, 2:18 by Peter Frei
It is getting old...
Response to comment "Agree about Wettlaufer, BUT...", left by "Holland Citizen:"
there are tow points to make here,
(1) Credibility
(2) Name LaMountain
(1) I am kind of a reporter, I do report facts here on the Blog. The information I present I back up with either logic or court and other documents. In that sense my credibility depends on how logical my argument is and how intelligent the reader is. Official documents speak for themselves and you either accept the documents or you don't, I'm just the messenger. That the credibility of my logic and the credibility of official documents have anything to do with any affiliation I may have with anybody is not logic and therefore I discard your statement as not credible..
See how that works? What you are doing is the same as what Wettlaufer does; if you want to belong to my group of people you have to go along with what I do. I'm telling you he is bad and what I do is right; don't think, I do the thinking for you. People are easily manipulated. What you are trying to do is a little bit more sophisticated but nevertheless manipulation because there is no logic behind your statement as I just outlined.
The blog has a Category "Editorial." The pieces you find under that category I did give my personal note when I wrote them; you agree with my opinion voiced in these pieces or you don't. We can even agree that we disagree.
Credibility really comes to bear when a plaintiff, defendant, or witness testifies under oath and jurors need to make judgments about the credibility of the individual on the witness stand. For instance, after sergeant Jeff Forcier from the HPD testified in court under oath and told the jury that Brian Johnson told him that I threatened to kill him and that Johnson then told him that he is now in fear of his life, the jury believed officer Forcier. The jury found Forcier's testimony credible. The jury believed that because Forcier had no reason to lie. There was nothing to gain for Forcier.
When Brian Johnson then testified that he never said that, the jury found his testimony not credible. The jury did not believe Brian Johnson. The jury recognized that Brian Johnson uttered his false statement to criminalize me. The jury also recognized that Johnson lied to the Police officer Forcier at a time when he did not know that he was recorded. The jury also recognized his motive; Johnson was mad because I exposed his illegal activities.
The jury found Brian Johnson's conduct, "extreme and outrageous, beyond the bounds of decency and intolerable in a civilized society."
Now what does that mean if the town of Holland elects repeatedly such an individual, a liar and bully, to be their Highway Surveyor??
Don't forget, there are different lies, the lie in an attempt to keep yourself out of trouble and then the lowest behavior I can think of, to lie and to accuse somebody of a crime he did not commit. And imagine, his employees had to be willing to lie for him in order to make it work! In court, during trial, Johnson had nobody to back him up. Not even his wife who was on the witness list testified. Al West, his father in law, Tom LaPlante, Tim Fortuna, John Folger, Kyle Rutkowski, and Mike Rutkowski, all were absent...
Imagine I would not have recorded the incident... Johnson would have had at least four potential witnesses who would have backed up his story as they did when Forcier questioned them on the ice! The Rutkowski's were smart enough to leave the scene before the police arrived.
You wrote, "your affiliation with the LaMountain's has diminished your credibility very significantly and will probably cause a high percentage of the people who would otherwise support you to dismiss you."
If you are right with your claim, they do not dismiss me, they dismiss court documents, the truth and logic!
This is not what prudent decent people do... What about the credibility of a man like James Wettlaufer? When he opens his mouth, he is lying.
What about the fact that Wettlaufer secretly financed Brian Johnson's private civil lawsuit? Is a man once he has a key to the town hall credible? Regardless what? Even if he uses tens of thousands of taxpayer's money to cover up Johnson's crimes?? Is this the world you would like me to e part of by discarding the people I trust, the people I can count on in town? To be part of Johnson's and Wettlaufer's filth?
(2)The LaMountain's:
When ever I needed a helping hand, the LaMountain's were there for me; they don't lie, neither under oath nor otherwise. They don't steal. They are prudent hard working decent people. Are they perfect, probably not. Who is?
Your statement, "your affiliation with the LaMountain's has diminished your credibility very significantly and will probably cause a high percentage of the people who would otherwise support you to dismiss you," is a form of adult bullying. It is what Wettlaufer, Higgins, Petersen, Johnson, and many others do. The Lamountain's would never expect me to make a choice between them and others. Imagine, Mike and Jimmy have the guts to sign their comments with their own real name, that gives them credibility!
What you, "Holland Citizen," are trying to do, is to judge the LaMountain's without even knowing who they are, (under the best scenario).
I did ask several residents why they don't like the LaMountain's. I hear often the answer, wasn't it LaMountain who painted that cross walk?
I grew up at a time when right was right and wrong was wrong and everybody knew the difference. Today, it seems to me, that people have no common sense and decency any longer. If you can't see the difference between a guy who paints a cross walk to protect his children from crossing the street and a guy who lies to the police and accuses someone of a crime to get this person in serious trouble so that this person does not exercise his constitutional rights any longer, you need help...

Posted on 5 Jun 2014, 8:22 by mr fixit
Speak with your votes
This country has a great system of voting for officials. Le't all use it on Monday and do the RIGHT THING for the town of Holland, our kids, and our pocketbooks. We have become too lethargic and habitually sit back and watch life like it is a television show. This is not a dress rehearsal! GET UP, GET OUT, and VOTE and be part of the CHANGE YOU DESERVE !!!! You can make a difference.

Posted on 5 Jun 2014, 11:16 by Demand Fairness
Dr. Seuss quotes
These things I know.... It's time for a change & it's time for everyone
To come together & vote out the bullies! Their time is up,
Take Back Holland!
It's not about what it is, it's about what it can become.
Dr. Seuss, The Lorax
Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot,
Nothing is going to get better. It's not.
Dr. Seuss, The Lorax

Posted on 5 Jun 2014, 23:37 by SUNINEG
I Hope Holland gets it right
Have folks looked at the flyers???
I mean seriously...... I got three flyers today.... no four.....
Wettlaufer sent a flyer that was loaded with self praise. He has been Chair for 13 years....that explains A LOT about what is so wrong up there at the town hall. All these improvements he attaches his name too...... he didn't do anything for them. The Finance Committee under Dubrey did A LOT, there have been grants, but Wettlaufer doesn't actually WRITE them, he turfs that off to town counsel and others ASAP (and we the taxpayers now pay over 35K a year to town counsel. Before Wettlaufer we paid 2 or 3K PER YEAR!) The Thames River funds...... isn't that the Grant money that created drainage for Wettlaufer's good friend Grossi??? Grossi by the way still has hopes for a truck stop..... and he just got permitted by Union so that he can start blasting and contaminate the air, the lake and the ground water with cancer causing silicas and chemicals from the blasting. While Wettlaufer thinks he is making an effort to reduce the costs of healthcare to the employees do you know what is really going on? Wettlaufer, Petersen and Johnson voted themselves lifetime healthcare for themselves and their families. They never kick over to medicare. WE PAY FOR THEM FOREVER!!!!
Wettlaufer claims he wants experienced people on boards??? Yeah right, then why did he arrange to have soccer Mom Bettina run against Lynn Arnold's 10 years experience on the planning board????? A friend of mine is a planner out in Western Mass, it takes a lot more than a soccer mom to do that job!! And the soccer Mom sounds far too busy to take any of the planning courses that Lynn Arnold has been taking for ....say it with me.... 10 YEARS!!!
Wettlaufer endorses Green today in the Southbridge News.... that is an even bigger joke as Green was nominated by Wettlaufer at the caucus and from what I can find out his most stand out qualification for the job is the fact that he is JW's neighbor on Vinton Road!! By the way, Green brags about running the recycling projects, yeah he does, because Green makes money off them!!!!!! Yup, it's true! His background is in refrigeration. so he takes the refrigeration units out and brings them somewhere for refurbishing. Pocketing cash couldn't get any easier. So needless to say, Manning has my vote, she may be somewhat of a newcomer but she comes loaded with PUBLIC HEALTH EXPERIENCE (that's right Jim..... EXPERIENCE!) She also has several high power degrees and I have heard her speak at town meetings. I think she is intelligent, well spoken and motivated. Isn't that what we want?
Last week I got a flyer from Mandell. I was equally impressed. He has more experience than Wettlaufer when you get down to it. He really is an all around better candidate. His experience in so many secotors on so many other boards really will add a perspective to the Select Board. Mandell has enthusiasm, experience, vision and diversity, again, isn't that what we want?
We don't need three more years of JW's tunnel vision.
C'mon Holland....Please get this right!!!

Posted on 6 Jun 2014, 6:24 by Jim L..............
Pole Barn
The town voted to spend 1 million dollars on a new public safety complex for fire and police.
Jim Wettlaufer takes credit now for a new fire house in his flyer he mailed to voters. The fire barn is a steel package building and is the cheapest construction available. It cost less than a couple hundred grand to purchase and erect.
Great job Wettlaugher.. Where is the other 800 grand. Where is the Police station the money was voted to build. I understand it does not matter what the voters wanted it matters what the chairman wanted and he wanted to rebuild the highway barn without even asking the voters.
Ever wonder why our roads are not fixed right and are in such poor shape..?
It is because Wetlaughfer redirects the chapter 90 money from the state that is supposed to be used for roads to the selectmans discretionary account. He uses this money to finance his private vendettas and pay lawyers to lose multiple lawsuits.

As far as Wetlaufer taking credit for the senior center..? Earl Johnson also took credit for that and claimed he got that done. I bet the seniors love having that on Cemetary property when the circle h was available.
I could go on and on but just remember a vote for Wetlaughfer is a vote for corruption.

Posted on 6 Jun 2014, 6:40 by Jim L ..........,....
Police Chief
I remember sending a written complaint to the selectboard telling them about Police Chief Kevin Gleason and his Illegal activities.. Mr Chairman Wetlaufer looked at the complaint and said he would take no action because the info could not be credible because it came from us. I then contacted a friend way up the chain of command of the State Police and gave them the info... So Gleason went to Jail and Wetlaufer lost a good friend.
How did that work out. Mr Chaircrook.

Posted on 6 Jun 2014, 6:57 by Jim L.......................
Liar Flyer
BTW.. I was going to stay out of this Wetlaufer crap but u got a flyer from the liar in my mailbox..
If you removed all the lies from the Wettlaugher flyer.... You would have got an empty envelope in the mail.

Posted on 6 Jun 2014, 9:09 by 01521.com
There is also a Facebook group called 01521.com that links to this blog. Feel free to join or just browse.

Posted on 6 Jun 2014, 21:04 by Peter Frei
Piece about Wettlaufer financing a private lawsuit accessible again...
The file, "James Wettlaufer's Board of Selectmen Secretly Financed Private Lawsuit with Taxpayers Money to shut-up his Biggest Critic and lost!" hat the wrong file permissions temporarily and was not accessible for about three hours.
Sorry about that.

Posted on 7 Jun 2014, 12:05 by Skipper
Interesting, interesting, what is going on this year in town politics. I found a lot of mail about the upcoming election in my mailbox. Some years annual elections come and go without one piece of mail, without any signs out on the street of Holland. I remember the election of 2007, a lot of mail a lot of signs. Keep the team together was the catchy slogan by the Johnson's. There was no blog, but we still had news papers covering Holland. I learned more about what's happening in town by reading this blog then I ever learned reading the news papers.
Mr. Wettlaufer, the fact that you financed a private lawsuit to get rid of this blog is appalling! That I'm indirectly involved by financing this lawsuit is in my opinion inexcusable.
You do not seem to be able to make good judgments. I remember the day when those firefighters set homes on fire just because they were bored. Mr Wettlaufer, who appointed these kids to serve on the Fire Department? I did not read anything about that on your flyer, also nothing about all the money you wasted on unnecessary lawsuits. I also wonder about the mailings, three of them look like they were made by the same person. Why waste postage and mail them separate? Why not mail them in one envelope? Since I probably paid or will pay for these flyers too?
A soccer mom and treasurer on the the Planning Board? Why would you not place her on the finance committee? Does she not have the Million Dollar experience?
Your neighbor Green you do want to serve on the Health Department? I think refrigerant recovery is the right thing to do. It seems to be a lucrative business. Nothing wrong about that. The Board of Health does more than organize three yearly “Bulk Waste” collection days so Green can cash in on all that recovered refrigerant which then gets purified and resold for higher and higher prices. Reading your letter of support in the SEN tells me that this is his business.
Time for a change Mr. Wettlaufer. I thank you for your services.
A note to all candidates and future candidates, please include your phone number on your campaign literature so the few voters who really car can call you with questions, thanks!

Posted on 8 Jun 2014, 15:56 by Works for the highway department
Please notice that Wettlaufer's signs (and now the few signs that Green has) look just like signs that Mike Kennedy had posted when he ran for Selectman last year. I KNOW FOR A FACT THAT THOSE SIGNS WERE MADE BY BRIAN JOHNSON! THEY WERE MADE ON TOWN TIME, WITH TOWN RESOURCES!!! And, IT IS AN ETHICS VIOLATION!!!!

This years signs bear the same mark. Town resources are still being used to promote secret and costly agendas. Wettlaufer uses your tax dollars to fund Johnson's private lawsuits. Green has no real qualifications to serve on the Board of Health, but he will gladly line his pickets by recovering refrigerant and turning in scrap metal under the guise of recycling your unwanted appliances. By the way Wettlaufer nominated Green at the caucus. Green is Wettlaufer's neighbor on Vinton Road.

Posted on 21 Dec 2014, 13:20 by Alias
The Public Complex
You speak of the Public Safety Complex. We had a world reknowned firechief in town who was asked about what the complex needed and should be. He gave them all the information and the town dismissed it, on the basis it was too expensive. The current "Fire Station" is not to CODE! Check with NFPA. The department is ran poorly, and should be an issue! These under trained overzealous idiots allow what's really important to slide by. Why do we have an untrained Animal Control officer? He has a job with town DOT, so let's give him a car and more responsibility? Holland is falling to shambles quickly and I for one am ashamed and can't wait to move out. People sling mud like toddlers. Wettlaufer this, LaMountain that. Grow up! Is about who's "WANG" is bigger or is it about preserving our town and what we once were?

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