Both the MA and CT portions of Hamilton Reservoir will be chemically treated Fan-boat-distributing-chemicals-into-Hamilton-Reservoir,-(Holland-Blog-archive-picture) on Tuesday, June 23rd. The entire lake will be closed to all uses (including, swimming, fishing and boating) on the day of treatment only. Use of the lake water for irrigation, watering livestock (ie; cattle, horses, etc) and drinking/ cooking purposes is prohibited for five days, commencing on the day of treatment. The work is being performed for the Hamilton Reservoir Association under contract to Aquatic Control Technology, Inc., of Sutton, MA., and pursuant to permits from MA and CT DEP’s and the Holland Conservation Commission. June 19, 2009.

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50,000 Page Views!

Time to celebrate.....
The Holland Blog went online for the first time at 13:30 hours on Saturday February 14, 2009. Today, at exactly 20:40 hours, the Holland Blog was viewed 50,000 times (page views or hits).
The Holland Blog has on an average day more visitors than the Worcester Telegram has subscriptions in Holland (90), and also more than the Southbridge Evening News (32) has subscriptions. The record so far was 410 viewers on Sunday May 10, 2009. The minimum over the last 45 days was 63 visitors on Saturday June 13, 2009.
The page view count 50,000 originated at IP number, which is an IP number signed up with ISP Cox Communications that uses Cable/DSL connections out of Stafford Springs.
I would like to share one of my favorite YouTube videos with the readers of the Holland Blog to celebrate this special occasion:
Elena Lev performing with Hula Hoops in Alegria, Cirque du Soleil. Singers are Francesca Gagnon and Eve Montpetit. What you see, I call PERFECTION!

Thanks to everybody participating on the Holland Blog and thereby improving the quality of life in our community!
Peter Frei

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Grand Opening, June 12th!

Dick and Rick Hoyt are a legend in their own right. Watching videos and reading about the “Team Hoyt,” I had teary eyes more than once. Dick, Richard E. Hoyt, bought a summer cottage on 241 Mashapaug Road back in 1983. He is a retired Lt. Colonel, having served the country in the Air National Guard for 37 years. Dick is not just a father, he is a truly remarkable man. To learn what his latest plans are and what the Grand Opening is all about, click here!»

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Holland Honored Their Fallen Warriors

If you missed the Memorial Day celebrations here in Holland yesterday, the Holland Blog took some pictures for your enjoyment, to view the pictures click here»

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One Who Served Our Country


In the midst of our community is a WWII veteran who gives back to the community by going into classrooms and talking about history.

Jack Normand shares his wartime memories of the time when he was in the Navy and stationed on the USS Zeilin, read more»

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Tree fell through roof of dwelling!

View pictures of the house and read what happened today around 16:10 hours on Mashapaug Road, click here to read more»

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The Flags are back!

Gregoire's Flags decorating Sturbridge Road.
Flags-along-Sturbridge-Road Shortly after 9/11 there was a shortage of “Stars and Stripes.” Everybody in the flag business did overtime to bridge the gap between supply and demand. The difficulties on the demand side did not deter the Gregoire family that resides on 60 Wales Road to express their patriotism during those days we remember all to well.
The Gregoire’s, retired for many years, went out and managed somehow to get their hands on not less than 26 flags.
We all notice and appreciate the flags that decorate Sturbridge Road and Brimfield Road from Memorial Day through Labor Day, but what you may not know is who is responsible for putting them up. Leo-Gregoire-mounting-a-flag-on-Brimfield-Road

For the last eight years, 74 year old Leo Gregoire and his wife Dorothy are the ones who put up the flags.

Mr. Gregoire climbs his wooden ladder no less than 52 times while Mrs. Gregoire assists from the car by keeping supplies handy. When asked about the reason for his generosity, his response was:
“It is just something our family does,” Mr. Gregoire said, while climbing the ladder leaned against a telephone pole with his power drill.
A heart felt thank you from the Holland Blog to the Gregoire family for their patriotic gesture.

Dana Manning & Peter Frei

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Riddle solved! (no.3)

Is history destined to repeat itself? The Riddle is solved. Learn who has not changed and has not admitted any of his wrongs yet. Inform yourself to avoid another mistake and help end his carrier once and for all. It is time for a change, read more»

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Holland Rod and Gun Club fishing derby


It was not the greatest day to attend a fishing derby, the ladies however beat the guys in numbers for a change.

To find out who the three individuals were that walked away as the prize winners at today's derby and to view more pictures, click here»

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Riddle (no.3)

Is history destined to repeat itself? In this Riddle, the Holland Blog is looking for a name, the name of the individual that was sitting on a specific board 14 years ago, sits on the same board now, and wants to be reelected despite his sinister history and the unequivocally clear recommendation by Department of Revenue in their last report not to do so! To read more about this riddle and participate, click here!»

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Christine McCooe accused of stealing campaign signs

The organizers of the Write-In Campaign set up campaign signs for the first time yesterday. " This morning most of them were gone. One of the readers of the Holland Blog, Holland resident Francis Reilly, attended a party last night at 7 Roberts Road. It just happened that Christine McCooe and her boyfriend (husband?) John attended the party as guests too. According to Frank (Francis Reilly), Christine McCooe moved one of the campaign signs from the front to the back seat. Frank then asked her where she got the sign. She tried to diffuse the situation by making fun of it. Frank would not let lose and finally got the one sign back she had in her hands. According to Frank Christine and her boyfriend had a whole stack in the back of the car they were driving. Frank reported the incident at the barracks of the State Police. Trooper True took notes and called the McCooe residence. Christine denied knowing anything about the signs. It will be up to the owner of the signs, James LaMountain to press charges. If he chooses to do so, McCooe may have to explain how her fingerprints ended up on the recovered sign.
Peter Frei

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