Linda Blodgett

There is probably nobody as important in keeping the town running as Linda Blodgett, our town Treasurer. Linda was appointed back on March 14, 1988, and has served our community ever since. She is the community’s cash manager and has custody of all municipal funds. She makes certain that town receipts are deposited into appropriate bank accounts and that balances are monitored to ensure sufficient funds are available to cover town obligations. She invests town funds, manages long-term debt, as well as short term borrowing, so that the town can meet its cash flow needs.

Necessary to these duties, Linda as our town treasurer maintains a cashbook, debt schedule, check registers as well as various logs to track fund accounts. She reconciles cash balances between bank statements, the cashbook and the accountant’s general ledger on a monthly basis as part of maintaining financial control. She also maintains tax title accounts and prepares documents to petition for foreclosure. Linda further administers payroll which is processed through Harpers Payroll Services.

As time permits, Linda is also involved in keeping the town’s official webpage current. In addition, Linda is running the Holland Postal Unit under contract from the United States Postal Service, and has done so for the last 17 years.
Patrica A. Dillon, officer-in-charge of the Fiskdale Post Office, presented Linda in August of 2007 with a framed stamp plaque featuring the new “Star Wars” commemorative postage stamps in appreciation of Linda’s services.

Despite her busy schedule, Linda Blodgett finds the time to coordinate and organize an annual health fair, a nutrition class in the fall, and exercise classes as Wellness Coordinator. The classes include aerobics, Pilates, yoga, tai chi, and also how to make healthier food choices and shop accordingly. “I love the programs. It’s very important to help our employees be happier and healthier and it’s also good for our town’s insurance program,” Mrs. Blodgett said. With 2,500 residents and 80 town employees, the program won the “Best Wellness Program for a Small Member Group” award last year.

It does not surprise that Linda is burning the midnight oil at the town hall on occasion to keep up with her workload. Because she commutes to work on her own two feet as a daily exercise, the parking lot could be empty despite her presence in the town hall, and the lighted up office on the second floor at night mistakenly seen as wasteful.

Every year Linda has two reasons to celebrate today’s day, the last day of June. It is not only her birthday; it is also the day she made it through another Fiscal Year!

The Holland Blog wishes Linda Blodgett a HAPPY BIRTHDAY, and a heartfelt thank you goes out to Linda for another successfully finished “FY.”

Linda Blodgett lived thorough the D.D.111 debacle; she saw the town hall burn down on December 14, 1995, and was forced to move her office to the Lodge on the Lake.

When asked how she survived the ups and downs of the last 20 years, Linda’s response was:
“I stay out of town politics.”

Linda Blodgett’s husband is a direct descendant of Joseph Blodgett, the first settler back in 1730. Linda and her husband Edward happily lived here in Holland MA all their lives.

Linda was just re-elected for another three year term; she will be just shy of 65 when her term expires. When asked if she will run again in three years she was not so sure. I hope she will run again. Linda the town treasurer is a town treasure in her own right! What ever she decides to do, she will leave behind big shoes to fill and it will be difficult to replace her.

Peter Frei

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