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Christine McCooe was born on February 21, 1951 and lives at 13 Lakeridge Drive. Her phone number is 413 245 3666. Kris McCooe is the President of the Hamilton Reservoir Association and former member of the Planning Board.

I had never heard the name Christine McCooe until I decided to run for a seat on the Planning Board in the spring of 2007. Christine McCooe was the incumbent member and ran for another five year term. She was appointed to the Planning Board on January 4, 2005, to replace Marilyn LaPlante who resigned at that time.

Christine McCooe was one of the members who voted in favor of a special permit application submitted by Eric Johnson, one of the sons of Earl Johnson. She also signed the ANR plan that was not an ANR as the ANR plan did not meet the legal requirements. The case became known as "Johnson Land gate" "Johnson Land gate" and is far from over. The two houses that were built in 2005 and 2006 will eventually have to be demolished as they are in violation of M.G.L., and local by-laws. The Johnson's will claim that they didn't do anything wrong and claim that the Planning Board and the Zoning Board of Appeals granted the permits and signed the plans that allowed them to build the two homes. Selectman Earl Johnson who is also a member of the Planning Board recused himself from the vote. To read the whole story, click here!»

With their actions, Christine McCooe and other involved members of the Planning Board turned a worthless back-lot located off of Stafford Road into 3 valuable building lots. Whether she knew that what she was doing was illegal or not is unclear to me. In her Election Flyer she handed out while campaigning for the 2007 election, she claimed:

"I'm an honest person trying to do an honest job for Holland," and "Lots of signs don't make a good candidate, EXPERIANCE DOES!!," and, "P.S. I have never gained my experience by suing the town."

Christine McCooe was re-elected with 424 votes, I received 128. After the election, Christine McCooe said in an interview with John Appleton from the Republican that was published on June 11, 2007:

"I think the election results really show that the townspeople are real concerned with what is going to happen down the road in Holland. I do a lot in this town. I am happy to do it because I care. I have nothing to gain."

I do agree, the townspeople do care, if they only would be informed and not lied to they could make better choices.

Christine McCooe accompanied the voters that trusted her with their vote not far "down that road." Her "care" lasted for less than two month. What was supposed to be a 5 year term ended with her resignation on August 7, 2007. She attended a total of 3 meetings, the count includes the meeting during which she resigned.

Peter Frei

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